Google knows the answer items, and earns 40-60 $an hour?


Today, I still want to share a small project that is charged outside. Because many friends ask about it when I want to write this article.

Google knows the answer items, and earns 40-60 $an hour?

Simply share.

Is the so-called answer item。 The following figure is publicized by others:

You can earn 40-60 dollars in one hour, and you can do it all day. And only 388$

Many novices can’t stand it and get on the bus.

As I said, there is nothing wrong with paying, but if you don’t have some brains and ideas, you can’t make money even if you pay, nor can you make money on any project.

And then the shared project

As mentioned in the figure, it is a big platform for domestic listed companies. Which is it?

JustWe all know: Google

Not too much, go directly to the operation steps

Step 1:Download Google APP,

Step 2:Search Google for “Google knows”

Come into this interface.

Step 3:Click the “Answer Center” in the lower menu bar to become the answer center

After clicking to be the answer, I remember that you were first allowed to select the field。

In selecting fields, don’t choose some major fields with strong expertise, such as mathematics, science, e-sports, medical health, and Jinrong Finance.

It is suggested to choose people’s livelihood, workplace, emotion, life and other areas that can be expanded.

Then you will be asked to practice 3 questions.

He will choose according to your collarThe domain recommends topics for you.

After selecting the topic, go to Google to search for the answer.

You can change the content a little.

After answering these three mock questions, you can become the main respondent. The three mock questions will be reviewed and approved within 12 hours.

As long as you don’t answer the questions carelessly, you can copy the questionsGoogle search is ok, and it will pass almost all the time.

I got it at 3:00 in the morning and it was past 10:00 in the morning.

Because I logged in with my mobile phone number, he will send you a text message after that.

It also gives you a QQ group of respondents in your chosen field.

Copy and paste into Q group, a group of less than 2000 people, andIt is very active and fragrant.

If you want to make connections, you can operate more numbers and add different groups. It’s up to you how to drain the group.

After the above steps, you can basically answer the questions.

It is true that they can do the promotion 24 hours a day, but there are not so many topics. The unit price is not that highYes.

Maybe there will be some when I come out, but there are few now.

I don’t have many people to watch. One is updated in 1-2 minutes, and there are still so many people grabbing it.

If it is really boring and there is a lot of time, you can also operate it.

The threshold of this project is not high, and almost everyone can operate it.

Account number or similar creditThe existence of points, too many copies or too many answers will have a certain impact, and grabbing questions and not answering them in time will also affect the use of points for xin.

The higher the score of Xin’s account, it seems that more questions will be selected and contested.

As for more skills, you can explore them yourself.

Others use scripts to grab questions,In fact, it’s totally unnecessary. I feel that selling projects with scripts is basically just a gimmick.

The project is such a project.

Whether we can make money is up to everyone.

However, the project is still a little hot.

Even if you can’t make money.

It’s also good to take it for drainage.

That’s all. I think it’s detailed enoughYes.

If you can understand, you can understand. If you don’t, you can’t.

In that case, no matter whether you are doing any project, pay or free, you should have more thinking ability and more ideas.

I don’t have the ability to think, I don’t have ideas, and it’s useless to give you projects worth tens of thousands.

People who have some ideas, after reading my official account articles, they all make a priceIt’s worth a lot. They can earn what they deserve.

Update and watch every day to improve your cognitive ability.

Google knows the answer items, and earns 40-60 $an hour?


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