The Tiktok sideline project that no brain earns hundreds of dollars a day, the novice quickly completes the Tiktok method, and shares it with you free of charge!


Today, I would like to share with you that a novice can also get started quickly and do a good job in the project of making hundreds of dollars a day for Tiktok. In fact, I recently painted a video of Tiktok, cut a screen of Quorali’s articles, and then move it to Tiktok to increase its popularity. Therefore, this note is likely to help you and make a profit!

The Tiktok sideline project that no brain earns hundreds of dollars a day, the novice quickly completes the Tiktok method, and shares it with you free of charge!

Now, when it comes to pure handlingThe generation has ended. Even if the shift transportation requires a secondary processing, such as text type transportation, the article should be pseudo original, and other people’s things should be pseudo original into your own, so that it can not be detected by the platform and avoid sealing or deletion.

If you make videos, the general handling needs to be changedThe elements include multiple speed, frame drawing, MD5 change, head to head, and slightly adjust the video.

For example, we are most familiar with film and television editing. In fact, at the end of the 21st year, some new policies on film and television editing have become stricter, so many people have given up doing film and television editing.

In a word, without changing the content of the original video, it should be as different as possible from the original video. The video I saw recently is actually not that troublesome, and the content is also very high quality, simple to produce,

Basically, a picture can be turned into a video with some popular music. Clipping tools can be usedI hope you can have a better understanding of this project no matter what money making project you are doing.

Now Tiktok has also launched an official version, which is actually more convenient than before. We use the computer to turn on Tiktok and search Quora,

You can see that there are many ways to send videos. We canIt’s OK to imitate directly. In fact, there is no content. He just records this thing directly on the screen and into a video,

You’d better read with words or something like that. You can add voice dubbing of words and some light music according to the article to arouse your emotional resonance. This is definitely the best way.

everybodyIt can be seen that the number of followers of this account is 17,000, and the number of likes is still OK!

Today is divided into four parts to explain:

Part I: How to make

Part II: How to realize

Part Three: How to Change Thinking

Part IV Precautions

Let’s look at the first point, how to make it.

In fact, productionAs we have already said, you can just record the screen or take a screenshot.

Here we emphasize how to select articles in Quorali. First, hot spots. For example, the population of the whole country has increased by 480000 over the previous year. We can move such hot spots.

Choose some explosive articles from many answersWe must choose some hot topics, like them completely, and do not recommend moving if there is no comment, because they are not attractive after moving,

It must be that the more likes you have, the better. The more people watch it, the better its content is. Therefore, if you make it, you can directly record the screen or screenshot.

Second, how to changeNow,

How to realize is the last word, of course, it is also very simple:

First, open a small shop in the shop window,It is no problem to bring goods or make some emotional information and products.

Second, connect with some Taoists.Take out CPS or group buying, such as buying more vegetables, can be realized.

Third, powderSilk can receive advertisements to a certain extentThese emotional advertisements are very easy. Emotional advertisements will attract many people to watch.

The fourth is to divert traffic to private domains,It is OK to build an emotional official account and open a flow axis on the official account. For example, Tiktok has its own creator’s incomeDon’t worry about cash when the traffic is large,

Don’t worry about things in these directions. As long as fans have enough accumulation, cashing is a simple thing. So we should put the emphasis on it and get fans involved. This is the most important thing.

Third, thinking transformation,

In fact, the content of transportation isThe high load content in Quora can be operated in a matrix. A few popular content will pop up every month, which means that it has been tested by the market and is likely to continue to shine in other press conferences.

We can move it. It is similar to the way of rubbing hot spots, such as the content that has been popular on microblogWhen it is transported to Tiktok, it is likely to become popular again, even if the content of the same platform is reorganized in your own language, it may continue to become popular.

Therefore, we should not be too rigid. It does not mean that we must move Quora, but we can also move the things on Weibo to Quora for release, and then when Quora becomes angry, we can move our own QuoraThe content will be moved to Tiktok, and the traffic will definitely increase as the content accumulates slowly.

As mentioned above, the content that has become popular again is likely to become popular again, so many people will definitely say, “No, I see a lot of copywriting videos like roast above, this method will not work”,

It’s not like that, youIt doesn’t work every day, but you didn’t pay attention to it. The same platform moving is a low level game. You can use Bubble Net to earn different platforms to move.

For example, move Quora’s content to Tiktok, and put Quora’s hot content to Tiktok again. There are many similar moves, such as in early videosWhen clicked,

Many people transfer some videos of watermelon videos to Tiktok through secondary processing and editing. Many people can get millions of big V accounts by this transfer,

We can also put some of Netease Cloud’s hot reviews on TiktokSocial networking sitesContent to station b or Tiktok. actuallyThis is a question of thinking transformation.

Moving to make money is one of the most classic methods on the Internet, because it does not take time. We just need to pay attention to it. We may do a good job of it while brushing videos.

Fourth, precautions

First,Do not carry it directly, it is intactThe era of transportation has passed. It’s better for everyone to make a false original.

Second point,For some authors’ works with very small transportation volume and little influence, we all know that the current investigation is relatively strict. If you carry something big, you may report infringement.

Third,More than one person can be selected for carryingcarry. Fourth, you can copy accounts that you don’t know how to do,

Or some works that were not updated n years ago are just old works. We don’t want to move some new content. Sometimes old content is more popular than new content.

Well, I wrote here today, basicallyNoviceAfter reading, get throughIt is easy to make money with your own thinking, provided that you have executive power.

In fact, this idea is very simple. It depends on whether you have taken it seriously. Let’s share here today. See you next time.

The Tiktok sideline project that no brain earns hundreds of dollars a day, the novice quickly completes the Tiktok method, and shares it with you free of charge!


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