Making Money Online Abroad: A simple but lucrative project to sell gift cards on Amazon.


In the middle of last year, I did a small project, relatively small, originally I did not care much about this kind of project, but a brother kept saying, so I used to play casually.

I earned more than 50,000 dollars in less than two weeks. Because I was free during that period, I worked in the company in my spare time.

It’s known as the scalping business, and you can make more money around the holidays.

So where is my profit point? What I’ve been selling in the last year is basically gift cards and things like that, taking them back from other people for below market value and reselling them through some channel

Get out. That’s how you make the midpoint.

I want to emphasize here that what I do is not a domestic consumption card. As we all know, the domestic card is basically a gift, not to buy, not to buy, and that kind of goods like Moutai, I specialize in foreign gift cards here.

As you all know, I used to work on a paragraph

Foreign cps are very familiar with their commission system. If you have used credit cards to buy goods on Amazon, you should know that you do not need to enter the password.

We just input the number on the back of the card to swipe the card directly, and foreign cards are not single, very

Various, such as we are familiar with Walmart card, Green Dot, ECO, PP money card and so on.

In China, RT-Mart shopping cards and so on need to be bought from specific places, and are all officially owned. However, this is not the case in foreign countries, where these cards are sold in small convenience stores.

According to the

The whole recycling process is like this. I estimate that in the off-season, we can make almost 800 or 800 dollars a day. If we put it in the peak season, we can make ten thousand dollars every day



Let me tell you a little bit about how I flipped when I was doing this project. Okay?


The process of collecting a charge card

I used to talk about the way to find resources, especially some more difficult resources, by a treasure shield, Google shield, we can find from the QQ group.

Search for the corresponding keywords and join the group after finding them. Generally, if this kind of group is blocked, directly find the main group docking, if

Have not been blocked by others, directly in the group of mass advertising, a little every day, naturally there will be customers looking for.

Take this paypal wallet:

As for where they get these cards, the first is their own cards, the second is the overseas Chinese received from foreigners, the third is the empty card fraud.

In fact, this virtual interchange

Easy to cheat or a lot of, on the basis of a certain trial and error, generally will not easily change the buyer and seller, because the trust cost of both sides are very big.

2. How to sell cards

In my early days, I had about twenty or thirty thousand dollars worth of cards, all of which went out through paypal, which is the foreign exchange platform paypal

But then I realized that selling these cards on Amazon really smells good.

During the two weeks or so when I was in business, I bought about 10 Amazon accounts, and each account earned hundreds of dollars a day, making back the account cost in a wave.

3. Risk problem

About the risk of doing a project, here

Let me emphasize to you again that there is no risk-free project. It is mainly a question of how the project side defines and how to do it.

The biggest risk here is the purchase of empty cards and the issue of Amazon’s closure. Although this scalping business is very good in foreign countries, Amazon platform is also constantly suppressing it.

Put the card

After they get it, because they are facing foreign convenience store customers or a lower level of card collection intermediary, there will be a lot of routines waiting for them.

Interested friends of this project can study it by themselves, requires a certain fq, scalping itself is not any illegal place, but if you receive the card to come

If not, you need to weigh it.

4. Reflections

Making money is a difficult thing for many people, especially if they want to make money online, many people can’t seem to find a way to sum up, it is a collection channel plus a source of traffic (or product), often sometimes we ignore the most

Is the essential way to make money.

It is never difficult to make money. Observe more and ask more. Find the entry point of the market from an Angle and then constantly seek to enlarge it.

Making Money Online Abroad: A simple but lucrative project to sell gift cards on Amazon.


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