A relatively unpopular sideline project in a niche area, someone used Tiktok+software to get 35000 dollars in a month


There’s a news on the screen these days

A relatively unpopular sideline project in a niche area, someone used Tiktok+software to get 35000 dollars in a month

It’s hard to wonder what’s wrong with the world?

The 21st century and the present era of civilization

There is still such an abnormal, bottomless and ethical industry chain. Even though I am used to seeing various ways of making moneyIt was disgusting and shocked by this industrial chain.

Some people can no longer call people, they have no conscience, they are bloodthirsty demons. The rapid development of the economic era will lead to all kinds of low limit profit-making practices.

There is a passage in Capital: if there is 50% profit, they willAdventure; If there is 100% profit, they will dare to risk hanging; If there is a profit of 300%, they will dare to trample on all the laws on earth!

This is not to trample on the law, but to be unworthy

When the female anchor broadcast live, she was encouraged by unscrupulous people in the live room because of her clear excitement

Drink on the spotPesticide, which was supposed to be a tragic fate, disappeared with the death, but I didn’t know that after death, the ashes were sold at a low price for people to marry in the dark.

Tell the truth! The first time I heard of the word “Yin marriage” was in the novel, in the age of ancient foolishness

But in the 21st century, this kind of bad habit of exterminating human relations, which is legendary, was regarded asThe tool for collecting wealth can not help but say whether it is the progress of the times or what?

The business field, capital field and interest field will indeed have dirty activities, but at least you must understand that you are a person

It is not a beast. Whether you steal, rob, cheat, sell miserably, or sell people

It doesn’t matter, at least not challenging peopleLun

However, the trade of human beings, even the trade of corpses, has developed into the trade of ashes. really The whole person’s three views trembled.

I think we should still have a sense of awe

Throughout the ages, the dead are the greatest. All gratitude, gratitude and resentment are scattered with the passing of the past. They revere life and respect traditional cultural beliefs.

peopleOver the past 70 years, we have had enough food, clothing, housing and transportation to run various business models

Let go! Be a person!

Every life comes to this world with surprise. Please take a piece of conscience to sleep when you leave.

Every one of us was born, and our elders placed great hopes on itZheng – — how many parents have gone to great lengths since the beginning of the name.

Especially in China, a good name for a baby means a good start

The ancients said: It is better to give a child a good name than to give a child a thousand gold;

Even if you want to have a good life, you can’t do without the blessing of a name with good meaning and matching the eight characters of the birthday! One life, two fortunes, three feng shui… sixSeven Phases and Eight Gods;

A child has only one name in his life,

From birth to death, he is a symbol, but also represents himself;

Therefore, as new parents, they will be very careful and want to give their children a lucky and safe name;

Named project,

Needless to say, the market demand just needs! Every dayTens of thousands of people are born, and tens of thousands of children need to be named every day;

They are willing to give all the good things to their children and parents

From the birth, I was afraid that I could not choose a good name. All kinds of fortune telling, consulting, and citing scriptures, each baby’s name has a certain meaning, which is the beauty of the eldersBlessings.

Where there is demand, there is a market, especially for children. In today’s environment where four adults are surrounded by one baby

Children are heaven. When it comes to their needs, they are basically priced but not marketed.

The project of naming babies appeared very early. At that time, there were a group of people who dressed up as gods and ghosts every day on Tianya ForumAll kinds of incomprehensible things pretend to be mysterious. But the more mysterious, the more attractive

So I watched those people make a lot of money, but it was OK! At least, it can also be regarded as a blessing when making money

After all, they are good wishes for children.

In the video era, any previous project in the graphic eraIt can be used to play again

The naming of babies is also fun to play with

Although the post-80s/90s generation now regard themselves as those who do not believe in ghosts and break feudal superstitions, when it comes to individuals, they prefer to believe in what they have rather than what they don’t.

At least I am. It’s feasible if I don’t believe itIt is still an involuntary compromise. Especially when it comes to babies, they are fully armed. No matter whether it is useful or not, we should start with it first.

