Disassemble the red envelope cover project in detail to help you get 200


The WeChat red envelope project I shared with you today, in fact, many people have made a lot of profits on it last year.

Disassemble the red envelope cover project in detail to help you get 200

The so-called WeChat red envelope project is to earn income by selling WeChat red envelope covers. Because the use of WeChat red envelope will increase greatly during the New Year, and it is traditional to send red envelope during the Spring FestivalThe demand for red envelope increased sharply.

Since there is demand, there is a market and a chance to make money. As an ordinary person, how can I get a piece of this project? I interpret it from the following three aspects:

1. Source of goods

As we all know, the supply of any product is the first to be solved. WeChat Red Packet SourceThere are many choices. You can design by yourself or outsource design. If you don’t like the trouble of design, you can also be an agent of other manufacturers.

Self design. You need to know the technology. After the design is successful, you can apply for copyright. Of course, if you don’t know the technology and don’t want to act as an agent for others, go to the e-commerce platform to find a professionalThe design is also OK. They usually provide a one-stop service, and the price is not very expensive$It can be done for hundreds of dollars.

How to find upstream merchants? It’s very simple. You can find many sellers by searching related content on Tiktok, Kwai, Amazon and Pinduoduo. Of course, I still recommend 1688 and WeChat storesThe prices in these two places are lower than those in other channels. The price advantage will give you greater advantages in the subsequent trading projects.

2. Flow

Short video platform: such as Tiktok, KwaiSocial networking sitesJust follow the graphic mode. At present, there is no current restriction, and it can be done directly;

Other platforms: Weibo, Quora, BStation, WeChat group, circle of friends, etc.

These are all conventional drainage methods.

Let me share with you another way: river closure. The so-called interception refers to the interception of traffic in videos sent by peers who sell WeChat red packets. Of course, there is a skill in intercepting the stream of bubbling online earnings. It is to find videos with a large amount of play and make enough commentsEnough. In this way, you can send stream intercepting comments, which the author can’t see or is too lazy to manage.

After the traffic reaches the private domain, it is your the final say how to operate. The fission game I use here is a free gift model. After the customer adds me, I will give him one free of charge, and tell him that he can recommend someone else to add me. It is also free of charge. Follow up demand, you need to pay for the purchase, of course, our price must be appropriate.

If you design your own red envelope cover, there is almost no cost, so it is very cost-effective to use the above methods to get traffic. There should be skills here, such as asking the other party to forward our edited copy and pictures in the circle of friends for 2 hours, which is very comfortableIt is easy to produce fission effect.

3. Realization

① Earning price difference: WeChat stores are recommended here, which is very suitable for this project. Someone needs to send a red envelope directly to the store link; Amazon and Pinduoduo are not recommended. The threshold is too high and there are too many peers;

② Earning commission: simply speaking, it is to be the agent of others and make money by selling one orderThere is no risk, but the profit is low;

③ Acting: Own your own small mall, develop it by yourself if you have the ability, or spend money to let others build it. If we accept agents, we don’t need to set too high a price. After all, the more people help us promote, the greater our sales will be. Don’t forget to do a good job of training after someone else has opened an agent: Script and drainage.

4. Experience sharing

There are so many projects on the Internet, why can some people make a lot of money while others can’t? I think people who can’t make money often have the following commonalities:

① There are too many projects to choose;

② Lack of patience, just want to realize immediately, no long-term planning;

③People are lazy and lack executive power.

Disassemble the red envelope cover project in detail to help you get 200


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