The beauty scoring project can also earn more than 10000 dollars per month, and the play method of new small projects can be disassembled!


Little friends, a big speechless discovery!

The beauty scoring project can also earn more than 10000 dollars per month, and the play method of new small projects can be disassembled!

I don’t know if you have brushed itA service that has sold tens of thousands of dollars for more than a month – face value scoring service!

You know, this isVirtual product projectIt’s almost pure profit. Many people look down on this low price service, but for most people$two$The fundamentalIt doesn’t matter, so as long as the sales volume rises, silver flows into our pockets like flowing water.

I was really shocked when I first brushed it,

It’s beyond my imagination.

One or two flowers$Money, send your photos to the store, and the store will give you a score. The scoring criteria are quite differentAn analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of all aspects is quite reasonable.

Who is going to give you a score?

They made it quite clear that “six straight men have no girlfriends in their dorms” and “straight men of iron and steel only tell the truth, do not belittle or compliment”. At first, they all sound like that.

According to their grading standardsLook, generally, if the score is more than 6, you will be in the “beauty” category, which is basically the stage of “a little beautiful” as the title owner said. However, when I look at the evaluation area, the score is basically 6.5, and there is almost no score below 6

It’s just such a thing, although many people know it’s an IQ tax, but it is shocking that some of its stores can sell 8w per month

It can also be seen that the facial anxiety of modern people is really serious, and sometimes it can be more clearly recognized through the approval or criticism of others.

But what you don’t know is that this kind of beauty scoring service, it is not manual scoring at all, many of them useSoftware scoring

As soon as we send the photos to the seller, the seller directly imports them into the software, and the evaluation results come out in seconds, and then copy and paste them to the buyer.

How should this project be operated?

In any project, the first thing is to solve two problems,Source of goods Flow

How does the beauty scoring service work?

Or write it yourself. Or your mobile phone can search and download beauty rating related software in the app store.

How to drain?

It is recommended that you take it as a free fish and a strollside hustleDo it. If you can spell many, you can also do it if a certain treasure e-commerce company operates.

Second hand goods trading platform and turnThe two second-hand platforms are currently the platforms with the largest traffic and most transactions. We can also publish our own services here, as shown in the figure below

Someone has already started the operation. It can be seen from what I want that the sales volume is very good. For example, this person sold more than ten orders a day, with an average unit price of 5$About money, every dayYou can earn fifty or sixty$If you operate with three numbers, you should be able to make a small profit of 100%.

Many small partners may wonder if this project has been completed. Can I still get traffic if I do it? Can you sell it?

Tell you not to be afraid. The platform will give you the initialRecommended traffic, as long as we manage our account well, we will get a certain exposure.

You can imitate the copywriting of your peers at the beginning, but don’t copy it 100%.

There is no sales volume. What if users don’t trust you?

There has been a default order swiping method in the free fish circle,Search [Buy a lesson]

directYou can buy a good comment for a penny. When others give you a good comment, you also need to give them a good comment. Give them a few more good comments. Buyers are more willing to trust you and place an order with you when they see your free fish account.

This is another trick to improve user trust and account weight.

withThe above content is for today’s sharing!

The beauty scoring project can also earn more than 10000 dollars per month, and the play method of new small projects can be disassembled!


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