A single project that can earn thousands of dollars and has poor information!


The projects that can make money must be caused by information gap.

A single project that can earn thousands of dollars and has poor information!

The person who can make money must have the information gap.

Today, I want to talk to you about this information difference project, which is domain name reselling. It is common for a single order to make hundreds or thousands of profits.

Give firstNovicePopularize the domain name. Today we are going to talk about the. com primary domain name,Other types will not be discussed. The. com first level domain name is a global domain name and also a domain name with high price.

How can I get a cheap domain name and sell it for a good price?

There will be a lot of preferential activities on Xinnet. You can do it by grasping the preferential activities. For example, see the figure below.

At present, the new network is holding excellentThe benefit activity is 22$Money can apply for the. com first level domain name.

Let’s take a look at the promotional activities Alibaba Cloud is doing, which are even more powerful.

First year$You can register the first level domain name of. com with money. This operation is also an enlarged call.

If you do it alone, there must be no problem, so it is necessaryWe need some means to get these domain names in large quantities. After we get the domain names, we can sell them on other websites to make a profit.

Let’s take a look at how much money these. com domain names are collected on the market, and you will see at a glance.

The figure above shows the price of Western Digital Domain Name Transaction. The website is: gd.westcn

This is the domain name being sold by Juming website at www.juming.com/ykj/

This is a transaction listed by Yiname.com. The website is: qz.ename.com

This is the official website of godaddy in Singapore. sg.auctions.godaddy.com

There are many more. I won’t give them one by one.

You can also buy domain names through other platforms, such as Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong, and some foreign domain name service providers.

You can buy low-cost domain names.

This is a. com domain name that I just found on the new website. It has not been registered yetIf we get the coupon of Xinnet, the domain name is 22$Money.

You can see that the length of this domain name is very short. If you hang it on the website, you can even sell it for 100$Money is earned.

The domain name is paid by one year, that is, after you buy the domain name, as long as youIt is OK to sell it internally.

And when you choose a domain name, you must choose one that is meaningful, short, numerical, one spell, two spell, and so on, all of which can sell for a good price.

Another way is to rush to register domain names, which are about to expire. You can rush to register domain names in advance. Sometimes you can rush to get a better domain name,It may not be hundreds or thousands of dollars, but hundreds of thousands or even more.

In fact, there are many people in this industry who make a lot of money silently. As long as there is a network, the domain name is a necessity, and the Internet people cannot do without it.

Enterprises are also inseparable.

So this is just the right thing.

A single project that can earn thousands of dollars and has poor information!


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