Share four quick money making projects, single number monthly income of 3000 +, zero cost novice can operate


Recently, when I was playing with the new media matrix, I found that there is an inexhaustible supply of business opportunities.

Only hate a lot of gameplay, did not go in well, of course, it is not too late to start now.

Here, take the local number as an example to share the business opportunities of local we media:

1. Local information public account

This section has been shared in detail before, from how to suck the powder to how to monetize it, here’s a quick review.

Do local information public number, the first name can be city name + new.

On the public account, the content shared every day is some news content that local residents are more concerned about. General people are very interested in things around, this aspect of the public number open rate is very high.

In terms of attracting fans, we can mainly use the mode of sending small gifts at the door of the supermarket. Those who come to receive small gifts should send a group of wechat friends and publicize them in the circle of friends.

The cost of two or three dollars can send one or two hundred people at a time. The cost of powder absorption is very low. The back end monetizes this, the first is the traffic master revenue, every day.

The second is to take advertisements, when you have read thousands of advertisements, one advertisement thousands, a month to take four or five advertisements, earn four or five thousand dollars, much better than the average office worker.

The source of the content of the public number is also simple, on the one hand is their own mining, the people and things around; On the other hand, directly from the local peer public account to search for information, or from the local news platform to search for information, just collate.

Mainly early fans rose, the content operation is very simple, and are all around the people concerned about the topic, so the local forwarding rate is also very high.

Especially for the physical store owner, do a local public number is very significant, not only sideline will bring a lot of additional benefits, and your shop is the local business.

They often advertise on the above, also do not pay for your offline shop, a steady stream of income.

2. Local public account of eating, drinking and playing

Do a local eat, drink and play public number, the back-end of the cash ability is very strong, because compared with the information number, fans love to eat, drink and play, consumption desire is stronger.

The name can be taken from the city name + Eat, drink and play, such as: Wuhan eat, drink and play, Shenzhen, etc.

Then, every day, share the best places to eat, drink, or eat in your local area.

Content on the one hand is to go to Meituan and other group purchase software, search to see, which store score is very high, as a foodie, can be their own reconnaissance, and write the recommendation copy.

On the other hand, you can also pay more attention to the content of peers. The newly opened local shops make money online, and then integrate the information they share about eating, drinking and playing games into daily tweets.

The method of powder absorption, in addition to the above local gift fission, can also find shop cooperation.

I will give you free publicity, you help my circle of friends free forwarding, and recommend to some dinner guests.

Later, after the number of fans is high, I have a certain influence. There will be a lot of local businesses to come to me every day. Please help to publicize it.

Especially the opening of the new store, they are in urgent need of a wave of publicity in the local, hope that their store, can quickly become a network celebrity shop, business is hot.

The daily share of the public number of places to eat, drink and play, most of the time, you can not tell this is the author received money or confiscated money.

Read the article fans, are for consumption, to see where the local money can buy enjoyment.

3. Local real estate information public account

Housing price is a topic that Chinese people are most concerned about, and to make a local real estate information public account, the user group is very large.

People who haven’t bought a house, they’re looking at the house price, when they can buy a house.

The people who bought the house, will pay attention to the price of their own to buy a loss or gain, when can you get a set.

There are a lot of people who care about local housing prices. To do a local real estate information public number, the back-end income is very considerable.

Here we focus on the real estate public number, front end how to attract powder, back end how to cash.

The first is to attract fans, we need to know who the circle of friends most concerned about buying information, of course, is the real estate agent or real estate consultant.

In the early stage, when we had no fans, we first went to Anjuke, Lianjia and other real estate information websites, leaving their own house selling or buying information.

Within two hours, you’ll be contacted by a steady stream of real estate agents.

After they add you, explain to them directly, give them a red envelope bubble net earn, let them help forward the circle of friends, help you to promote.

When you have a little fans, then open the mutual push mode, the same is to find these real estate agents, you use the public number or circle of friends to help them promote, they use circle of friends to help you promote.

Find at least one real estate agent to push each other every day, and soon you’ll have an order of magnitude more followers.

Next we continue to upgrade mutual push, that is to find local other various information number mutual push, such as local information number, local eat, drink and play number, local other counterparts of the real estate public number.

Through mutual push, and can quickly use the momentum of marketing powder. When you’ve read thousands or even tens of thousands of books, there’s a lot of money to be made on the back end.

The most stupid, is to pick up advertising, local developers, they will take the initiative to find you put soft.

According to a dollar a reading, if you can do a local real estate number over ten thousand reading, then an advertisement charges tens of thousands of dollars, a month after a few advertisements, can also earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Of course, this is only the most elementary, back-end we can also find developers to cooperate, as an intermediary, recommend a successful suite, commission N million.

Or directly cooperate with real estate agents, have a large number of local customers to buy a house, recommend customers to the intermediary, and then according to the result of the transaction to negotiate a good share on the line.

If you do this full-time, we can take it a step further and create a personal IP.

Specialized to buy the customer, provide consulting services, sell novice buy investment class, build a house investment community, can be the user value, and then magnify more than ten times.

4. Short videos of local store exploration

Now do Tiktok, play local shop accounts are very popular.

Take Shenzhen as an example: Take you to eat Shenzhen, take you to hi Shenzhen, take you to play Shenzhen, these accounts, the number of fans between 300,000 to 600,000.

A video advertisement of more than ten seconds, the number of fans is low 5000 a, high 12000 a.

There is a company, specializing in local shop type matrix number, very popular, now the monthly net income is more than one hundred thousand.

Play, here only recommend a second-tier city to play, if you are in a small county then bubble net to earn, have a good study of the standard of living of local residents.

The more people the more prosperous the city, the more the local shop number market.

This project is suitable for team operation. It should be completed by at least two people, one for filming and one for narrating.

Two to four people in a team. That’s enough for this project.

In the early stage of our account in the absence of fans, first find the local quality business cooperation, to give him free food, drink and play video publicity.

Wait for you to a certain level of fans, in the local influence, then there will be a lot of business owners attracted to the name, hope to be able to put advertising on your account.

This area is actually quite profitable selling advertising, if you want to further tap into the local market, then it is a combination of training and agent operation play.

The current situation of the offline boss, in recent years almost year by year miserable, this year’s epidemic directly cliff type miserable.

They urgently need to change the status quo, the status quo short video is so popular, in addition to do their own, you can also give them TikTok generation operation, short video training.

They are all Gawker order businesses. Many of these offline bosses cannot keep up with The Times. Facing new things, they are eager to change.

Recently, I mainly focus on the new media matrix in the financial field in the bubble net to earn, more and more taste the sweetness of this inside, such as the current field on the right track, the above local projects, will also go to the key layout.

Now that the pattern has matured, all that remains is how to replicate and scale it up.

And finally:

On the specific novice how to play the local number project, low threshold can also enter more than ten thousand a month, I specially wrote a high value project practical operation tutorial.

Outside someone charges more than one thousand, the New Year is coming, in order to help you at the end of the year can also have the opportunity to earn wave money home, here is free to everyone!

Share four quick money making projects, single number monthly income of 3000 +, zero cost novice can operate

Share four quick money making projects, single number monthly income of 3000 +, zero cost novice can operate


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