The basic project of the game earns 500 notes a day and shares 3000 words of secrets. The whole process of basic is suitable for the working party to start quickly


Many people are asking which industry makes the most money. The game industry is definitely one of them. From Dota to LOL, to King Glory, competitive games bring more economic benefits to major companies than other industries.

The basic project of the game earns 500 notes a day and shares 3000 words of secrets. The whole process of basic is suitable for the working party to start quickly

Like the glory of Tencent’s game king, it has created a single quarterly revenue for Tencentone2 billion dollars, a revenue myth of 150 million dollars per day from skin sales.

In this way, 80% of listed companies earn less than the glory of a king. Nowadays, in order to pursue the game experience, it is common for users to pay for games, but the industry barrier of game development is very high, requiring a large number ofEarly investment is very difficult for small entrepreneurs.

So small entrepreneurs can only watch others make money every day? Can we find any way to participate in it? This is the topic I will discuss and share with you today. We will discuss and solve this problem.

Main contentThere are four points:First, understanding of moving bricks in the game. Second, how to move bricks in the game. The third point is the profit method, and the fourth point is the project summary.

First, understanding of moving bricks in games

It is probably the dream of many game nerds to play games and make money while playing games. With the development of the game industryIn the exhibition, more and more ordinary people find their way to make money by playing games.

Platforms such as Tiktok and Kwai may sometimes broadcast legends and play games. They play games every day. Many people consider whether they can make money or whether there is any deep hole in it,

It’s likeZhou Hongwei, the boss of 360, said, “None of those who work on the Internet do not like playing games because they have the violence of drugs, but no risk of drugs.”.

In fact, I have contacted high-end players who earn pocket money by playing games on behalf of others, and I have seen students who have nothing to do to help others hang up their phones for profit. Some people have integrated the game archiveAnd download resources to start buying and selling on the second-hand trading platform,

You can earn some extra income by playing games. It just depends on the way you use and your understanding of moving bricks in the game. You should not consider that it is useless to move paid games.

Currently aroundThe routines for making money from games can be divided into: game playing, game practice, live commentary, e-sports players, game bricks moving, and game studio. One of the most long-term development, the easiest way for players to accept is the game brick studio.

Moving bricks in the game refers to playing equipment in the game and selling it to the buyer on the platformHome, which is a common way to make money by selling virtual game products, is called brick moving because it is a low tech repetitive work similar to real brick moving.

For ordinary players, if they want to get equipment and materials in the game, they can’t get many numbers, but many numbers are different. Players needThe brick moving studio can produce all the bricks, thus forming a trading system.

In fact, there are two ways to do projects on the Internet, either by quality or quantity. Some people choose to work in a field for many years and become head players, while others make money quickly through batch operation.

A lot of swimmingThe drama studio makes a lot of money by downloading the first class software of the Key Spirit Quick Society, issuing numbers in batches, and then going to hang up the phone automatically to brush equipment and game currency. Many computers and mobile phones operate at the same time, and many people earn hundreds of thousands in a month,

According to the current configuration of the public computer, a large computer can hang about 10 numbersRight. Ten numbers will be thousands in a month$Money, some of them are almost a number, so the income will be lower.

Some new games, no matter mobile games or online games, at the beginning of a new game, you can register a few numbers to continuously brush gold coins and materials. With a little luck, we can reach tens of thousands in a monthIncome is possible. Another point is that gold diggers are better than shovel sellers,

If you have a stable job and an idle computer at home, you can earn some pocket money by moving bricks through these games. If you don’t go online, you will have more talents.

To do game related projects, first of all, we should understand that it is not always better to sell when panning for goldThe truth of shovels is that there are many people who are panning for gold, so we naturally need shovels and tools. As shovels sellers, we sell one for another,

How much others can dig has nothing to do with us, but the money we earn is always the most stable and reliable. This is the current situation of offline studios,

You can never be sure of this jobTo make money or not, people can’t fool you into saying they don’t make money, and then you leave, that’s impossible.

In fact, the offline is deeper than the online routine, and there are many pitfalls to avoid. It is also suggested that people should not go to the offline studio to look around. They have only one routine. You should pay for the routinetuition.

Second, how to do a good job of moving bricks in the game

There are many games that can move bricks. To put it simply, there are known ones that are relatively profitable, such as the Western Journey, Legends, Warcraft, DNF, Cold Against the Water, Sword Spirit, Valley of Dragons, Hot blooded Jianghu, Quest, God and Demon Land, QQ Three Kingdoms, Adventure Island, Tianya Moon Sabre, etc,

These areYou can make money by selling equipment and buying props. As long as you find the game well and have enough patience, you will generally make money from childhood. As a result of the epidemic, the mobile game industry is booming, which makes me more confident in moving bricks.

