The project of mindless basic can be started by novices, and can earn up to 300 dollars a day


Today we share a project of moving bricks without thinking,NoviceYou can start the operation. At present, the actual operation can earn up to 300 dollars a day

The project of mindless basic can be started by novices, and can earn up to 300 dollars a day

At present, there are not many people in the circle to operate this simple project. Today, let’s share the underlying logic and operation methods of this project

Project underlying logic:

Utilize video playbackAnd the subsequent long tail flow to achieve lying and earning

Project profit:

The profit can be enlarged infinitely. At present, my own account of doing well in the transcript can achieve a daily income of 300

This project is the support plan of Quora platform. Unlike other We Media platforms, Quora has a large tail traffic, that is, youThe data of publishing a work may be very poor at the beginning, but because there will be a large number of searches, your work data will become better and better, and the income will naturally become higher and higher

This is also a brick moving project that can be copied in batches; If you want to make money with the brick moving project, you must have executive power. If you want to operateAfter finishing this article, I have to operate. Without execution, I will definitely not make money. This kind of project focuses on the physical strength of moving bricks on the construction site

In fact, it’s also quite difficult to decide whether to send this brick moving project. Because there is no threshold, many people who want to make money will flock to the project, and the project that makes money will not make money, so ah;Those who want to operate will operate after reading the article

Quora needs an account level of 4 for this brick moving project to open the account revenue, and it also needs to release five original videos

First of all, the level 4 condition is very easy to achieve. An account can meet this condition in seven days. It is very simple and crude, that is, seven daysJust upload 10 videos every day

Use the editing app to randomly add a photo of yourself, then pull the photo to more than one minute, then randomly match a music, add a special effect to turn the photo into a video, and then release the title to make a personal photo 1-10, then upload it

At first, to doWhen you become an account level, you don’t need to care about the video quality. You can reach the creator level of 4 by publishing about 70 entries

The second problem to be solved is to release more than five original videos

This is also very simple. If we apply for permission according to the video quality at the beginning, it will be difficult to pass,We can use Quora’s image text to video function, which will be activated by default when the creator level reaches Level 3. If it is not activated, we can go to customer service to apply for activation

Use some good articles to publish in Quora in the form of articles, and then use the image text to video function to convert articles into videosThis function is very intelligent and can completely meet our needs

Pay attention to the title of the video when you publish it. The title will greatly affect your video traffic. When you publish the content, you should mark it as original. You should select the field recommended by Bubble Online Quora. If you select 6 tags, you can do itIf the video content meets the requirements of some activities of Quora, it can be submitted to some activities, and the business households can get some traffic

One of the great advantages of Quora Video is that historically released videos will bring some cash income more or less every day. This is mainly due to the large search long tail traffic of QuoraIf there are enough videos released, the subsequent long tail traffic will be very profitable

Previously released videos will bring you a few cents or two every day$The income of money, when the number of videos is very large, the income is still very terrible

The key point of brick moving project is execution, without executionYou can’t make money if you can

The project of mindless basic can be started by novices, and can earn up to 300 dollars a day


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