The purchase price is 5 $and the price is 30. More than 100 pieces are sold in one day! Recommended by blue ocean sideline in summer, selfless sharing!


Summer is only two months away, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Of course, there are more and more sideline projects in spring and summer.

The purchase price is 5 $and the price is 30. More than 100 pieces are sold in one day! Recommended by blue ocean sideline in summer, selfless sharing!

So today, I’d like to share a small project that can be operated in the summer. It has less investment, is very simple to operate, and has great profits. You can be a sidelineDo it. If you have nothing to do, you can also work as the main business. The following nonsense is not much to say, but go straight to the topic.

Before I begin, I would like to ask you a question. Now we basically have cars in every household. Did you ever encounter this situation in summer?

For example, if you drive to a place to do business, you will definitely take the carWhen you park at the roadside or parking lot, it may take several hours to stop. When you come back from work, when you open the car door, it is steaming hot and you have your own sweat room. What should we do in the face of this situation?

Do many people start the car first, turn on the air conditioner, roll down the window, open the door and blowAfter about ten minutes, the temperature in the car will drop. But when you go there, you will find that the steering wheel is hot and the seat is also hot. After all, it cannot be lowered in a short time.

I was deeply troubled by this problem, so I bought a small, cold cushion on the Internet. I found it very goodUsually put it in a shady place and put it directly on the chair when using it, so it will not be so hot to sit, at least it will not affect the normal driving.

I was also forced to have no choice but to be curious, so I went to the Internet to check, and found this cooling artifact. I spent 30 to 40 dollars when I bought it$Seems to be more specificDon’t forget, once I checked, I found that the purchase price of this item was very low, which was only five or six$Money.

At that time, there happened to be a little brother from his hometown who had left school for a long time and had been working in the factory. He told me that he could not earn money in the factory and lived everyday.

So I told him about it, and he thought the profit was highYes, and the demand is very large in summer. Then he plans to set up a stall on the street. I tell him that it is OK in normal times. If he goes to set up a stall on the street in summer, he will work for nothing in case of summer?

It’s better to go to those who have outdoor parking lots, whether it’s the property of the community or the doorman of the mall, you can also writeLook at the gate of the building. There is a sign at the toll gate with words like “Cool Summer” and “Ice Silk Cushion” written on it. Then put some samples.

Then put it in the parking lot administrator or security guard’s place and tell him that if someone buys it, they will give him a commission. He will be willing to help you sell it because he doesn’t have to do anything.

To makeThe cushion can be sold better. You can also get an incubator, buy some ice bags, and put the ice bags in the incubator. When you buy the cushion, you will feel cold. You can change the ice bags once a day.

Ice bags can be reused. Take away the ice for one night, and then go to the store the next day. This will have a good effect.

JustIt should have been more than three months for him to do so in a summer. He can basically sell more than 100 cars at the entrance of these parking lots every day. Think about the profit of 20 and 100 cars?

And it goes without saying that when we go to the main business and have our own work, as long as we talk about all these parking lotsThe goods will be distributed in the morning and picked up in the evening.

My friend didn’t have a job at that time, and he didn’t have anything else to do during the day. What should he do after he finished the shop? He drives his own small bread, loads some goods, and sells them at a stall near the entrance of the expressway.

As we all know, in general, high-speed entrance bubble onlineThe construction is quite biased. Anyway, in the wilderness, the city management doesn’t go there, and there is no need for rent, storefront, water and electricity fees and booth fees. Basically, how much they sell is a net profit.

When it comes to this, some people may say that many people now buy things online, such as “some treasure” and “fight for sunset”, and they sell them cheaply. Why do they have to buy them here?

Here I tell you that buying such things is basically impulsive consumption, because it’s really hot. I bought them from you when I saw them suddenly. I don’t want to look for such things on the Internet anymore, and then express them. The key is not to solve the urgent problem.

The main price is not high, 30$Money may be a day’s smokeMoney. For a man, some friends may say that my car has a set of seat covers.

But I tell you what kind of car will buy a seat cover after buying a car. Only low-end cars with a price of more than ten or more than two hundred thousand dollars can buy a seat cover. Let’s see if this is the case.

So thisWhy? Because high-end cars are basically equipped with seat heating, seat ventilation and other functions, and they are basically leather seats, so seat covers will not be installed on the car. Even if some people buy in advance, there are still some people who will not go online shopping.

The purchase price is 5 $and the price is 30. More than 100 pieces are sold in one day! Recommended by blue ocean sideline in summer, selfless sharing!


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