Foreign information difference earning (foreign information difference earning USD project


Now the Internet is developing very rapidly, which has brought a lot of convenience to everyone. You can accomplish many things without leaving home. Of course, the most important thing is that the development of the Internet has given many ordinary people more opportunities to make money.

Foreign information difference earning (foreign information difference earning USD project

However, many people do not realize that some websites that can be seen everywhere on the Internet can become tools for us to earn money. At the same time, because of different environments, we can not only operate in China, but also make dollars through overseas platforms.

Today, Ni Yeming’s Entrepreneurial Studio shares a project to earn dollars through information gap. As long as you make good use of these platforms, you can earn dozens of dollars each time.

Step 1Open the platform colour, which is a very powerful AI colouring website for black-and-white photos abroad. Its function is to automatically colour some black-and-white photos before, making some old photos look more vivid.

This platform is completely free, and there is no limit on the number. As long as you upload photos to this website, you can let AI automatically help you fill in colors.

At present, more than 100000 users visit this website every month, which is enough to prove that many people want to color the old black and white photos, so that they can enjoy the surrounding environment and colors at that time.

The second platform is remove, which is a foreign AI automatic matting website and also a powerful photo processing website. It can retain all the people and objects you want to keep in the photos and remove the background.

This platform is a very well-known tool platform, which is used by more than 40 million users every month. It is conceivable that the user demand is very high.

This is the tool platform that will be used in this period. Of course, you can also use this method to find more related platforms. The more you find, the more dollars you can earn through these platforms. These must be proportional.

Step 2Selling services, whether black and white photos and color filling, or cutouts, can be sold as services, because not everyone will know about these platforms, but there must be many users who need them. So we can go to the freelancer platform abroad to sell the business of photo coloring or matting.

At present, the most famous freelance platform abroad, fiverr, is our preferred platform. After all, this platform is one of the best in terms of popularity and user volume.

Today, we will introduce another platform, peopleperhour, which is also a foreign freelancer platform like fiverr. Here we can sell services together with fiverr.

At present, this platform ranks 27187 in the world. Although it is very backward compared with fiverr, it is a British platform and its users are mostly people in Europe, so we can promote our business in North America and Europe at the same time.

We can search for “cutout” on peopleperhour, so we can see that these cutout businesses can be sold at a price of $10-30, and it only takes us a few minutes to earn tens of dollars.

Then we need to register an account on this platform. First, click “Freelancer” at the top right of the home page.

After entering, we click “Want to be a freelancer” and choose the registration method. Here, we directly choose email to register.

Then we need to fill in our name, email address and password, and finally click to register.

At this time, we will receive an email confirming the activation. Just click Activate to enter the website background.

Finally, we fill in our personal information according to the prompts. If we don’t know how to fill in, we can directly use some information from the same industry to modify it slightly.

After registration, you can publish services on these platforms. The commodity settings here are no longer repeated. They are basically very similar to the platform of fiverr. Just follow the system prompts to fill in. If there is information that you cannot fill in, you can directly fill in according to the template of the same industry.

As long as users place orders, they can communicate with each other. Even if they do not understand English, they can also use Google Translate or Google Translate to translate. Basically, barrier free communication can be achieved.

Of course, you can also follow this idea to open service online stores on multiple platforms, so that you can receive multiple orders on different platforms at the same time, and the revenue can be doubled.

Foreign information difference earning (foreign information difference earning USD project


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