Use low price to send members, and earn 150000 monthly operation cases!


Recently, Quora has been operating Quora, but Quora is not very friendly to newcomers. I will give you a ban whenever I send some content. However, I have tried to open a new account and the chance of being banned is still much smaller. Even if the ban is not that long, it is usually released in one day.

Use low price to send members, and earn 150000 monthly operation cases!

Yesterday, because I shared my own projectsWhen I came out, many partners directly transferred money to me. People’s trust in me may be due to reading many articles I wrote, which are all my iron powder, and they are willing to trust me.

I will try my best to teach them how to operate, so that they can make money. But in the process of operation, IThey will also try their best not to spend too much money. They will register their own accounts, and I will help them operate all the things they can’t.

Now I know that it is almost possible to open a member. I went to Amazon today to check whether there is a lower price member to open a channel, but I found that there is,The price is only 0.1, which is still six months.

The operation of this store is still excellent. Using Amazon traffic, we can sell Quora members for a dime, and then do platform promotion. We can download the app to get coupons, and go to open Quora members. He doesn’t make money selling members, but only earns commissions for promoting users’ promotion. Here’s howPass the member’s method.

This new promotion activity is basic. A user returns a commission at 15-30. According to different channels, the commission is also different. At present, the monthly sales volume of this store is tens of thousands. Even if the sales volume is 15, the monthly profit is at least 150000, and they are all net profits.

He promoted more than thatThere are two channels, and there are other channels for pulling new ones. I just want to introduce them here. The main reason is that this operational thinking is still worth learning. I have seen a lot of people outside who do pulling new things and send things to download APP software, and the effect is far from that.

This operation is automatic, and he places an order for payment,Then the customer service is the automatic reply of the robot, which does not need to operate anything at all. That is, where the store is opened, it makes money every day. This method can still be imitated.

The operation step is to register a Amazon store, and then put this product on the shelves in batches. Learn from the copy content of other stores, and optimize the ranking of store keywords, and then find a promotion party to discuss cooperation, that is, find new channels, and then write a tutorial to set the robot to automatically respond.

The above is basically the operation idea of this store. In fact, there are many things that can be operated in this way. After all, many major platforms have the need to open members,However, the simplest way is to imitate directly.

At present, the search keyword is Quora Yanxuan. This is the only one in a treasure, and there is no one in a fish. This indicates that the competition is still very small, and it belongs to the blue ocean profiteering project.

If the copy is directly copied, the copy content of this store can also be directly put on the shelves of a fish, and then find a new channel, and change the invitation code of copywriting course into your own, then you can operate it.

The operation principle is like this. Partners with experience in this field can imitate the operation, but there are still many problems in the operation process. It is the most difficult to solve these problems,This is also the main reason why many people cannot earn money.

In fact, as long as we search for many problems, there are answers. There must be someone who meets the same problem as you before. Just go to find someone else’s solution. The above is today’s sharing. I hope you canHelped.

Use low price to send members, and earn 150000 monthly operation cases!


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