With the help of fool like operation during the Spring Festival, Tiktok has increased its popularity by 860000!


It is now the end of the year, and it is less than two months before the New Year. For most industries, this period is a bonus period for making money. Especially for those related to the New Year, some products will also become popular.

With the help of fool like operation during the Spring Festival, Tiktok has increased its popularity by 860000!

For example, the recently popular folding red envelopes in the Year of the Tiger have sold well in Tiktok. If you have TiktokThe account fan resources can be operated, and the playing method is also relatively simple. It is to study peer videos, and then select some high commissions to go on the shelf in the Select Alliance, and promote them through videos.

Today, when I was brushing Tiktok, I saw an account of Tiktok, which was very popular, and the video game released was relatively simpleThis account is only published every day. The countdown to the Spring Festival was released. Yesterday, when I went to see it, the number of fans was only 830,000. Just now, it has reached 860,000. It is estimated that it will be a million accounts for the Spring Festival.

The operation of this account is relatively simple. It sends the countdown to the Spring Festival. Every day, it finds some videos related to the Spring Festival and matches them with the same onesThen make a video cover, and modify the time from the Spring Festival every day.

There are many comments on each video, most of which are about how long the Spring Festival will last and how long you can go home after vacation. For those who work outside, seeI was very touched when I arrived in the city, thinking how long it would be before I could go home and reunite with my relatives.

This kind of video can arouse the resonance of everyone, so it is very normal to increase the number of fans very quickly. With this simple operation, at present, 860000 fans of Tiktok have increased the number of fans. It is really easy to make money by making such videos online, but the operators are notquite a lot.

The main reason is that the value of such fans is not very great, and there are too few realizable ways. Fans are not too sticky to the author. However, it is OK to use this method to operate the Tiktok account. Then, through the Tiktok window, you can bring some New Year products. The related products are still very good.

For example, the folding mentioned aboveRed envelope can be used to operate the account in this way. After a certain number of fans open the window, you can bring this product on the video. The sales volume should be good, because the crowd is more accurate, and the price of this folded red envelope is 9.9.

And that’s the way to play. You can also play on other platformsFor example, Kwai or video account can be created. Such an account can also be used in other fields besides the Spring Festival. I have found that many official account can be created at today’s price, and the reading volume is good.

For example, today’s pig’s head price, today’s steel price, etc., I found someThe number of readers of this official account is tens of thousands. Every month, it is estimated that the main advertising fee of the traffic is more than ten thousand. So sometimes it is not so difficult to make money. The main thing is to open your mind.

This kind of similar accounts, if operated in batches, will also yield good returns, but it may take some time to accumulate in the early stageIn the later stage, it will take half an hour every day to complete the account, which will not be realized. Finally, you can make a profit by transferring the account. In this way, the account operation is relatively simple, and you can operate if you are interested. The above is today’s sharing, and I hope it will help you.

With the help of fool like operation during the Spring Festival, Tiktok has increased its popularity by 860000!


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