The profit making project of information gap starts at 300


This project was accidentally seen by Tiktok. Because of the habit of doing the Internet, when I saw a message, I would subconsciously investigate its purpose.

The profit making project of information gap starts at 300

How do they promote, how do they copy, how do they advertise, and finally make a deal.

You can try this method. After you have formed the habit, you will find many differencesThings.

Next, please see the detailed introduction:

Most of these advertisements are:

Quickly apply for business license, and the fastest time is three days.

The product page is also very simple, allowing you to fill in an address, registration type, industry, phone number, which mainly understand your personal information and needs, and then let the salesperson contact you.

We all knowThe most expensive thing in this era is undoubtedly traffic. If an industry doesn’t make money, will you spend money on advertising

If we want to make money that others cannot make, we need to know the underlying logic and copy it.

Many people say that the business license can be handled offline. Why spend money to handle it online.

There are two reasons:

1. Business license is beneficial to entrepreneurs

All major platforms will open more rights and interests to enterprise users.

Let me say a few directions:

There can only be one official account for individuals and two for self-employed individuals.

Amazon stores, individuals can only register should, self-employed five.

Tiktok, an individual can only read and create, and the enterprise number can be launched widelyNotice, sell, leave your contact information.

Basically, all platforms are like this.

So the value of having a business license.

It must be more than personal.

2. High demand of users

In this era of Internet entrepreneurship, there are many people making money on the Internet. Many people do not know this very well, or sayWithout certain qualifications, many people start businesses at home.

So this one$We need professional people to do this. In fact, if we register individual households and enterprises, we can solve the problem in half a day if we go to the Civil Affairs Department with complete formalities.

The only thing is the registration qualification, which does not rule out that some people are lazy.


How do we operate theseWhat about? Connect with your family and buyers.

Advertising is not recommended for any industry without a clear direction and profit ratio. Let me tell you about zero cost advertising.

1. Source of goods

Is Pinduoduo, Amazon, Jingdong, Tiktok, a flat consulting company, recruiting agents?

Go to the browser to find:

2. Flow

Before usI hope to operate by myself and operate elaborately on all major platforms.

For example, Quora:

For example, Tiktok:

Don’t pay for the launch in the early stage, just work.

Try to imitate your peers. They will always be teachers,

Overall profit point:

It was promoted among the Internet We Media people, and the deal was absolutely good. I have had my own experience.

Because the battalionBusiness licenses are basically just needed.

In the early stage of entrepreneurship, I rented an office, which cost too much for one year.

It’s better to spend a little money to find someone to handle it.

On the market, the price of individual households is 500-1000, and that of companies is 3000 . There are also service fees for subsequent legal verification and bookkeeping.

The market price is hereI have friends here who can recommend it. The price for self-employed is about 200, the company 2000 , and the profit is at least 300 dollars.

This business is long and operable, and the profit ratio is also good, especially in this era of national entrepreneurship, more and more people want to start businesses on the Internet.

Those who are interested can do it by themselvesTake a closer look.

Well, that’s all for today.

The profit making project of information gap starts at 300


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