But for beginnersNoviceIt’s still difficult, because you don’t know how to operate, soIt is recommended to read more information and research. It is better to find an experienced person for guidance,

Don’t pay too much attention to what he can teach you. You need to have a certain foundation to judge whether he is true or false. For example, this studio is used to hang up the phone in the underground city. Let’s go to the underground city to explore.

Later swimAfter the play has a general understanding, ask him about the content of the game. If he can’t even answer the answers in the game, it must be false.

If you can’t find it, it is recommended to look at the online strategies, which can be searched. If you want to do any game, you can search which strategies, and add some strategies when you are familiar with itMaking money is just like playing. With some experience, consider these devices and problems.

Third, the way to make profits

First, selling game equipment and props. When we talk about which game is the most profitable, we think of equipment reselling. This industry has always been very popular and violent,

A lot of players go for some advanced equipment, and they want to get the best equipment at all costs. It’s no exaggeration to say that they can even sell a suite at a price.

For example, Dream Journey to the West can be ranked among the best in the world every year. Whether it’s props, equipment or character accounts, they will not depreciate in three years and five years. The price is also from the same yearHundreds, thousands$, up to hundreds of thousands today,

Recently, I saw a reseller of equipment on the Internet. Equipment 520 was purchased and sold for 1160, earning 600$。 I still don’t suggest you to resell equipment, because you don’t have much experience and no one to buy,

Be sure to find out clearly in the shopWe must first find a good buyer, so that we don’t have to throw ourselves into the wrong hands.

The last point to note is that if there are 600 mobile phones, the average value of each one is 20$The equipment cost is 12,000 dollars a day, 360,000 dollars a month, and the electricity cost is more than 8000 dollars a month, not includingHe lost,

You can earn more than 300000 dollars a month. High returns also mean high investment. You should do as much as you can according to your ability. Don’t invest blindly.

As an equipment reseller, you need not only capital, but also courage. Because the 28/20 law always exists, this sentence is extremely suitable for youTheatre studio industry.

Another reminder is that if you get some good equipment in the game, you can sell it as soon as you can. Today’s best products may be garbage tomorrow. Selling game currency is also the most common way to make money in games,

Basically, all the gold coins in the game will match$There is a exchange rate,How many gold coins can you brush? You can exchange them for corresponding gold coins$

Usually, some new games will make more money online or new servers will make more money, so now when a new server is opened, it is full of people. The old server is just a decoration. I have played outside the Wulin before,

$The ratio to currency is 1:10,1$Money can be exchanged for 10 game coins, and some large studios may earn tens of thousands of dollars a day$Money. If I do it personally, I’m sure I don’t have that much,

If you play in your spare time, three hours a day, you can earn 800 dollars a month$That’s good. It’s also operable.

Don’t say to put all these main forces herePersonally, because we can’t learn a lot from the hang up game, you can only say to earn some money and sell accounts. The basic merchants are reselling materials and U game coins,

The intermediate level is to resell equipment. The advanced level is to sell accounts. In fact, trading accounts depends on the price difference, so you can definitely make money if the price is appropriateFor middlemen, they are mainly responsible for guidance and promotion.

Take World of Warcraft, Sword III and Dream Westward Journey as examples$There are many elements, such as achievements, limited appearance, limited mounts, etc. Good accounts sell for thousands of times,

Usually, the longer you play, the more valuable your account is, because as the game continuesMany achievements and props will become out of print. New players can only buy large ones in order to own game props.

In addition, I added some account dealers. Through chatting with them, I learned that they can normally sell 70 or 80 accounts worth 2000 a month, and earn more than 10000 a month if they work hard,

If the big onesThe dealer may have a better income. Of course, it still needs a certain foundation. The transaction channel platforms include: transaction cat, 5173, Taomobile, and 8868 mobile.

The store is a treasure, and these e-commerce platforms compete in the evening. Private transactions are social platforms such as post bars and QQ groups. AttentionYes, beware of being cheated during the transaction,

Almost all the people who want to avoid the platform and pay for unfreezing are fraudsters. Because I found many netizens sharing their experiences of being cheated when I was searching for information, so everyone should be careful when doing this business.

Finally, make a summary of how to move bricks in the game,

Because the game is tooThere are many ways to do it. There are as many people who lose money as there are cows’ hair and earn more money. This is also a problem of personal ability and cognition. It can not be explained clearly in one sentence or two. Full time work still requires in-depth understanding. This is also the threshold of an industry, and it is suitable for most people to work part-time.

The basic project of the game earns 500 notes a day and shares 3000 words of secrets. The whole process of basic is suitable for the working party to start quickly


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