Share two profitable projects, and earn 2000+in a day of actual combat


preface:Share two projects, especially the second one. I can clearly tell you that the value of the courses is even more than tens of thousands of dollars in the market, because the input and output are really good.

Share two profitable projects, and earn 2000+in a day of actual combat

I have said many times in my articles,To make money, either do IP or do projects.

IP is a big air outlet.

Done.It’s the same as playing.

But think carefully, this is also a survivor effect.

Not all people are suitable to do IP, but there are also a large number of people who fail to do IP.

For example, 99% of the people who wrote with me had already changed their ways halfway.

It is not necessarily that they are unwilling to persist, eitherIt may be that their writing skills are so poor that they can hardly persist in daily work. Just like in school, there will always be a group of poor compositions in your class.

Another possibility is that you can’t find a path to cash in a short time.

For example, short videos are not suitable for all people.

If you have camera fear, especially notWilling to show up.

Or your Mandarin is too nonstandard, or your facial expression is too stiff, or your appearance is hard to be photographed.

These hard conditions limit that short video IP is not suitable.

I come from Hubei, Hubei people have a strong accent.

In order to make short videos, I need to practice pronunciation every day, which is much slower than others.

If you can’t do IP, you must operate the project.

Today, I will share two projects, both of which are under actual combat and have good income.

In particular, for the second project, low investment and high return, or a little bit of gray, I have to temporarily open a team to do it.

01 Bulk drainage and sales materials

The term “batch drainage” here refers to the use of a large number of accounts to push hard and widely without content.

This is what I said in my previous articles.

Large amount of traffic combined with back-end cash flow system, the effect may be stronger than that of IP.

However, there is obviously no overall rear end shelf for this playing methodStructure.

It’s justHigh traffic+low priceFacilitate high turnover and win by volume, basically no customer service is needed.

Where does the traffic come from, mainly WeChat search and Tiktok short video

For example, when searching Chen Anzhi’s lecture courses, the results are all selling materials.

Click one of the official account. What do you find?

Right?Found eight articles a day.

More importantly, the titles of these eight articles are all long tail keywords.

As for the content, it is not important to add your own contact information.

Even in order to fill in the content, I made a mess of text.

If you don’t know how to find long tail keywords, there are two and three ways,

1) Golden Flower Keyword Tool

2) Google related search+drop-down box

3) Direct imitation of peers

In addition to WeChat, who can compare with Tiktok in terms of high traffic.

Where there is traffic, there is no shortage of advertising, so Tiktok is also targeted by this group of people who sell classes and materials.

The following theme is one of “short video operation”Videos

These people do not produce short videos, but they are good at using short videos.

He directly advertised in the comment area.

Some people wonder why these advertisers don’t delete these advertisements?

This is a smart way to use human nature.

All the numbers they were looking for were the ones that had just got up.

The video has a certain amount of play, but the number is mainlyThe number of overall comments is insufficient.

These advertisements just make up for this shortcoming.

If you were the account owner, it was not easy for someone to comment, would you delete it?

Look at a bunch of advertisements dumped to you after adding him. You don’t feel disgusted

Because it’s really cheap, from 9.9 to 299, it’s very considerate.

02 Batch drainage of salesmenhave

This game is a little different. To put it bluntly, this project is not only a little gray, but also a few people earn 100000 a month. Don’t be in a hurry. You will know that what I said is more than true after you read Bubble Online.

This time, the drainage is not free, but the playing method of Tiktok live broadcast+pods.

But the investment is not bigOne live broadcast will cost 100 dollars$

Setting of pod delivery:

Type: Interactive

Gender: male

Age: 24-40

After leading people to the live broadcast room, take out a piece of white paper, which reads “free data for you”

What data do you do? Give Jia fans to the live broadcast room, play videos, and batch upload videoszan。

this$Too sensitive to say more.

What you know is the data of the live broadcast room and the short video.

After the experience, it will be channeled to WeChat to sell software.

A set of software 398, if you use its services, it still has a commission.

Don’t underestimate this income.

A guy I know, oneIt can sell 5 to 10 sets per day, with thousands of income.

He worked for half a year and made several hundred thousand dollars, but he was just an ordinary worker in the factory before.

You may be curious that someone really bought it.

I tell you, the magic of this project is that two kinds of people need this software.

The first category is the anchor.

The number of people in the live broadcast room is too smallThere is too little interaction. If you want to do it, you must create some fake data. The same is true for short videos. If you want good data, you must have software. The most used anchors are those who cut leeks and those who continue to build the popularity of the live broadcast room.

The second category is people who want to make money.

After being transferred to WeChat,He can say to others: If you buy this software, you can not only become popular, but also tell me how to operate it after you buy it.

Then the software seller shows his income by the way. You can get thousands of income every day.

After you buy the software, he just needs to tell you how to playThat’s it. There’s nothing to after-sales.

The only expense in the whole process is 100$The cost of launching pods is not charged for the software itself!

Is it a project with huge profits!

And the threshold is very low. Live broadcasting does not require any skills, just let others experience for free.

The second project is shared toIt is not too formal to go further.

But the overall risk is small. After all, this is just like a treasure brush D, which is a very common action. (Only secrets are revealed, operation is not recommended!)

I have been working on the Internet for so many years. In fact, there are many projects that can make money, although they are notWe will operate every project. It is always good to have a good attitude of studying, because these opportunities are often in some inconspicuous small details. It is not too difficult to break through the fog and make money.

Share two profitable projects, and earn 2000+in a day of actual combat


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