Simple and easy to understand blue ocean virtual project sharing, live video with goods, and new people can immediately make money!


Today, we will continue to share a small trick for sidelines, which is simple and easy to understand virtual projects and an alternative way to play live with goods.

Simple and easy to understand blue ocean virtual project sharing, live video with goods, and new people can immediately make money!

Recently, a friend of mine was taking a driver’s license test, and then went to Tiktok to read the test questions. I also followed him to join in the fun when I had nothing to do. He saw nearly tens of thousands of people in the studio, which surprised me. So I took a quick look at itIt turns out that there is such a big business opportunity behind this.

It can be seen from the video that the content of the live broadcast is actually to explain some of the answer skills of Subject One. In the middle of the live broadcast, there is also a good driving test card. This card can also be wholesale on a treasure, and the general price is 5$One. The price of the live broadcast room is set at 399. Profits at 30$above.

This thing is very violent. The primary effect of the live studio is to attract fans by sharing some valuable related to the driving test, and then sell cards to fans for cash. How much money does this method make?

Let’s continue to explain the project

Let’s take a look at this itemAt present, the project is good, which can expand your thinking and ideas. It’s not too late for me to share it with you today, which can help you more or less!

The main advantages of this project are as follows: the whole process of live broadcasting is to make profits by selling virtual products. The advantage of virtual products is that there is no need toAs long as the cost is sold, it is profit. Therefore, the best way to sell goods on the Internet is to sell virtual products without cost and after-sales.

The live broadcast content is the answering skill of the anchor to explain subject 1. In the middle, the online earnings are sometimes inserted with the card secret of the driving test. The cost of the card secret of the driving test membership in a treasure is 5%$Money, liveIt is 39.9% at a time, and you can imagine the extent of the sudden profits. A single profit is 30%.

The project sharing mainly includes four aspects:

First, we should be ready for real people

Second, how to open the window

Third, preparation conditions

Fourth, some relevant skills in live broadcast

First,Some talents who live abroad need to be recruited 2, 3A beautiful girl came to the live broadcast and asked to know some skills of solving a problem in the driving test APP.

There are some good selling talents in the live broadcast room, and then the personnel establishment is created. When the personnel establishment is created, it should show professionalism in the driving test, so that it can be trusted by fans and improve the transaction rate.

Second,How to put the product on the shelfIf you have a business license for driving test consultation, go to the local industrial and commercial bureau to handle it or find someone to handle it online. The business scope for handling the business license must be available.

We registered our Tiktok store with our business license and put our driving test card on the shelf.

Third,The preparation conditions are actually very simple. If the quantity is large, you can also go to businessThe family will talk about some more discounts, and they will also buy some materials from Section 1 and Section 4 as gifts for fans in the live broadcast room, so as to improve some popularity of the live broadcast room through gifts.

The live broadcast equipment is a mobile phone, a touch screen or tablet, three fill lights, a mobile phone bracket, and a mobile phone radiator.

Fourth,Direct seedingSome skills, in fact, are also very important, because if you don’t understand the skills, you can’t understand some operations of Tiktok. In fact, the idea is very simple. You just need to find a peer to imitate him.

Here are three live broadcast tips:

First,Solve some interactions, show some problems, and guide fans to choose oneSome answers.

Second point,Get some attention, remind fans that this question is easy to make mistakes, with a mistake rate of 25%~50%, which will attract everyone’s attention.

Third,Improve the relevant stops and explain some rules for solving the same type of problems.

In fact, this idea is very simple. It depends on whether you recognize itI really went to work. Let’s share here today. See you next time.

Simple and easy to understand blue ocean virtual project sharing, live video with goods, and new people can immediately make money!


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