A huge profit of 30,000 dollars a day, 99% of this operation can’t imagine


This year’s May Day is also a sea of people, the highway showed a veritable clogged city.

After all, the double temptation of the May Day holiday and free highway passes makes many people want to take advantage of this opportunity to go out. I was no exception. I gave myself a holiday to visit the Internet mogul I had already arranged.

Although a lot of people are in transition

But in my knowledge, since the beginning of 17 years to now, this big man, just do one thing, that is to operate the public account.

Public number, no stranger, anyone can casually say a lot of nouns, what perpendicularity, what viscosity, said in the clouds, but for the specific meaning is still full of confusion.

Under the

On the highway, the big guy picked me up at the highway junction, exchanged pleasantries, got on the car and went straight to the office.

There are not many people in the office. Four or five people are updating the content of the public account. I looked closely and found that one person was in charge of about 15 public accounts, reprinting various articles.

The boss said, May Day did not rest

, a total of 9 people in the office, take turns off. Make sure the day is better.

After all, there’s less money to be made if you don’t update.

I mean, everybody’s worried about traffic, and it looks like you’re not lacking it.

He said, I don’t do what you do, which is verticality, precision, high profitability. I’m just going to say one thing, it’s traffic, it’s

Just bring it in and turn it slowly. That’s what you call panning.

However, a pan powder can bring me a profit of about 10 dollars at least. I think it’s enough. At present, more than 100 numbers average down to a person to master ten, more than 100 numbers a day to cash 30,000 dollars.

I said, well, you’re good, one

Millions of dollars a year. He said, “There are also costs, but once you make a profit, in a very short period of time, you can offset the costs. After that, you have only the labor and water costs, and overall, it’s not bad.”

Out of curiosity, and after a bit of a project exchange, I asked if I could tell you a little bit about how you play drainage. because

He has been doing free traffic, he says is very simple, is the use of human traffic.

Most people, they like white prostitutes, they don’t pay. OK, I can get you what you want without paying, but with a little twist. For example, new movies, TV shows, the best way to kill time.

There is the melon people, always like to spy on the truth of things, trying to find a sense of balance in life, for example, a female star XX what happened, instantly can be hot search, this can be the most popular content of the melon people, because the feeling is great. Even subversive things will always cause a crowd to chase


These flows are fully automatic large flow, and the heat level will snowball. If you plan ahead, you can harvest that flow.

Just like the five first movie, the search volume is good every day, and everyone has the recognition of the relevant stars. Some will go to the cinema to see the movie no matter whether it is good or bad, as a support for me

Yes. However, some people don’t go to the theater at all and look for free resources online, so just give them to him.

There is a lot of content like this, as long as you are concerned about the content, we basically try to cover, so that others can find us.

I asked, some of the keywords, the main keywords, are mainstream platforms

Hogging the home page, how do you rub the traffic?

Very simple, high heat auxiliary keywords. For example, free viewing, 100 web disk, such as, will be added in the search drop-down box, this traffic is quite large. Especially the high weight platform, most can be ranked in the position of one, two, three.

I said, where do you use it a lot

Some high-weight platforms?

Our commonly used platform, micro blog, high weight soft text platform, forum, post bar. That’s basically it.

As long as the keywords piled up, basically can search the probability is very high. We usually just a movie, do three or four links, basically a movie play climax in the past, comprehensive rise

The powder is around 3000-5000.

It was pretty good. If we calculate the growth rate by month, basically more than 100 interrelated accounts, the growth rate is about 100,000. There are a lot of movies that come out every month, and there are some old movies that we don’t cover, and we’ll do it as long as there’s traffic,

To cover.

I said, do you really have the resources? Are you not afraid of infringement?

There are no resources.

We do not do resources, and do resources of high risk, but also easy to infringement. Therefore, our resources are linked to other people’s websites, equivalent to a disguised form to bring traffic to others. No one even knows about me

Who are we? If the website is reversed, just change the link, which greatly reduces the cost.

Hearing this dirty operation, I immediately understood something. Question: How do you make a profit?

He said, by the game, by advertising, sometimes hang a small program, the effect is also very good. Like the fortune-telling template we bought for a couple hundred bucks, January

It could bring in $30,000 in revenue.

Indeed, in the large flow of the plus hold, docking small procedures, can indeed realize a lot.

I said, that you said a pan powder can realize 10 dollars, how to operate.

He said it was actually very simple, back and forth to pour the powder, each public account is an individual, pour a powder, a new public

Number, at least have the popularity. When you have popularity, you can put ads.

Come in to guide the attention of the new public number, the menu bar is the game, click the authorization, you can earn a few dollars. Of course, there’s also content monetization, which is why we keep doing more.

Every single day, we use up all of our posts.

The base

The book should be mixed with 2-3 ads or so.

I asked, how do you take orders for these ads?

There is no shortage of advertisements. There is an active contact, no active contact, from the reception platform to find. Basically, a click is about 50 cents.

A public account with about 2000 views will be interspersed with 2-3 advertisements.

How much can you guess?

I also did not calculate, with his matrix I believe, at least in a day around 200-300 income. Exposure is money.

At this point, the process is basically clear, but now they’re doing it more easily because they’re finding traffic growth and monetizing

Method, the rest is just repeated, for many people who want to get into the field, there are many ways to go.

In any industry, in any project, the longer you do it, the more you can find ways to get a revenue blowout.

A huge profit of 30,000 dollars a day, 99% of this operation can’t imagine


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