Is it true that a part-time intermediary project can earn 1000 per day for novice operators?


Many college students leave their families and come to a new environment,

Is it true that a part-time intermediary project can earn 1000 per day for novice operators?

Or eager to prove their worth, or want to reduce the burden on their families,

Some of them will learn,

Looking for part-time jobs to earn living expenses,

This behavior has also been supported by public opinion.

Today, I will open my mind for you,

Introduce a moneymakerProject:

Working as a part-time intermediary to earn service fees,

As long as you master the skills and processes,

Even novices can operate 1000 per day,

Interested friends, come and watch!

First of all, let me tell you a real case. I know a student from a normal school who is very intelligent. We all know thatMost of the students in the normal school will get the teacher’s qualification certificate in the schoolA part-time website connecting students and part-time teachers has been created to introduce part-time jobs.

Because most of the tutoring is daily settled, the general class hours are between 120-150, and the tuition for the whole course is one higherSo this part-time website is very popular. Through this move, he became an entrepreneurial expert in the school’s online earnings. By the time he graduated from his senior year, he evenTeaching the game of the project through investment invitation,With an income of more than 200000 dollars, his university part-time network alone has nearly 40 franchisees.

By randomly searching for keywords,You can easily find many part-time groups, of course, these part-time groups also have a threshold, generally between 0.5 and 1.5. Today we will analyze how these part-time groups work.

How to drain

In fact, the method is very simple,By QQ group ranking and natural flow, by the university classification of the post barPost in the barYou can find a large number of students who are willing to work part-time.

It can be divided by provinces. Each province has at least 5 universities. You can post in the post bar according to the actual situation.

For example, the part-time group of XX University is easy to attract students from this university to find part-time jobs. More than 30 provinces nationwide canTo accumulate accurate QQ groups of nearly 200 universities.

How to dock

Many people will not understand how to provide services for so many people and how to bring satisfactory part-time jobs to everyone? This problem is not difficult to solve,You can easily find many businesses that need part-time work directly from the local classified information network.

stayIn the classified information network, businesses have a great demand for part-time jobs. As long as they collate part-time information every day and send it to the QQ group, they can get a good response.

When you see this, some people may say that you can directly go to the People’s Daily Online or other classification platforms. There is a problem of poor information. Most peopleWe can’t find so many channels, or we don’t want to find them. Many people are passive part-time, such as tutoring, financial accounting, graphic design, etc. in various cities, which are good part-time projects and are favored by students, but what is lacking is access to students.

In society,Information asymmetry will always exist,Whether recruitmentParty is also the applicant, soAs long as the information gap is well understood, it is not difficult to make money.

Ways to make money

1. In order to attract people, many part-time groups have zero threshold fees. However, I suggest that in the early stage of development, there should be zero threshold fees. After certain resources are available, we must charge fees, even if only 1$, thisOn the contrary, it is easier for people to have a sense of trust. After all, everyone now understands that free is the most expensive!

2. Collect commission from the intermediary, which is the largest part of the intermediary profits. Let’s settle the account together: if you take a part-time job, your salary is 15%$/You pay the students 12 hours$/Hour, working daySix hours, you can earn 18% from one student$That 100 students, you can earn 1800 a day$


From the above introduction, we can see that the operation of the whole project is very simple. Add as many people as possible to form groups, then go to various classification platforms to collect and sort out part-time information, and then send it to groups for largeHome selection! It is so simple that even novices can learn it easily. As long as they stick to the implementation and make good use of the students’ resources, they will certainly make a lot of money!

That’s all for this article

Is it true that a part-time intermediary project can earn 1000 per day for novice operators?


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