Revealed the Amazon online arbitrage project, the investment is not high, capital turnover is fast, low risk!


Some fans were asking if they could talk about Amazon, and a top 10 fan business opportunity rushed to give them what they wanted.

There are thousands of genuine and fake Amazon projects out there, but most turn out to be mixed and mixed. Not to mention whether these can make you money, more in the name of training to cheat you money. So I’m here to warn you not to trust the training that teaches you how to make a lot of money doing cross-border e-commerce without someone you know well to get you started.

Today, I found a good model for beginners to get into Amazon and share it with you. Whether you’re familiar with Amazon or not, there are a few things you can learn from it.

This mode is arbitrary mode,

Commonly known as arbitrage model

Generally speaking, it means to buy discounted or low-price products from shopping malls and then sell them on Amazon to earn the price difference. In other words, scalping is to do scalping.

For beginners, if they want to build Amazon, it is really easy to start from arbitrage, with low investment, fast capital turnover and low risk. As long as they can use 2-3 tools and learn how to read Amazon data and sales volume, they can get started.

I’m going to show you how to do this project.

01 Amazon business model

First of all, before starting, we must have a general understanding of the business model of Amazon platform, so as to help us better carry out the project.

So far, there are five most profitable business models on Amazon (a seller may choose more than one model at a time) :

Private label (China’s boutique model) – 65%

wholesale — 26%

Retail Arbitrage — 32%

online Arbitrage — 22%

Inventions (own handicraft, fine products, etc.) — 13%

As can be seen from the above proportion, private brand is the most common mode. More than 70% of the sellers have developed their own brands, and most Chinese sellers on Amazon use this mode.

In fact, the arbitrage model highlighted in this paper takes up a large proportion on Amazon platform, which means that we do not have to worry about whether it is beneficial or not.

The arbitrage model can be divided into two types, which are online and offline.

Offline arbitrage is buying a brand’s products offline at a very low price and selling them on Amazon. People who do this tend to go to big retailers like Target(the second largest retailer in the US after Walmart) and Walmart to buy the products at a discount and then resell them on Amazon for a profit.

To give you an example, the logic behind this is actually similar to that of some domestic e-commerce companies, but the competition platform has changed its position.

Below, you can see the Philips light bulb, which sells for $13.97 a day at a Home Depot building materials store.

But supermarkets sometimes offer discounts, with prices as low as $3.52. So basically, if you sell this product on Amazon, you can earn about 3-4 dollars after deducting Amazon’s commission and postage. This is the operation method of offline arbitrage.

What if you’re not in the United States or anywhere else abroad? Does that mean you can’t do this arbitrage model? Of course not. Let’s not forget that we have an online arbitrage model.

As for Amazon’s online arbitrage process, it’s also simple.

It is to buy products on the online shopping sites of major brands

Then find the Amazon FBA Prep company in the US and mail it to their warehouse. They will provide labeling service and help you mail it to the FBA warehouse of Amazon in the US and finally deliver it to the seller.

Another advantage of online arbitrage model is that we can save our own time, and most of the process can be handled through third-party service companies. In this way, we can concentrate on product selection. Compared with the offline model, it is indeed more convenient for us to operate.

The above is the so-called Amazon arbitrage model, smart friends should have understood, the so-called arbitrage, is the price spread? No, it’s just bad information.

If you’re good at spotting things around you, you’ll know

All retail businesses are poor information earners almost to the end

. If he has this information, he can find products that help him make money.

Americans are the same. Those who like to buy things from Amazon will not buy products from the official website of Walmart, nor will they want to visit the official mall of the brand. This is caused by different consumption habits. As a result, users will not be able to grasp many information differences and price differences of the same product.

In addition, it is interesting that buyers and sellers have different perspectives. As sellers, it is natural to pay attention to which stores have discounts today, which products have discounts and rebates, and even which credit cards can offer cash rebates.

Buyers, on the other hand, just want to get what they want quickly. What they see is what they want. Today’s shoppers don’t want to spend too much time and energy on choosing. As a seller, as long as we do a good job of “delivering quality and affordable products to customers” this matter, it will be profitable.

Therefore, although the arbitrage model seems to be a familiar way of playing, it still has a lot of room to play for the e-commerce environment in the United States.

How to do Amazon online arbitrage?

The key question is, how do you do online arbitrage?

Some of you may ask me, I have not lived in the United States, do not know which American websites can buy things, and do not know the vast majority of American people’s consumption habits.

None of these problems are hard to solve, sort of

The resource problem of purchasing channel of arbitrage mode


A Google search of the top 100 malls and supermarkets in the United States will definitely bring up the results you want. In addition, every major retail store and brand in the United States has its own online mall, and these online stores are also very strong sales, there is no need to worry about people to buy.

I will simply list 14 websites that can be purchased, if you want to do, can be used as a reference. As long as you have a good study, in-depth observation, what kind of supply is available.

