[Project Disassembly] A new project charged 388? Refuse to be cut leek


Many people have been tossing and turning in Internet projects. I was stabbed here and there. In the end, I didn’t make any money and got hurt all over.

[Project Disassembly] A new project charged 388? Refuse to be cut leek

After paying for a project, I didn’t do it for two days, but I quit because of various reasons.

Next, look for the next project. Man, that’s it OkayForget the pain after the scar.

Never find their own reasons, but focus on the project itself, without thinking about the most important factors.

It’s different to be cheated every day. But in essence, it is just someone else who changes the packaging and turns your game around.

So, don’t go looking for projects all day, Lao XuAfter introducing so many free programs, you should make money first.

Don’t always think about flying before you learn to walk, so you will die miserably.

All right, back to the point.

Today’s program is also about answering questions. It is also a charging program in the circle. The charge is 388 dollars per person.

Actually, thisThe project is very simple. There is no need to pay IQ tax. They just use an information gap to cut leeksNoviceIt’s easy to be fooled.

Don’t say much, just operate directly

1. Download the app in the mobile application market: Google

twoYou can choose to operate on the computer ifIf the computer is not convenient to operate, you can also choose the mobile terminal. After downloading a “Google Answering” APP in the application market, you can enter the interface as shown below.

3. Click “Answer Center” to become the answer center

4. After clicking to be the main respondent, you will be allowed to select fields

After becoming the answer, you need toLet you choose the field in which to answer the questions, and just choose what you are good at.

Then you will be asked to practice 3 questions in the exam. He will recommend topics for you according to the field you choose. After selecting the questions, you can search for the answers.

It is recommended to search for more answers and then rephrase them in your own words

Answer thisAfter the three simulation questions are answered and reviewed, they can become the main respondents. The three simulation questions will be reviewed and passed within 12 hours. Generally, they will pass if nothing goes wrong.

fiveAfter passing, Google will send you a text message and push you a QQ group of respondents in your chosen field. You can add it.

stepIt’s basically like this. You can take time to answer the questions every day. If you don’t answer the questions, you can also check the drainage and take the initiative to add friends. After all, the QQ group is full of people who really want to do sidelines, depending on how you use them.

The main road is simple and all laws are connected

No perfect project, only strong executionWhen you have stronger execution than others, you can kill 90% of your peers.

I hope that everyone should not be used to being a free hand party or a whore party, and consciously praise and look again. People who know how to be grateful can go anywhere.

[Project Disassembly] A new project charged 388? Refuse to be cut leek


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