Official account writes true stories, and beginners can also earn 300-500 dollars


I don’t want to read the news these days.

Official account writes true stories, and beginners can also earn 300-500 dollars

80% of the people who sent me messages asked me how to earn Q and whether there were any projects.

I really don’t know how to answer your questions. I really understand everyone.

At the same time, I feel sad for these people. What are you sad about? JustIt is to place hope on others.

I never think of doing things by myself, but I hope someone can help me.

Those who have this idea will never get ahead.

You don’t know who is sincere and who is false in this mixed place on the Internet.

When you meet someone who can give you advice, it’s called a noble person. Encounter youThat’s called an asshole.

Why do our parents often say that if people want to get rich, they must be helped by noble people, which is reasonable.

What is a noble person? It is not a noble person who gives Q to you. The person who helps you grow, gives you a platform, gives you opportunities, and guides you is called a noble person.

But I want toIf you want to make a big profit on the Internet, you must rely on yourself after all. What do you get on your own?

Self control, execution, and thinking pattern. You want to create your own glory on the Internet, which is a big platform.

Because I came from your stage, I know more than you

howeverI also have a distinguished person on the Internet who often teaches me a lot of methods, although he talks about ideas. At the beginning, I was really bored. I asked him why he didn’t teach me directly?

One day later, I finally figured out that it was the best way to teach me how to do itI will become dependent on him when I work on a project. Once he doesn’t teach me, I will hate him.

In fact, my experience is toNoviceThe best reminder. No one has the obligation to teach you how to earn Q, and no one has the obligation to take you to earn Q.

The premise of taking you to earn Q is what value you can provide to others.

You have no personal value, so why should you talk about Q? Recognize the reality and enhance the value.

Especially those who want to earn Q on the InternetNoviceYou must enhance your personal value, so that you can have valuable people to help you.

At the same time, we should have the idea of paying, rather than asking others infinitely. The result of unlimited demands will only make you more and moreThe more you fail.

Ok, I don’t want to talk so much about it. I will enter the sharing project link.

Today, I would like to share with you a project about ——— writing a true story to realize.

I remember that some time ago, I paid attention to a official account that wrote true stories by chance in my spare time. This official account is based on what the readers saidIt is adapted by telling one’s own true story.

The number of readers of each article on the official account is about 4W-6W, and the number of people who like it and are reading it is also very large.

True Story Writing

The official account I mentioned above, which writes true stories, operates in this way. They have a fixed operation, allowing users to submit their own storiesThe editor will use more beautiful language to express the reason of making money online, and then share it to the official account.

Why are true stories popular?

Real stories are a common type of stories. These stories are true and vivid, which are closer to the real experience of the readers and make us feel the same.

And in the real story, you know thatWhat happens in our life is a real thing, and people’s feelings will be more abundant.

There are various kinds of stories in the official account, such as nostalgia for youth, parents’ love, accompanying parents, etc. I also read their stories every day. The writing is really good, and I will be moved by these stories.

Comments on almost every articleThere are hundreds of them, which resonates with other readers.

From these situations, we can see that their stories are really popular. Fans also accumulate very quickly. When fans grow to a certain extent, they can receive advertisements or conduct other business cooperation.

How to realize it?

1. Use the official account to plant grassRealization

In fact, the conversation interface of this official account has a grass growing bar, which is full of their grass growing products.

Their official account updates 3-5 articles every day, one is a story, the other is planting grass.

They have opened the function of traffic master. There are advertising bars at the bottom of the article, and sometimes many advertisements will be embedded in the article。

Because they like their stories, many people will try to buy products that they think are good.

When they find it really good after using it, they will leave a message in the comment area, reflecting that the product is really good, which also achieves the purpose of promoting the product.

I also found that the products they grow areIt is to cooperate with some well-known brands, such as Anta, Spark Thinking, Netease, XRS, etc.

I have roughly calculated that there are more than 40 brands cooperating with them.

2. Realize with the help of Himalayan platform

Some people say that I am not good at writing, but I am good at telling stories. Actually, you can fuckIt’s for this project.

We can present the story to others by dictation, and we can also collect other people’s true stories, and then you can tell them.

Take the Himalayan APP as an example. You can use this platform to tell stories with voice, and you can also use this platform to earn Q’s.

Except that it can beIn addition to getting the share of the platform and making money by producing paid programs, you can also open “My Shop” on the platform to sell things.

Similar to the official account above, others like to listen to your stories and naturally want to know about other things about you.

They will be curious to see what you recommend, and they will like it when they see itHuan’s products can’t help buying them.

Such a project faces a huge user group. Some people like to listen to it, and naturally some people want to share their stories.

What we should do is to attract more emotional people with the most authentic stories.

There is still a threshold for this project. If you have some writing skills, orThose who have good logical thinking can tell the story clearly.

In order to attract readers or listeners, try to operate this project.

Official account writes true stories, and beginners can also earn 300-500 dollars


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