For the new basic project, send an article of 10 $, and easily earn 100 per day


1、 What is C-bit direct.

For the new basic project, send an article of 10 $, and easily earn 100 per day

The C-bit direct access is a professional content collection activity jointly launched by Google Search and Baijia, which supports high-quality authors of the platform to create targeted content for high-frequency scarcity problems in search. Through high content subsidies, search for the exclusive first show, build a platform C-star, and help foster more high-quality internalIt can be displayed in the search scenario.

2、 Account No

To do this project, you must register one hundred accounts. If you have not registered, you should register one. Google search directly: select the first one for “hundred accounts”, and then register and improve the information as required. Real name authentication is OK.

3、 Participation

This activity is aimed atAuthor of Baijiahao full platform high-quality finance, home furnishing, education, tourism, sports, automobile, fashion, digital, game, entertainment, law (legal qualification certification is required), pet (pet doctor certification is required).

4、 Benefits

After the direct production content of bit c is added and approved, the following can be obtained:

1. Content subsidy:Single incentive: if the search and review are successful, you can get a single image and text 10$, Video 30$Production subsidies, you can check the income details at Baijia Revenue Plaza on the last day of each month

2. Ranking incentive: the monthly dimension will screen high-quality authors according to the number of reviewed articles, content quality, etc., and the maximum score will be 500$presentGold award

3. Strong exposure: relevant content can be displayed in the first place of Google APP search for a long time after resources are online, and massive exposure is waiting for you

4. Fans interaction: efficient fans transformation, open up the consultation function, support the interaction between authors and search users, and cultivate fans’ stickiness

5. Exclusive contract signing: high-quality creators have the opportunity to be excellentFirst selected into the Top 100 list, and recommended to the Jinmang Plan for exclusive signing

6. Special training: the participants have the opportunity to obtain special training qualification, and the famous people will give guidance on how to produce more high-quality content

5、 Ways of participation

1. After 100 accounts are registered and logged in, click “Google Search” at the bottom of the background home page of 100 accountsC-position direct “mode$, enter the C-digit direct production zone, select the word pack, receive pictures and texts, videos, and finally submit the published content according to your chosen field and expertise direction.

2. If there is no optional word pack in the background, you can send a private message to the official account of “C-digit Direct”: “Apply for word pack account of 100 accounts”ID name account link opening field, “the C little assistant will complete the account qualification evaluation within 3 working days, and open the word pack permission for accounts that meet the conditions.

6、 Content

The creation method is also simple. Just like the idea of the project I shared yesterday, copy the title directly and search on GoogleSort out those contents and express them in your own words.

7、 Precautions

1. The content summary should focus on the main points, and don’t talk nonsense.

2. It is better to choose simple questions.

3. The questions answered should be vertical to one field, which is conducive to system recommendation.

8、 Summary

Today’s project is the same as yesterday’sThe small projects shared by the day, as well as the small projects that have come to life, such as Ant Passengers, are all small projects that can make money. The novice can still make a meal every day. Although the money is small, little makes a lot.

For the new basic project, send an article of 10 $, and easily earn 100 per day


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