Unlock two commonly used software, with the help of which people earn 50000 dollars a month


As long as you use a computer in your life, you will use software. A lot of work can be done quickly with the help of software. I am one of those people who can use software and feel that I cannot operate personally. Therefore, I will consider whether I can find a quick way to do anything. I recommend two types of software that I often use. Some people use these two types of software to earn 50000 dollars a month$

Unlock two commonly used software, with the help of which people earn 50000 dollars a month

SectionA software: parallels desktop

Everyone who uses the Mac knows that many of the software we use cannot be installed on the Mac at ordinary times, so we need to install the virtual xin system on the Mac at this time. I have installed several models in the early stage, which are not very useful, and some needIt can only be used after exiting and switching. Some compare cards. I found a software after looking for it for a long time$The software can switch between the Mac and the Win system at will without exiting.

In particular, the data software can be dragged and opened between Mac and win systems at will, which can be said to solve ordinary workThe first big problem is that many Macs can’t handle this software. The running software can be downloaded directly to the virtual machine and installed. If you are a Mac now, you deserve to have it. In the early stage, I found and installed this software on a official account, and often upgraded it. Later, I bought the genuine version in angerAt last, someone told me that you only need a few$The money can be settled.

After searching Amazon, it’s true that I can upgrade my software just like the original one, and it still needs money. So if you don’t want to go online, you don’t want to spend hundreds$, go directly to a treasure,Or a certain amount of software will make it clear to you. This is the fastest way to solve the problem. At the beginning of playing the Internet, software was downloaded online. There were viruses downloaded, the computer crashed, and the software could not be used. One day was wasted. Now you can pay to solve the problem directly.

Section 2: xmind

I BelieveMany people know this software, and I have been using it all the time. Mind mapping software can quickly record our meetings and study, as well as make courseware. It is very convenient, especially for learning. It can quickly record many things. I can draw a picture on any platform I study, and I will use this softwareThere are a lot of similar software on the market, but it is found that this is relatively easy to use.

I have been using it all the time, but the version I use is very low. Looking at the mind map drawn by others, it looks really comfortable. This is the whole mind map of Luo Pangshi’s friend’s New Year speech in 2022. It is really well drawnFor a complete version, please contact me on WeChat 338233

The version is too low to draw such an effect. I searched the latest version and consulted others. The latest version can be drawn and is relatively easy to use. I looked at the official website. The price is more than 300. It is not expensive. I am ready to place an order. I will go to a treasure laterSearch and see that there are still some people selling, as long as 9.9, and see that the sales volume is good, 5000 orders, one order 9.9$Isn’t it about 50000 dollars?

The main reason is that this thing has no cost. One way of playing is sold forever. I download the unlocking data package he gave me. Open it and see. There are Mac versions of unlocking and Windows versionsYes, I asked to operate the installation, and immediately operated all the functions. The main reason is that his method is really simple, just replace a document.

However, there are risks in this operation, and software vendors will complain about it. However, it doesn’t matter if such small stores are closed down. They earn money. They can get 50 thousand a month, and they can do it for a yearThat is, hundreds of thousands of income. If you can import these purchases into the private domain and later develop software related courses, you can earn a lot.

If you find it troublesome, you can also officially support the genuine, advocate supporting the genuine. For dozens of such software on the computer, each software is genuine, and you need to buy members every yearThousands or even tens of thousands. If you were you, would you buy all the originals? Anyway, I won’t

Unlock two commonly used software, with the help of which people earn 50000 dollars a month


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