Now let’s talk about how much revenue we can get per month if we do Amazon online arbitrage.

Amazon’s online arbitrage earns somewhere between 30% and 200% per product, and much higher,

It depends on whether you are quick and bold, but early or not recommended too radical.

For example, let’s calculate it at 50% profit.

If you want to make 10,000 dollars a month, the exchange rate will be 1,500 dollars, and you can actually buy 3,000 dollars of products to achieve this goal. If the purchase price of the product is 50 dollars per piece, then 60 pieces will be sold in a month.

In other words, if Amazon sells 60 products a month, two products a day on average, it can achieve the small goal of 10,000 dollars a month.

Selling two pieces a day, I think even if placed on Amazon store should be easy to achieve it, let alone in such a platform like Amazon.

But there are also some fees, such as software fees, Amazon handling fees, product handling fees, logistics fees, etc. These costs can be covered by selling one more product a day.

So, with three products a day and a price of $50, you can certainly achieve your goal of making 10,000 dollars a month, and the 50% profit is a conservative estimate. The actual revenue is much higher than that.

(one’s weekly sales)

On Quora, a netizen shared her experience of online arbitrage model. She initially invested $2,000, but within less than half a year, the investment of $2,000 was rolled over to $12,000, making a total profit of $10,000. That translates to a return of about 40% per month.

Over time, the netizen became more and more skilled and now earns an extra $3,000 to $5,000 a month.

So, you have to ask how much money can you make on the online arbitrage model? There’s really no one standard, but it has to do with two factors,

The first is how much you invest, and the second is how long you do it.

To be honest, there are many people in the United States who do well in the arbitrage model and turn over tens of millions of dollars a year. It’s a matter of how much money you put in, how little money you put in, whether you scale it.

Of course, if you have enough money, the self-labeling model, which is often referred to as the boutique route in China, can also be done. There are many examples of great gods selecting some products on Amazon platform, making their own brands and trademarks, and making millions of dollars a month.

However, this model is not much to say, because it is too expensive, need a good selection of products, operational experience, but also a lot of capital investment, ordinary novice Xiaogbai into the odds are not good.

In addition, once you hear about doing cross-border e-commerce on Amazon or other platforms, some people will always say that the threshold of this industry is too high, or that the English is not good. What should we do?

In fact, I think it is a good thing to have a threshold, because just a small threshold can help you eliminate more than 50% of the competition

Compared with the fierce competition in the domestic e-commerce market, it is obvious that e-commerce in Amazon may seize new business opportunities.

As for the English problem is more simple, the above bubble net income for example, she did not pass the English CET-4, English foundation can be said to be very poor, still earned the first bucket of gold.

In addition, Amazon’s background can actually be displayed in Chinese, some small words can not be translated, Google translation on the line.

To sum up, the Amazon arbitrage model really has great opportunities, and the most important thing is that it is suitable for novices who just enter the cross-border and does not require too much capital investment. For novices, it is the easiest mode to use.

So, there is no denying that cross-border e-commerce will definitely explode in the future. If you start to understand it now, it means that you are one step ahead of others. According to my personal understanding, this Amazon arbitrage model is somewhat similar to the domestic non-supply model, you see how popular it is.

03 at the end

Compared to the real economy, or a domestic platform like Tmall, Amazon is for the whole world, and its traffic is huge and easier to access. Nowadays, developed countries in Europe and the United States also have a lot of poor people, or middle class people, they actually like the products from China, because they are cheap and easy to use.

We do a good job in the page, arrange good keywords, optimize good content, you can wait for the flow of their own door. This principle, with Amazon and other domestic e-commerce is the same.

Therefore, for now, Amazon is still a good platform to do cross-border e-commerce. In addition to the huge flow, everything is very mature, as long as familiar with the operation, according to the rules of play, money is sooner or later.

Of course, every other line is like a mountain, if I just say that, you will, you will be proficient, then you are not ordinary people, you should be extremely smart. Therefore, this case is not meant to teach you to do Amazon by hand, but to inspire you to think about whether you are suitable to do it and whether you should take this business opportunity.

I always say, whatever you want to do, you go where you want to go. I am able to write about cross-border e-commerce because I am surrounded by a group of people who are doing it and are not doing it. Therefore, I think Amazon and even some other platforms, such as eBay, wish, Alibaba International Site, and the recently popular Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Shopee, these cross-border e-commerce platforms have great opportunities in the next five to ten years. Entering now, it is not difficult to make money.

360 lines, lines have opportunities, want to enter the line is very simple, want to do is not easy, and line and cherish.

Well, that’s all for sharing

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Revealed the Amazon online arbitrage project, the investment is not high, capital turnover is fast, low risk!

Revealed the Amazon online arbitrage project, the investment is not high, capital turnover is fast, low risk!


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