For the basic project of the game, you can work three or four hours a day and earn 10000+a month!


If you ask which industry is the most profitable, the game industry is definitely one of them. From Dota to LOL, to King Glory, competitive games have brought economic benefits to major companies far more than other industries.

For the basic project of the game, you can work three or four hours a day and earn 10000+a month!

Like Tencent’s game Glory of the King, Tencent has created a single quarterly revenue of 1two billion dollars,Myth of daily revenue of 150 million from skin sales.

In this way, 80% of listed companies earn less than a King’s Glory in a year.

Nowadays, in order to pursue the game experience, it is common for users to pay for games, but the industry barrier of game development is very high, which requires a large amount of early investment,It is too difficult for small entrepreneurs.

So small entrepreneurs can only watch others make money every day?

Can you find any way to participate? This is the topic we will discuss today.

1. Move bricks in the game, with unlimited income

I’m afraid that I can not only play games, but also make money while playing gamesDream of more games for otaku. With the development of the game industry, more and more ordinary people find their way to make money by playing games.

As Zhou Hongyi, the boss of 360, said, “All Internet players do not like playing games, because they make huge profits from drugs, but have no risk of drugs.”.

I’ve been in contact with a proxyHigh end players who play games to earn pocket money; I have also seen students who have nothing to do to help others hang up their computers for profit; Others have integrated the game archiving and download resources to start buying and selling on the second-hand trading platform.

Despite the so-called big money theory, people can still earn an extra income by playing games.

Currently, making money around gamesThe routines of can be roughly divided into:

1. Game playing, 2. Game practice, 3. Live commentary, 4. E-sports players, 5. Game moving/game studio.

One of the most lasting and easily accepted ways for players is the “game brick moving studio”.

Moving bricks in the game means playingEquipment is sold to buyers on the platform, which is a common way to make money by selling virtual game products.

Because it is a low tech repetitive work, similar to the actual brick moving, it is called “brick moving”.

For ordinary players, if they want to get the equipment and materials in the game, they can’t get more than one numberThere are few, but many numbers are different. The brick moving studio can produce whatever players need, which forms a trading system.

We should remember that there are only two directions to do projects on the Internet: either quality or quantity. Some people will choose to become head players after years of deep cultivation in a fieldSome people make money quickly through batch operation.

Many game studios make a lot of money by downloading the first class software from the Internet of the Key Spirit Quick Society, issuing numbers in batches, and then automatically hanging up the phone to swipe equipment+game currency. Many computers and mobile phones operate at the same time. In a month, hundreds of thousands of people are also there.

As of nowAccording to the configuration of the public computer, one computer can be connected to about 10 numbers, and ten numbers can be operated, which means thousands of computers a month$。 Of course, there are some shortcomings. At most, there are only 5 numbers, and the income will be low.

Some new games, whether mobile or online, should be registered at the beginning of a new gameIt is possible to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month with a few numbers, continuous gold coins and materials, and a little luck.

If you have a stable job and an idle computer at home, you can earn some pocket money by “moving bricks through games”. There is no upper limit to the income from playing this game.

Game relatedFirst of all, we should understand a truth. What kind of truth? It is the truth that it is always better to sell spades than to seek gold. As there are many gold miners, they naturally need shovels and tools.

As shovel sellers, we earn one by selling. How much others can dig has nothing to do with us, but the money we earn is alwaysThe most stable and reliable one.

2. How to move bricks in games?

There are many games that can move bricks. Let’s simply say the known ones are more profitable.

For example, the Western Journey, Legends, Warcraft, DNF, Cold Against the Water, Sword Spirit, Valley of Dragon, Bloody Jianghu, Quest, Demon Land, Three Kingdoms, Adventure Island, Tianya Moon Blade,Tianlong Eight…… Can make money by selling equipment and props.

As long as the game is well found and patient enough, you will generally make money from a young age. Especially because of the epidemic, the mobile game industry is booming, which makes me more confident in moving bricks.

But for some novicesNovice, it is still difficult because youI don’t know how to operate it, so I suggest you read more information and research. You’d better find an old hand to guide you.

