Share three sideline moneymaking projects with Mothers to get rid of asking her husband for money


Today, I told housewife about some projects that I can play independently in the later period, provided that I can stick to them and don’t need to ask for others in the future.

Share three sideline moneymaking projects with Mothers to get rid of asking her husband for money

The first direction is childcare experience.

housewife’s words are all experienced in raising children, because they are all from the past. For example, how to deal with a child’s hiccup? What should I do if the baby vomits milkFor such parenting experience, find more parenting bloggers to benchmark, and then do oral broadcast content, and then do oral broadcast, which will be sent to the short video platform in 2 to 5 minutes. If there is traffic, there will be benefits, and there will be fans in the later stage. Don’t think there are many people doing it, you should kill them.

At first, this traffic may not beToo much, because the quality of the content you did at first may not be very good, and it also takes time. If you stick to this for three months, you will get some results. There is no problem that there will be dozens of profits a day.

The second direction is exercise and fitness.

After giving birth to the baby, the housewife’s body shape has changed greatly, and everyone wants to returnOnce upon a time, I couldn’t afford to go to a professional fitness club. I had no financial ability, except for some wives. I said ordinary people.

Even if you go to the square dance, go to buy the square dance course$Money, buy hundreds of courses, and then dance the square dance, and teach everyone to danceDance, and then go to buy a square dance of this kind of clothing, and then learn.

After learning, you can dance square dance on this short video platform to teach everyone how to keep fit and lose weight. The recommendation mechanism of the short video platform will only be recommended to those who are interested in it. If you persist, you will not only be short-sightedThe benefits of frequency. You can also sell tutorials in your columns later, which is not better than asking your husband for money?

The third direction is to carry goods live.

It is not easy to broadcast this live broadcast with goods. What can be done is to rely on time. That is, you can select some products every day and then broadcast them. Don’t worry about other productsIf you spend money to pay for it, you can broadcast it every day for two hours and three hours every day. It’s the same with broadcasting every day. It’s also tough and it’s done every day. Moreover, it doesn’t need too much skill to bring goods to live.

You don’t need any sales scripts, atmosphere or field control that the big guy says. You just do it in a normal wayThat’s OK. Those things are played by large organizations and companies. We can earn money from ordinary people. As long as your products are good, be honest with ordinary people. What is the most precious thing on the Internet? Honesty and sincerity, because we all suffer from too many Internet routines.

Of course, there are other directions. WaitI will tell you what I know and hope housewife can understand it. I hope housewife can go out of her own way and ask her husband for money less. After all, her husband is unhappy after a long time.

Share three sideline moneymaking projects with Mothers to get rid of asking her husband for money


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