How to operate the local real estate official account to earn 30000 dollars a month


The most difficult thing to do is to do traffic

How to operate the local real estate official account to earn 30000 dollars a month

As long as the traffic problem is solved,

Everything else is no longer a problem.

Any project isStart with traffic and end with value!Without exception!

Do what you are good at and interested in, learn from people with results,

To understand one truth,The best way to make money is not innovation, but recoveryMake,

Do what others have tested to make money, and make yourself an expert in imitation,

Don’t be lazy, slippery or take shortcuts,

Win by volume,

It is the king way for ordinary people to make money.

Today I would like to introduce a profitable project:

Operation of local real estate official account

This project is especially suitable forOperated by ordinary people,

Easy monthly entry30000 .

Project prospect

1. The advertising revenue is high. At present, as long as the average reading volume of the real estate information official account is more than 10000, an advertisement can easily earn two to three thousand$If you cut off a few advertisements, your income will exceed 10000 dollars.

2. No need for originality, this$The content is very easy to do. You don’t need to be original. You can go to Anjuke and local local auction websites,Local planning network, local political network and other official platforms can be transported over and edited into articles, which is especially suitable for novice friends who cannot create original works.

Many friends say that it is difficult to attract fans on official account. In fact, for ordinary people, the change of the platform situation mainly affects the top players, while ordinary creators only need to focus onOne subdivision is enough.

How to operate the real estate official account?

1. First, register a official account and name it “region industry”, such as Xiangyang Real Estate, Qingdao Real Estate, etc. The name of this official account is simple and clear, so that you can see what it is.

2. Article publishing, at least twice a weekArticles, one with really groovy content, such as: XX property disputes, smashing the sales office.

One article is about buying valuable, such as: What is the problem with the house type of XX building, and what is the price of XX building? wait.

3. Source of materials, which can be copied from peers. In fact, the content about the interpretation rate of the real estateThe number is almost the same. You can copy it or go to the sales office to get the project information.

For the interpretation of policy trends, you can read more professional articles or influential real estate accounts, and learn to integrate and utilize resources.

How to promote?

1. Additive group

The simplest way to promote official account is to add groupsWhere can I find so many fans? The method is very simple. Add 100 groups every day, and then forward the articles to this group after writing. It is better to forward controversial articles, which can guide everyone to discuss.

Note: The group added every day must be local. It doesn’t matter what type of group it is, but it must be localDrink and have fun.

2. Building groups, splitting the circle of friends

3. You can take the initiative to add WeChat to the sales office’s real estate consultant, and leave the phone number of the real estate consultant in the message office to guide them to actively forward.

4. Go to other We Media platforms, such as Toutiao, Tiktok and Kwai. If you can’t do it, look at your peersHow to operate, just imitate.

In the early stage, the developer will actively contact you for advertising with 10000 fans. Generally, for official account with an average reading of about 6000, an advertisement can reach about 10000, and the revenue is still considerable.

In the later stage, we can also do real estate consulting, group purchase and sales of real estateThe building takes customers for commissions. Now everyone knows that the real estate commissions are very high, and the basic margin is between 1% and 3%. The price of any house is around 1 million dollars. You can calculate the profit in the interim?

Note: Do not try to take shortcuts when doing such official account, and be sure to output in a down-to-earth mannerValue, lest you catch fire.


We should understand that the projects that make money are not planned, but done. It is not IQ that makes ordinary people become experts, but practice makes perfect. Real estate official account, which is very valuable and worth taking a long time to operate. There are many accounts of this typeFor example, local recruitment, local public examination, local people’s livelihood information, etc., you can completely arrange local accounts and try to find a subdivided field to further cultivate, which will certainly have great benefits.

That’s all for this article

How to operate the local real estate official account to earn 30000 dollars a month


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