WeChat makes money part-time! One single project!


Now is the era of the Internet. Even the elderly have a smartphone. Anyway, when I am free every day, I switch to Weibo, WeChat and Tiktok.

WeChat makes money part-time! One single project!

Remember that everyone was still using QQ at the reading meeting, and now the communication is basically using WeChat, soAll kinds are related to WeChatThe industry of making money has also emerged.

How can we make money from WeChat?

Now let me share two ways to earn money through WeChat.

1、 WeChat group makes money

Many people have many WeChat groups on their mobile phones. The messages are popping up every day, so everyone will choose to block messages.

But have you ever thought about making use of WeChat groupsWhere’s the money?

1. WeChat group of community owners

I don’t know if you have a WeChat owner group in your community. One of our community’s owners has built a WeChat owner group. This group can add hundreds of people in a few days.

In addition to our own community, he also built WeChat owner groups in several surrounding communities。

In the past two years, the group purchase of vegetables in the community has been very popular. The owner applied to be the head of the group.

heEvery day, we will publish relevant group purchase information in each WeChat owner group,You can earn more than 10000 a month$Yeah!

exceptYou can buy food and other things in groups, such as decoration and furniture. After all, it’s a communityYes, there is still some trust.

2. Local WeChat group

Create a local WeChat group and go toQQ groups, Google Post Bar, We Media, forums, etcAll major platforms promote this group.

You can also set up a local WeChat official account to attract people from the WeChat group to the official account. The official account is slowly growing and someone will call youAdvertisement, one advertisement can be at least several hundred$profit.

It can also be extended to other fields, such as dating activities, recruitment, etc,All local related projects can be carried out.

3. Online earning WeChat group

This kind of WeChat group, as its name implies, is to earn money from people who want to make money through the Internet, especially some online businessesNovice

suregoDo some training related to online earnings, collect training fees, and the courses are also very easy to find. There are a lot of treasure in a search.

There are many people who make money through WeChat group online. They will get part of the income from agency distribution by developing agents.

In fact, it is the same as the routine played by WeChat merchants, but the products have changed from cosmetics to courses。

4. Industry WeChat group

such asGame production group, postgraduate entrance examination group, etc. can be transformed, training, selling tutorials, etc.

2、 Make money on WeChat official account

Now the development of WeChat official account is very mature, and the mode of making money is basically fixed. There are probably the following types:The article appreciates the revenue and traffic of the main advertisementIncome from incoming and soft advertisement, e-commerce advertisement, skill training, etc.

If you feel you can provide others with the knowledge they need, you can alsoKnowledge paymentThat is to say, people pay to see the full version of your article.

Of course, there are many kinds of WeChat official account that can be operated, such asLocal WeChat publicAccount, professional WeChat official account, emotional WeChat official account, learning WeChat official account, etc.

For example, you can edit videos, set up a professional WeChat official account, publish some original articles or videos of video editing operations on the official account every day, and then earn money.

You can also engage in local micro businessesThe letter official account will have many businesses contacting you when it becomes bigger, such as those selling houses, catering, decoration, recruitment, renting houses, etc.

However, it is very important to be able to provide the most timely local information to everyone in the local official account.

You can pay attention to the local government website or project website, for example, what is the local bigThe project can be released to everyone at the first time.

In addition,The combination of local WeChat groups is more conducive to the promotion of such official account,You can build a number of local groups, including WeChat groups not limited to the city, the county, or the township.

Every day, I share the latest local news in the groupIt is the official account article.

WeChat makes money part-time! One single project!


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