If you can’t find it, there are many strategies on the Internet. You can find them by searching for them yourself. You can search for any game you want to play. Once we are familiar with it, with some strategies, we can make moneyIt’s the same as playing.

It is not too late for us to consider the equipment problem after we have some experience.

Let’s talk about the three common profit points of the brick moving project.

1. Selling game equipment and props

When we talk about which game is the most profitable, the first thing we think of is the reselling of equipmentThis industry has always been the most popular and profitable.

There are many players who like to pursue advanced equipment, so they don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money. If they can get the best equipment, they can even sell the price of a suite!

For example: Dream Journey to the West.

It can appear at the top of the world list every year, whether it is prop equipment or role accountIt will not depreciate in three to five years, and the selling price will increase from hundreds to thousands$, up to tens of millions today.

As shown in the figure below, this is a piece of equipment recently acquired by the equipment reseller I saw on the Internet$Purchased, sold 1166$, reselling one piece can earn 600$

Assume yes600 mobile phones, with an average value of 20 per day$Equipment. 12000 a day$, 360000 a month$。 The electricity charge is 288 per day$, 8640 a month$。 Excluding other losses, we can earn more than 300000 dollars a month.

High return also means high investment, as a reseller of equipmentWe need not only capital, but also courage. Because the “28 law always exists”, this sentence is extremely suitable for the game studio industry.

One more thing to remind us is that if you really get good equipment in the game, you should make a move as soon as possible. The best of today may be rubbish tomorrow.

2Selling game currency

This is also the most common way to make money by playing games. Basically, the gold coins in the game will match$There is a rate of exchange. How many gold coins can you brush out? Through trading, you can change them into the corresponding amount$

Usually, some new games or servers will earn more, so now many games are newThe old servers have become decorations.

Take the Wulin Outward Transmission game I played for example. In the first few years of the game,$The ratio to game currency is 1:10, i.e. 1$Money can be exchanged for 10 game coins, and some studios can earn tens of thousands of dollars a day$Money.

Of course, oneIf people do it, the amount is certainly not that much. If you want to play in your spare time, 3 or 4 hours a day can earn 800 dollars a month$Right.

3. Sales account

Generally speaking, in the game brick moving industry, the basic merchants resell materials and game currencies, the intermediate resell equipment, and the advanced resell accounts。

In fact, trading accounts earn money by price difference, so you can certainly make money if the price is appropriate. As a middleman, you are mainly responsible for guidance and promotion.

Take World of Warcraft, Sword III and Dream Westward Journey as examples$Many elements, such as achievements, limited appearance, limited mounts, etc., good account number oneThe price is more than thousands.

Usually, the longer you play, the more valuable your account will be, because with the update, many achievements and props will become out of print, so many new players can only buy an account in order to own it.

There was a period of time in college when I loved to play Jiansan and buy a number, so I added many dealers.

By talking to themI understand that they can normally sell 70 or 80 pieces worth 2000 a month$More than, so one month’s hard work can earn more than 10000$。 If they were big dealers, their income might be even better.

Now there are many channels to sell accounts.

Platform: Trading Cat, 5173, Taomobile, 8868Mobile game trading;

Shops: Amazon, JD, Pinduoduo. The disadvantage is that the price of purchasing accounts is very low;

Private transaction: post bar, QQ group social networking and other platforms.

It should be noted that in the process of trading, you should be careful not to be cheated. Almost all the people who let you avoid the platform and pay for unfreezing are liars! Because I’m checkingWhen looking for information, I found that many netizens shared their experiences of being cheated, so please keep an eye on it!

4. Write at the end

I just talked about how to play the game brick moving project. There are too many games and more methods. In this industry, the number of people who lose money is as high as a feather in an ox.

Not one sentence or twoTo be clear, full-time requires in-depth understanding, which is also considered as the threshold of an industry, but it is still suitable for most people to work part-time and take time to play at home after work.

For the basic project of the game, you can work three or four hours a day and earn 10000+a month!


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