The way to earn more than ten thousand dollars a month. You can earn money in the early stage of operation and later stage. Quora takes the goods to understand


If there is anything worth investing in on the Internet and really operate it as a high-quality sideline project, Quora Haowu Recommendation should be counted as one. Today I will talk to you about Quora Haowu, an online moneymaking project.

The way to earn more than ten thousand dollars a month. You can earn money in the early stage of operation and later stage. Quora takes the goods to understand

At present, many small partners have taken this as a sideline, and have achieved good results, achieving income after sleep.

Quora good things are similar to Amazon customers. To put it simply, Quora has got through the links between Amazon and JD’s e-commerce businesses. When we publish answers and articles, we insert the link of “good thing recommendation” products, and promote the sale of goods through soft articles. This operation is not fundamentally different from the basic Taoke playing method.

Because I knowIt is a platform with high credibility, and Google has a high weight. The demand of Quora users through Google search is the most accurate. This makes the conversion rate of Quora very high, so the recommendation and order rate of Quora is also high.

The operation process of Quora carrying goods is as follows:

1. Account location

We all understand one truth, directionDon’t waste your efforts. In fact, it is very important to do a good job of positioning Quora as a good object. Before doing this, you must think about what your account is going to do.

This means that the account should be vertical. You can’t send digital today, shampoo tomorrow, and a small home appliance the day after tomorrow. Be sure to takePao Wangzhuan tries to think about the field well, and deeply cultivates the subdivided field, so that it is easier to make achievements.

Because this can quickly improve their own professionalism in a certain field, better establish their own professional staff, and improve their own field weight. It’s better to choose the fields you are interested in or willing to write. GenerallyIt is appropriate to focus on 1~2 fields.

2. Basic Account Settings

If you just want to do a good job, you just need to improve the basic information. If you need to lead, you should pay attention to one sentence introduction. Many partners have placed official account information in their own introduction, which is more convenient to lead.

3. How to select products

There are many choicesNoviceMy friends had a headache in the early stage. Here we can introduce a selection idea:

High commission: hundreds of thousands of commissions will be paid if one piece is sold casually;

Moderate commission and sales volume: as long as sales volume is made, the income is still good;

High sales volume, general commission: typical running volumeType, win by quantity.

These three situations are common product selection ideas, especially in the dividend period. However, with the intensification of competition, you can actually make some products that are a little smaller, that is, the commission is generally average. The biggest advantage of these products is that there is less competition, so you can sell oneTo earn one, the cumulative income is actually quite good.

What products do we need to recommend?

Look at peers:

You can recommend whatever your peers recommend, and often go to see other people’s article cards.

Choose by yourself:

You can search according to JD Alliance’s commission data, and pay according to 30 daysCommissions, 30 day orders, and ranking of products. Generally, products with high sales or high commission expenses can be considered recommendable.

4. Soft writing

After selecting the product, it is better not to write it immediately. We also need to do some preparation work and inquire about the information.

Take a look at the development of the industryBrand distribution, technology, etc. Only when you have a sufficient understanding of the product can you give your users substantive and constructive reference.

We can’t just have a meal. It’s still a normal process to select the right products through our recommended users and earn commissions by the way. For exampleIf the article does not get positive data feedback, it will naturally be gradually obliterated.

Take the dishwasher as an example:

The main architecture is divided into principles and questions, how to choose, and recommendation boards$This is also the core three parts of the article. No matter what kind of soft articles you write, as long as you write these parts in depth, the quality willNot bad.

Number of words:

It is suggested that 2000 is the pass line. Generally, the best articles are 5000 . You can’t explain many problems with fewer words. So what about the quality of the content? Therefore, we must be strict with ourselves in the number of words. There are more than ten thousand long articles in Quora.


If it isNovice, then I think the better way is to imitate peers. All you need to do is to make some minor adjustments based on the highly praised title. Don’t underestimate this little skill. It will have a good effect if you use it well.


Quora Haowu recommends that there is no high requirement for typesetting, as long as it is clear and clear, and does not waste timeJust whistle.

be careful:

The content must be original! This is the red line of Quora good things. Don’t touch it.

5. Optimize maintenance

It is very important to optimize and maintain high-quality content, especially the later maintenance. The data to be observed every day include: likes, comments, rankings, growth of views, order rate, and the use of tablesRecord the answers with high single volume in detail to prevent malicious attacks. If there are problems, you should timely remedy them, optimize the content, or add some true likes, so as to achieve higher exposure. Pay attention to timely interaction and reply to user comments, which can not only improve the account’s weight in this field, but also improve your own professional ability and solve problemsThe ability of questions is the true ability.

Matrix Operation

This is easy to understand. Generally speaking, friends who do Internet projects understand this. A number of money, then you can make money through the matrix amplification operation.

This is a very common way. If there is 10000 in a month’s income, then if you copy 10 accounts, you can achieve monthly incomeIf you earn more than 100000 dollars, if you encounter a shopping festival like 618 or Double 11, you may earn more than a million dollars in the current month.

Write at the end:

Quora good things can bring good benefits and are worth doing. When you succeed in an Internet project, the satisfaction brought by making money and the sense of achievement brought by the project willYou are more confident!

When you see a good project, you should operate it carefully. Those who persevere will be luckier!

The way to earn more than ten thousand dollars a month. You can earn money in the early stage of operation and later stage. Quora takes the goods to understand


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