Overseas mail reading project, 30 US dollars a day


Today, I will continue to bring you the disassembly of the project. This article is mainly about the cold project of reading the mailbox abroad.

Overseas mail reading project, 30 US dollars a day

Even though this project will certainly not make you rich, it is no problem to make two boxes of money a day. It is simple and easy to get started.

Why did you think of disassembling this itemWhat about the purpose?

Yesterday, the member suddenly asked me about a fee of 499$Read mail items, say what income 200 per day.

In fact, some people in our circle have been practicing this project for a long time, but it is better to pay for training quickly, ha ha.

The principle is also very simpleOur advertising alliance sends you specific emails for only a few cents each, but this operation does not consume much time.

Open the webpage, slide to the bottom, and you can close it. It is an effective task.

Here, I will show you how to operate and what platform is needed, how to fill in.

Click to enlarge all the photos below.

Website: www.clicksgenie.com

(But you need to use ladders to play foreign projects, which can be done by everyone)

The unit price for each reading is about 0.042 US dollars, equivalent to$aboutzero point two six$about.

Some people may feel that the unit price is low, but it is not high or low in the advertising alliance.

The key is that it is easy to operate.

The main teaching method outside is to set up two accounts, and the small ones follow the large ones. As for why, see the following figure:

Those who do not understand English should translate by GoogleHa ha.

Then you can register on the website directly. When you register, you need to fill in your email address, which is the one you receive information from.

Just fill in your email correctly. Similar to most domestic platforms, there will be a security verified email, and you can log in directly after passing.

You can use this page to,Obtain instant revenue settlement of users in various countries.

Again,Don’t underestimate this income, but it is better than the large number of mails, so get it, we must pull it together!

Let’s see the backstage again:

There is no need to change the settings in this background. We just open our mailbox and find a [contacts】 , which means contact person.

Then we choose to add contacts. My case here is Gmail (Google Mail). Other mailboxes can also be added as contacts.

Fill in as required.

After filling in the form, we will wait for automatic review, and then send you an email every day.

What you need to do is, pretend to read it and slide it to the bottom.

For foreign projects, the settlement method is basically PayPal. There are many online courses for registering PayPal, which also facilitate the collection of other foreign projects in the future.

Overseas mail reading project, 30 US dollars a day


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