Part time map collector, driving to travel, easily earning 30000 a month


With the rapid development of the Internet, many new jobs have been created.

Part time map collector, driving to travel, easily earning 30000 a month

Some have never heard of it, but he really makes money.

I saw this project from the circle of friends, and it is very attractive. It has earned over 10000 dollars per month by car.

Isn’t this the dream of many people?

Walk the world with a sword and earn money easily.

afterAfter my research, I found that he really didn’t brag. He did have such a career. Although the description was different, the income was really good.

This profession is called:Map collector

Many people are a little puzzled. The current map is very perfect. We can use navigation very conveniently, even where there is a shortcut for constructionWhere are the cameras and traffic lights? They all know exactly.

In fact, there is the credit of the map collector.

Map collectors fall into two categories:

1. Professional collector

They will drive a professional probe car to collect, and the copilot will put expensive equipment. This kind of collector is recruited by the company,Your task is to walk on the streets of major cities.

Many people have seen such a car. Yes, this is the car of a professional map collector.

However, the threshold for professional collectors is very high. You need not only excellent driving skills, but also a bachelor’s degree or above to be able to skillfully use various kinds ofData software. This threshold keeps many people out.

2. Part time map collector

In order to improve the accuracy of maps, as well as undeveloped roads, and even pave the way for unmanned vehicles, these map software companies have also made great efforts to create an APP platform that is specially suitable for part-time work.

Google Lutao

Google RoadAmazon is a part-time map collector platform of Google Maps. At the beginning, it was only open to Washington, and now it is open to other cities. They can complete the task according to the route they specify.

Since the authorities have not determined which cities to open, self testing is required. This is the task package from Dali, Yunnan. It’s blueIt is a task. Click it to plan the route.

If you do not find local tasks after downloading, there are other platforms

Gaode car errand

This project is a part-time platform of Gaode, and the project types are the same. Open it to see if there is a task package in your city. If there is, you canMake money. Take the road section and upload it.

If you don’t think an APP earns much, you should come again.

Penguin Gathering Chart

Literally, it is not difficult to understand that this is a part-time app of Tencent Maps, which also has many tasks to operate. However, remember not to operate many platforms at the same time when you are new to the industryTry.

These APPs have some common features. The nature of the tasks is similar, and the basic tasks are divided into the following types.

1. Driving task

It is the driving shooting section we mentioned above.

2. Walking task

Some roads are difficult for vehicles to pass and need to be completed by walking.

3. Riding task

It is far away and needs to rideBicycle to complete the task

4. Cell Tasks

To specify the cell gate head shooting verification.

There are probably several types of tasks. Gaode’s and Penguin’s have such tasks, Google’s do not seem to have.

Equipped with tools:

A high-definition camera phone

A mobile phone holder with screen absorption and inversion

Task commission:

Task commissions are calculated in kilometers. baseBasic cost task progress additional reward. Take driving as an example (relatively high income)

This is an excellent part-time map collector who has run 177 kilometers. It seems very objective. However, we must try to reduce costs.

It is not suitable for large fuel consuming vehicles. The profit margin is very low.If using a small vehicle, 177 km, up to 150$The cost of fuel.

Save a little on the rest. If you don’t stay in the store and live in the car, you can earn seven or eight hundred dollars a day$

Does it look like a lot? Yes, it can earn a lot. However, everything has a process and requires proficiency.

So they studiedStudied the hierarchy.

The higher the grade is, the more you earn, because the higher the qualification rate is.

The v1 level can only accept loose orders, that is, short distance tasks.

If you are above V5, you can accept remote tasks, or even apply for urban tasks separately. This is not open to the public, and you can only receive them at a higher level.

This process,From zero to start, the estimated time is 1 month, provided that you are patient to run.

A lot of people will probably give up when they see here. After all, they are new to the industry and unknown to everything, which is inevitable

However, every part-time APP has an official website communication group. If you don’t understand, ask more questions and learn more, you can still quicklyProgress. In some cities, the task is not open. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep paying attention to official activities.

In some regions, captains have led teams. These captains have been working for several years and have rich experience. As long as they follow one person and teach you hard, you will grow very fast.

summary: This project, farIt’s not as easy as others described, and it’s also hard money. At the beginning, a person can’t avoid many detours, but if he perseveres, his income will be higher than that of ordinary office workers.

Part time map collector, driving to travel, easily earning 30000 a month


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