My baby took thousands to name and consult more than a dozen senior masters, and finally decided on all kinds of feng shui, fortune, and the twelve zodiac signs.

So ah! thisA named market, there is still much to think of!

How to play?

I still admire the content playing method, and I feel that it is persuasive in quality

Unlike those who play e-commerce and bid ranking

It’s all cold data. Play with content, play with short video content, and pass on the naming culture and good moral, hoping that those who have a heart can feel itThis beauty, at the same time, this beautiful moral, bless their baby.

I hope every parent can say 123 words when they tell their baby’s name. What’s the meaning of the name, not how much money they spent or how many masters they hired.

Naming is a kind of cultureThen it’s a business

If ordinary people want to operate this naming project, first of all, you need to know something

Otherwise, people will scold you for fooling around

But it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it. In the high-tech era, there are software for everything, and there are also software for naming babies.

Nowadays, many names on the Internet depend on software

It’s on the computer orIn the mobile phone, install a naming software, input the baby’s birthday and surname, and then report the name to the customer according to the name generated by the software.

In other words, if you want to engage in this project,

You don’t need to be really talented. You can master all kinds of poems and songs, and you don’t need to learn for several years.

You justIt is necessary to name hundreds of names provided by the naming software,

Select about five, pack them and send them to the customer. If not, send another five until the other party is satisfied or gives up.

In the future, we want to become bigger. For example, there are three or five million fans,

It’s better to go to the local place and find a teacher from the naming hall to cooperatePart of the profits. Make the whole business more formal. After all, we pursue long-term interests rather than short-term interests when doing projects.

After the naming service supporting facilities are completed, it is necessary to pack a personal device

Now everyone has to set up everything to play, but I dare not be myself

Alas~This changing era

A fake head and nickname,

this$You should use a little bit of thought to choose a reliable nickname, and it is better to end with “Master” and “Sir”.

The personal profile can be used for reference by peers. In short, we need to be tall and professional. What is the authentic naming master of the ancient method of the Book of Changes, who has been engaged in the naming industry for 30 years, and so on; Then add anotherThe image of the gentle and kind old man who makes money on the Internet;

The account created in this way has nine letters in ten people, and people are willing to believe what they see, whether it is true or not; No matter how powerful the master is, you let him not look at Google, not use software, and try to come out with 100000 names a day?

Service, staffing, returnWhat’s the difference?


At present, there is no doubt that it is the short video platform

Tiktok, Kwai; Therefore, direct drainage on Tiktok and Kwai is OK.

There are many forms of video, and it is best to show it in person,

Here, I suggest you make a picture video, that is, a picture with text. This video can be made by clipping,There is no need to learn editing, p diagram or even ar software;

They are very friendly to novices,

That is, words and pictures can be spliced into videos.

It should be noted that each time you send your works, you should not use the same background music, and try to choose from the popular ones.

Maybe the whole project is like this

Actually, these timesI have continued to write a lot of projects. I don’t know if there is anyone who has the intention

If so, we will definitely find that these projects have something in common

The project itself is not important, but what is important?

It’s imitation ability, it’s thinking, whether it’s the baby’s name, magic project or second-hand car project mentioned today…..

What is the biggest core?

It’s imitation and benchmarking. The baby really wants to be named, not my article

Now go to Tiktok immediately to search for the keyword “baby naming”, and a large number of such peers will appear, pay unified attention to a wave, and then follow their rhythm.

From video content to personal signaturefeature wall; Then to the drainage script, and then to the WeChat transaction page

After running the process, you have fully mastered the game

What’s missing?

It’s nothing more than a named software. What a big thing! If you search Google directly, you can’t find me. Contact me!

I didn’t go to inquire about it, but I didn’t know

This thingI really earn money. The starting price of a single order is 288, and 3~5 orders are given at random every day

Monthly income of tens of thousands is not a big problem

A relatively unpopular sideline project in a niche area, someone used Tiktok+software to get 35000 dollars in a month


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