Long term profitable project: analysis of the woolen thread newspaper group’s brainless profitable project


The wool party has always been around us,

Long term profitable project: analysis of the woolen thread newspaper group’s brainless profitable project

Now there are a lot of woolen parties on all platforms,

Introduce new people into their wool flocks in various ways,

They are all very attractive wool, even some big brands,

It’s all zero$, more than ten$You can buy it at a very low price,

Many people will also question whether it is true or not?

anywayI don’t regret trying to add a group,

So with this mentality, many people joined the group and began to roll wool!

Don’t underestimate these wool parties,

There are a lot of online newspaper groups charging dozens$One year, a large group of thousands of people,

It’s tens of thousands a year. What if there are ten such groups? How about a hundred such groups?

This is quick to make moneyDu is really terrible!

I don’t think about it. Seeing this data, I am totally confused!

Today, I will analyze the profitable project in detail for you,

Very dry. Interested friends come to watch!

Project prospect

With the emergence of a project, weWe should not only consider how to make money, but also better understand theMarketing methods and advantages and disadvantages.

1. Cost: This project is aZero cost projectThe key point we have to pay is,How to drain;

2. Time: It doesn’t take too much time to forward the online news of the website every day. If it is running a official account, it will take a longer time, and it can be done in half an hour.

3. SurplusBenefit: According to the community, the charges can be lower at the beginning, charging 9.9$, the price can be increased slowly later, such as 10% for every 30 people$It can be determined according to the actual situation.

4. Persistent:Ordinary people want to make money, as long as they choose a stable track and keep running,The line reported that this kind of wool collectionThe project is a project that can be operated for a long time, and the playing method is also very stable. Except for many ways to make money, there is no change in anything else. It is especially suitable for the patient housewife.

Project operation process

1. Source of wire message

Google: There are many websites dedicated to online newspaper, from which you can get online free of chargeNews;

QQ group: Generally, this group is free, but some transaction information in the group needs to be screened by yourself;

Note: The above channels can be used as the source of online news, and they are free of charge. Generally speaking, the website is updated in a timely manner, and the information is relatively comprehensive, which can be used as the source of main information。

2. Drainage

Quora: Quora is a very active text information platform. If you search on Quora, you will find that there are a lot of drainage lines and groups, and you will charge directly. Therefore, Quora can be used as a drainage channel after making a bubble online, and the drainage effect is quite good.

Douban: Douban is also a good drainage channelThere is a lot of information on the news, and you can open a group. A skilled person can drain dozens of people in Douban a day.

Social networking sites: As the main software for female users, there are many housewife and students in it. Generally, such users are eager to earn some pocket money, and the online newspaper is just for them,The advantage of online newspaper is that it is free, fast, large quantity!

How to realize

1. Community, even if it is 5$Money alone and a group of 100 can also realize 500 . If there are 10 or 100 such groups, the income will be considerable.

2. The official account publishes 8 articles on the official account every day for mass distributionIt can not only be used as content precipitation, but also can be channeled into official account. official account can also be linked to take away CPS, promotion of new activities or advertising for profit.

How to trade

How to operate this project?

First obtain information on the website, register a official account to publish on time every day, and then click Quora, DoubanSocial networking sitesIsolevelnessPay attention to the accounts of 10 peers and learn their operation methods.

Then add a batch of QQ groups, WeChat groups, and knowledge planets, which are published every day with their own drainage hooks, such as following XX, getting more news, etc.

Finally, it was uniformly channeled to the official account,The official account connects with the take away CPS and the communityIn the later stage, the company will rely on the official account to receive advertisements to make money. If you want to make a lot of money, you can take a project with you to charge for packaging and publicity.


By operating this project, you can not only learn the drainage skills of the platform, but also deposit your own users. The paying users are your own resources. No matter what projects you do in the futureOthers have poor resources and can better seek greater benefits. Use the information difference and execution difference to complete the resource accumulation, overtake at corners, and open the gap with others through the resource difference. This is what a sober minded person must do!

The above is the whole content of this article

Long term profitable project: analysis of the woolen thread newspaper group’s brainless profitable project


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