makes a profit :sells notes for 3 days and earns 6000 . Share the idea of zero cost project .


Today, we are going to break up a business with huge profits. The operation core is very simple. For the project that is easy for novices to access, no matter what industry you are in, you can start with this project first. You don’t need contacts or strong skills to operate. A news about selling Xueba Notes has been brushed a while ago, and the income is still quite large.

So I was thinking about how to explore the greater business opportunities behind, and what opportunities to make money, and the methods and techniques to detect the business opportunities behind, so that we won’t miss the opportunities again. I hope you don’t miss the methods, which will cultivate your business awareness and network sense.

Step 1: Judge the truth

1. Is it true to search something through the search platform? This so and so is what we need to check. In this step, more than 90% of false information can be inserted.

2. You can check the recent search popularity, crowd and other content of this information through the data platform to determine whether this demand really exists. In this step, you can delete the remaining 10% of the false information.

Step 2. Verify whether it is easy to make money on different platforms

Now all open platforms can be classified into four categories: graphic, video, text and audio. These four types of platforms are the favorite places for promotion and marketing. There are some blogs and red books in graphic and text, short videos and medium videos in video, and more Himalayas and lychee FM in audio when there are some text platforms,

These platforms are open platforms, and anyone can post content on them, which can be seen or found. Therefore, there are so many marketing people leading customers on them, and we can verify whether they have any information on them through these platforms.

Step 3: Verification

The following figure shows various notes from SNS’s screenshot search of Xueba’s notes. The number of likes is high, indicating that there is a demand. The second picture is the following comment. We can also see that there are many people who want this kind of information, and they look at their avatars and names. Women account for a relatively high proportion, and their consumption capacity is sufficient, indicating that there is demand. Therefore, we can judge that the whole logical information is OK.

Step 4: Find products

Now it is particularly easy to find products. When looking for information on a treasure, the monthly sales are very high, and the unit price varies from 10 to 50. We calculate the minimum monthly guarantee price as 2000, and this is just one of his products. So it is particularly easy to find products, and buy one directly. When the time comes, it is zero cost to sell more or less copies, which is called “one cost, one profit”.

After the whole logic is disassembled, the above logic can be used to sell no matter what industry you are working in, such as accounting, management and computer. Resources you have, such as financial notes, management notes, and computer notes, can be done in this way.

So what we need to do is to see how peers send content, how to write a copy, how to guide customers to conclude a deal, and how to package the circle of friends. We can imitate 1: 1, and then go beyond, and the results are not bad.

It is more to teach people how to judge the truth and falsehood through a piece of information, and to explore the business opportunities behind them, as well as to find the direction or industry they can do from the business opportunities. This thinking and method is very important. Opportunities do not come to you, only people look for opportunities.

It is often said that opportunity and luck are around us. Only when we master this set of logic can we really grasp opportunities and luck in our hands, rather than let it go in vain.

makes a profit :sells notes for 3 days and earns 6000 . Share the idea of zero cost project .


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