Cancel the telephone mark, and there is no such project for tens of thousands of monthly income


Recently, I have been very anxious, and I will be very serious next year.

Cancel the telephone mark, and there is no such project for tens of thousands of monthly income

The overall environment is not optimistic. Fortunately, I have no worries about food and drink in the Internet circle.

Take the time to share with you an unexpected project – cancel the phone tag.

This has been a problem for a long time. The whole mess is not real estate, but the credit sales call.

Repeated black name markingShan was still constantly looking for solutions, so he suddenly found an unexpected project that could be operated.

What is it about canceling the phone tag?

With the popularity of the mobile era, sometimes a stranger’s call shows the number of promotion agents.

The other person may have dialed the wrong number, orIt is a kind of opportunistic behavior. If you can cheat, you will cheat. If you can’t, you will find an excuse to die.

As for why the sales promotion and intermediary marks are displayed.

The main reason is that I call strangers on this number every day. Maybe after I call 1-2 users, I put such labels on them.

It can be restored to the original state only after the phone tag is removedIt can capture a sideline income.

Please be patient and know how to play.

However, for some ordinary users, it is difficult to cancel the mobile phone number after it is “mislabeled” or “over labeled”, which brings a series of troubles.

I often see 345 messages posted on the phoneInform and cut it off directly.

At this point, it may be said that some of the sales, take out, delivery, and other hard injuries.

This happened to a student of mine who delivered takeout. At that time, he worked part-time to deliver takeout. After a call, he marked it as delivery, which was nothing.

Then, use this number to do other businesses,Every time I call a customer, there is a “take out call sign”, which creates a false image of harassment for many prospective customers, thus losing a lot of business.

If you say you are angry at such a thing, I can’t stand it anyway.

The problem is, if your phone is labeled like this, you will think how bad it is.

On the one hand, itIt will affect your image in front of others. On the other hand, it will be rejected by others to a large extent.

To solve this problem, you can certainly change the number, but this is not the best choice.

In short, mobile phone numbers are often bound to many things, which is inconvenient to change. So we have to find a wayCancel this mark.

Therefore, by canceling the telephone mark, another project without this project that can earn tens of thousands of dollars per month was born.

Demand this$, analyze it directly along the Google route.

You will find that some of these companies are specialized in bidding for such promotion, so it is certain that they can make money.

Similarly, you can search AmazonTake a look.

It is not difficult to find that there are many stores that push this kind of product. In addition to canceling the phone tag, they can also apply for the tag automatically. There is nothing they can’t do to pay.

As for the charging method, I investigated one lap and charged 10-50 per time$about.

Find more stores, and the prices are different, but they are all about the same.

The daily sales of many goods are more than 10, and some of the top ones can reach 100 orders. I also plan to sell this kind of money in my Amazon shop.

10 at a time$How much is 100 bills a day? A thousand hands in a day.

Does this project have costs?

don ‘t worryAs my title says, you don’t need to invest a penny without cost.

All you need is to make a simple complaint. The whole process is not complicated.

Directly extract the number of the marked phone, and then apply for cancellation at the designated data platform.

If your phone is labeled by 360, searchThe complaint platform of Suo360 can make complaints. The first place to make complaints is to ignore advertisements.

You can quickly query the number and clear the wrong number here.

If it is a phone fraud, of course, the probability of cancellation is relatively low, while the probability of ordinary phone calls is still high.

If you are a good citizen, you are not afraid of being sentenced,This truth is clear.

The specific cost of this service can be determined by the customer. The average salesperson will charge a few tens$Money is OK. The mobile phone seller has collected hundreds$Money is not said, because they are eager for success and rich.

If we can find more such companies, we can earn thousands a day$

For example, the real estate companyThere are many companies that do telemarketing, such as companies of cosmetics, insurance companies, etc. Each company has hundreds of people doing telemarketing, which can give them a very low price.

Or go to the post bar or the forum to find some people with such needs. Generally, people who ask questions are more accurate.

Final summary:

In the Internet era, noThe lack of capable people, the lack of thinking ahead of the network business.

Canceling the phone tag is an unfailing surprise project.

Few enterprises really rely on diversion to do business. Although they know that they will win, they still like this e-marketing model.

The number being marked is almost the same as being blacklisted. No matter how you call, others will be mercilessIf you fail, you can solve the problem if you have to deal with the money.

This article is written for some friends who are short of projects and have no network experience.

Cancel the telephone mark, and there is no such project for tens of thousands of monthly income


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