Regular and stable zero cost blue ocean project, with a monthly income of 200000 !


Today, I would like to share a project with my friends:A project with low threshold, simple operation and low cost – data recovery!

Regular and stable zero cost blue ocean project, with a monthly income of 200000 !

To operate this project, we only need to learn the method of data recovery in the early stage, and continue to promote and lead in the later stage, so that the customers can be realized. Maintaining the old customers can also bring a steady stream of new customers,Increase the number of re purchases.

What is the prospect of the project?

We canSales volume and WeChat index of a treasureGoogle Index shows that the sales volume of a treasure is surprisingly high. The monthly sales volume is tens of thousands of pieces. The sales volume multiplied by the unit price is basically a net profit, of which the lowest unit price is 10%$, the sales volume is 20000 dollars a monthHigh profitUp to 200000

WeChat index exceeds100000 dollars Needs.

Why is there such a big demand?

We can think about whether we and the people around us are using mobile phones and computers, and a lot of data will be saved in them?

If it is saved, it must be lost. For example, the U disk cannot be opened suddenlyFormatted, no saved photos, important files deleted by mistake, etc

When we encounter the above problems, most people will be eager to see if there is a way to repair them, so the transaction rate of data recovery projects is also high.

How to operate it?

First, let’s solve the problem of the project.

In daily lifeMost data loss problems can be solved through data recovery software. How to obtain the software?

1. Peer, bidding, free fish, purchase of a treasure

2. Find free software on the cracking software station

Recommend a platform, I love cracking

Search on this platformKey words: data recovery

You can find a lot of software, but you need to test it yourself.

3. Earn a price difference

The third way is to take orders by yourself, and then after a treasure or Second hand goods trading platform has negotiated the price, you will increase the price to earn a certain difference.

How to find customers?

1. E-commerce platform

Such as Pinduoduo, Amazon, Jingdong and other e-commerce companiesThe platform is a sales channel, and interested partners can explore and operate by themselves.

2. Short video platforms such as Tiktok, Kwai and YouTube

On these platforms, we can publish videos before and after data recovery, and insist on sending videos to private domain traffic pools for cash.

3. Google, Douban, Quora, etcTable layout bureau keyword search ranking

For example, when Quora publishes some posts related to the content of data recovery, such as common types of data loss, general charging standards for data recovery, etc., it uses the information that users care about as a hook, and then promotes the transformation after it is drained to the private domain.

Note: Data recovery service is a general termThere are also many subdivisions, including mobile phone data recovery, computer data recovery, software data recovery, photo recovery, video recovery, file recovery, chat record recovery, micro and so on. Each subdivisions can extend to multiple keywords.

So we should try our best to think about the key word layoutYou can also add words such as “restore chat records” and “restore photos” on the product page to let everyone know the scope of services you can provide.

4. Video marketing drainage

We searched Google for the keyword: data recovery

You can see a lot of data recovery videos in good videosFrequency is a platform owned by Google, and the videos released in batches on this platform rank fast and high.

5. QQ group ranking and drainage

Search QQ for “data recovery”, and you will find many related groups, but at present, you have not seen too many batch groups.

So we can occupy the home page of search keywords through group rankingWe can wait for accurate customers to enter the group.

In addition, we can use the “free trial” as a diversion gimmick to help customers recover a small amount of data, prove that their services are OK, and then promote the transaction, which is much more cost-effective than a single transaction.

Conclusion: This is a project that can be operated for a long timeInterested partners can try to operate!

Regular and stable zero cost blue ocean project, with a monthly income of 200000 !


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