Casual fish resell second-hand Apple mobile phones, and the price difference makes money


Today, I will share another article about the valuable that earn money from part-time sidelines.

Casual fish resell second-hand Apple mobile phones, and the price difference makes money

In recent years, brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Samsung, etc. have been upgraded at a faster pace. However, as we all know, Apple is good at squeezing toothpaste. Every year, based on the previous generation, it will be updated if it changes a little.

Most people take the view thatDigital products are bought new rather than old. More people prefer to buy new mobile phones, so a large number of second-hand mobile phones will be eliminated every year, which flows into the second-hand market.

Customers who mainly buy second-hand mobile phones: students, farmers, workers, and even most studios.

Most people don’t say they buy for the sake of faceIt is a second-hand machine, or under the excuse of pursuing the ultimate cost performance, he said that he bought a second-hand mobile phone.

But as we all know, second-hand Apple is the most valuable among all brands. The second is Huawei, especially Xiaomi, whose second-hand prices have fallen rapidly.

So if you want to make second-hand mobile phones, I suggest you do Apple.

How do customers come? Free fish can be sold on the market.

It is not impossible to cultivate this category well and become a second-hand dealer. Sometimes, you can earn more than 1000 dollars a day.

Today, I will talk to you about how to resell used Apple phones on Second hand goods trading platform.

1. Commodity copy

For example, if you are going to sell Apple 7, you can search the free fish directly[Apple 7], [Bank of China iPhone 7] and other keywords can find many product links [I want] on the search page.

Long press the description of the commodity baby, you can directly copy the copy of the opponent.

However, the copy must not be copied, and it can be modified twice on his basis, or directly select and describe good fragments from 3~5 counterparts and put them together.

2. Product pictures

In order to create a sense of authenticity and increase the trust of buyers, do not directly pick up the product introduction pictures of peers or e-commerce platforms.

I recommend two methods here.

Type 1: OpenSocial networking sitesSearch [Apple 7] and you can find a lot of live photos uploaded by individual users, which can be directly saved to the phone photo album.

The second is to open Pinduoduo or Amazon, search [Second hand Apple 7], find a store with high sales, turn to the comment area, and directly save or take screenshots of a better buyer show.

But it needs to be notedIt is important to remember to remove the watermark of platform users (generally, it can be cut directly).

3. Product pictures

Now that the copy and picture are finished, the last step is to release the baby.

Click the middle button at the bottom of the Leisure Fish APP and release it step by step according to the operation steps.

This part is too stupid to operate, I will temporarilyTime is not displayed.

Remember to add labels to the pictures, such as # Apple 7 # iPhone 7 # used Apple 7 # used Apple phones, etc. If you really can’t figure it out, you can refer to the good peers.

4. Insist on innovation

The most basic lesson of e-commerce is to learn to keep learning new thingsUsers can upload 50 treasures.

You can update all of Apple’s popular second-hand mobile phone models, such as Apple 6s, 7, 8, SE, XR, 11, etc.

You can also update the same model with different copy and pictures.

Another is to learn to watch the data changes, and adhere to polishing every day after being updatedFor the new 2~5 days or so, observe the exposure of each link every day, whether I want to make an order, etc. Remember to remove the baby with bad data from the shelf in time and put it on a new one.

If you see good data, you can let people around you search your product (don’t share your baby’s link directly and place an order, without increasing the weight)Consult and place an order.

As long as you stick to the new – off the shelf – on the new – order, sooner or later the order will be issued.

4. Issuing

After the order is issued, if there is no supply, you can directly go to Amazon or Pinduoduo to find the merchants with large sales. After several orders are issued, you can add the shopkeeper’s WeChat separately and talk with them for a long timeCooperation, stable supply and more favorable price.

You can add more stores, and compare and choose reliable and better service stores for long-term cooperation.

Write at the end

Free fish project, forNoviceAs far as it is concerned, it is really a relatively easy project.

There are hundreds of them in the market$Even thousands$Our courses come and goThat’s all.

What I want to say is, yesNoviceWhy can’t I make money on Second hand goods trading platform?

They are too lazy, do not work hard, do not fully implement, and give up without making an order for two days. Such friends, no matter how simple a project is, can hardly make money.

In fact, when you sell second-hand Apple phones, you can make tens to hundreds of profitsprobably.

After all, it is second-hand. Because of the quality, battery loss, storage, color, different versions and other reasons, the profit is very flexible.

It depends on your sales ability. No matter what, everyone can make money from the Internet as long as you implement patiently.

Casual fish resell second-hand Apple mobile phones, and the price difference makes money


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