New playing method of large platform, one video in three minutes, 200 easy per day


In May this year, the national video was revised and renamed asMetropia

New playing method of large platform, one video in three minutes, 200 easy per day

According to the convention, each platform revision is followed by a series of policy activities and benefits.

This time is no exception.

Immediately there was a red envelope activity of taking topic videos to divide up cash.

The activity entrance is in the webcast advertisement on the homepage, and I will followHand made a video to test the effect is good.

The activity of offering a reward of 4000 diamonds was also approved. (The diamond exchange ratio is 1000 diamonds, about 1$

That is, I released a video and got 4$About income.

There are a lot of tasks every day, so you can choose the simpler ones.Each account can receive up to 10 tasks.

That is, the maximum income is 40$Money. There are also some high rewards, but they are also relatively difficult.

I tried it and went online to search for the tutorial.

I know that once a new project is released, someone will sell tutorials and software at the first time. especiallyIt is a simple project.

Is it tempting to make a video in 30 seconds?

However, I advise you to make videos by hand.

Because running scripts and using software, the chances of being blocked are too high. There are various possibilities for IP problems, account problems and cash withdrawal problems.

You watch him saveMoney is fast. In fact, I want to earn money from your monthly software card.

The price of the software rose to 1580 a month. How many accounts and videos do you need to earn back the monthly card money?

As per 4$For a calculation, you need to upload nearly 400 videos to earn this software monthly card.

So, handWork is the most reliable way at present.

At the same time, just log in to the mobile phone with one number. Don’t think about switching accounts back and forth, immediately detect device exceptions, and seal the number in minutes.

How to make videos that meet the topic manually

Direct case:

Follow the steps of successful people. It’s the fastest. What do they do? What do we doDo nothing.

They use animated science videos. This kind of video is particularly easy to operate.

As far as I know, there are two software.

1. Master of Wancai Animation

2. Draw APP

There are ready-made templates, which can be applied a little.

The production is also relatively simple. The template is inserted directly, and there is no need toYou can delete the template of. Of course, if you don’t want to open a member, you can delete a certain number of templates when inserting, because there is a time limit.

The popular science video is basically between 10s and 30s. Just express the question and answer clearly.

We look for a question at random, Google search, it is easy to find the answer.

PressFollow the above task to find out how to apply sunscreen.

Ranking first is the answer. Copy the answer directly into the animation template. Search voice dubbing software from WeChat applet

There are many free ones. Input the questions and answers, generate MP3 format, and import them into the animation.

The whole journey takes about 3 minutesRight, solve the problem.

It may be a little slow at the beginning, but after using a template skillfully, the operation will be faster. This kind of project depends on hand familiarity. Brainless copy question, just answer the question.

At this speed, about 10 can be made in half an hour, that is 40$Money. Multi operationA few accounts are easy.

However, there are also precautions, that is, clarity, and cover.

Although the cover has no special requirements, it still needs to clearly express the content meaning of the video.

Otherwise, it is easy to fail and waste your efforts.

At present, the threshold for operating such projects is extremely low.

But it’s not recommended. It’s too muchIt is risky to operate at a large scale. A change in the audit rules is enough to make you lose money.

My view on such projects is:

1. Proficiency

2. Low cost trial and error

On these two bases, it is easy to make money. Don’t think about expanding easily, otherwise it is easy to fall into the hole. In person, if this activity is canceledThe so-called tools in your hand can’t be used.

New playing method of large platform, one video in three minutes, 200 easy per day


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