Social networking sites sell learning materials, and passively sell orders for 2W


What is the most basic money making logic for all dazzling projects and endless money making games? It is a large, continuous and accurate flow.

Social networking sites sell learning materials, and passively sell orders for 2W

I believe many people want to do more sidelines and increase their income through the Internet in their spare timeSpeak with confidence.

Recently, my cousin complained to me that the live broadcast is not easy now. In the first half of the year, more than 20 anchors with a base salary of 8000 were recruited and all of them were sent home. Now she has played live broadcast herself.

So there is nothing simple in life. There are many ways to make money, but you should also have eyes good at discovery. Don’t paintTo confine one’s thinking.

I’m making brushesSocial networking sitesIn the process of, it is observed that someone is selling materials to make money. This is to create long tail traffic, which is longer than those short-term ones like facial expressions and head portraits.

Similarly, Tiktok took the course of nine point nine, which was included in all the comments of knowledge bloggers. It didn’t say you didn’tWell known.


Last week, my cousin, who was in college, told me that she thought her math performance was very poor, and asked me if I could help him prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination.

I refused directly. Time has passed so long and I have forgotten all about it. Isn’t it hard for me? I said you can’t listen to your teacher carefully. She said noI like math teachers, but I can’t contact them after the class is over.

I said you should do some real questions yourself. Basically, the annual postgraduate entrance examination questions in major universities are always the same. As long as you do well in the past years, there is generally no problem and you can get a normal high score.

She usually likes to brushSocial networking sites, paying attention to some problems in the postgraduate entrance examinationThe contact information of a blogger is added when you see the sharing of test questions.

They did give her free materials, but they are not complete. If you want to complete the album, you need to give the other person a 9.9 red envelope. They will also draw you into the review clock group to supervise and cheer together.

9.9$Not much. My cousin got an encrypted compressed packet, all of them are PDF documents, but all of them are watermarked, with the website of automatic card issuing.


I went to other video platforms to search the corresponding keywords, and found that there are similar accounts. There are also many Quora accounts, and the liquidation mode is similar.

I also paid 9.9 to enter a QQ group of 500 people, and the number isThe XX19 group indicates that nearly 10000 people have completed the transaction, and the minimum amount to be realized is about 10 W.

Summarize the project mode process:

Sorting and collecting data – making video drainage – customer service consulting services – automatic conversion and realization

All the materials they use can be bought on the Internet. After being marked with their own watermarks, they can be sold for countless timesFission and drainage are still going on.

Go directly to Amazon, Pinduoduo, dozens$Money can fill your online disk.

You can use software to make videos, and then use many accounts to send them in batches, leaving lures for drainage, which is convenient for back-end conversion.

Some people may ask for advice if they have problems, and some people may directly place an orderGo to the card issuing network to place an order.


I believe that selling materials in this project is just a kind of income. Maybe they will cooperate with institutions for postgraduate entrance examination training and education promotion to attract advertising. For services such as education promotion, the customer price is particularly high. Usually, they can print advertisements on the short video platform, so they are very willing to investMoney.

This project is relatively easy, data collection is relatively simple, and video membership fees take time. In addition, it requires a large number of short video platform accounts. However, it is purely a brainless way to move bricks through the Internet. The investment cost is relatively low, and it depends on long-term persistence.

Well done, the income is completely passive. You can pay automatically. The longer it takesThe larger the amount, the more money you can earn. The project will not be old, and you can always do it. There are many fields of selling materials. For students, there are postgraduate entrance examination, CET-4/CET-6, accounting, computer and other industries, so the market is very large.

It’s easy to understand how to play, but few people are willing to do it in a down-to-earth wayDon’t think that everything is competitive. Everyone has the idea of making money. Not many people are willing to bear hardships.

It’s a little difficult to achieve the goal of entering 10W per month. This project has been completed, and entering 2W per month is very simple!

Social networking sites sell learning materials, and passively sell orders for 2W


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