How does Weibo Amoy customer project operate? Create after sleep income, Weibo Amoy customer gameplay analysis


How does Weibo Amoy customer project operate? Create after sleep income, Weibo Amoy customer gameplay analysis

There are many ways to do Amazon. In addition to wechat, Weibo is also the focus of traffic. Different from wechat’s closed social communication, Weibo has a larger coverage of traffic, which can not only become a tool for attracting powder and drainage, but also become a tool for making money.

How does Weibo Amoy customer project operate?

The so-called Weibo Tao customer is a marketing number that sends coupons and links to Amazon and Jingdong products on Weibo to earn CPS promotion commission.

Before entering a project, do your research on similar projects.

For example, this account was registered on April 14, 2016. By July this year, it had sent a total of 490,000 microblogs.

Take the number of 490,000 pieces and divide by (4 years *365) = 337 pieces per day. After 4 years of registration, he posted an average of 337 tweets per day, or 14 tweets per hour.

If it is not driven by interests, I am afraid no one can have such a strong willpower to bubble net income, do so “never egoistic, dedicated to the people” thing, which how much profiteering, can be imagined.

1. Account packaging

(1) Microblog names should be as interesting as possible to make people want to follow, such as wool, cabbage and so on. You can also apply for V certification. The verified microblog is more grounded and has better drainage.

(2) contain the keywords in the introduction, such as economical, 媷 wool, share tips.

(3) Exquisite copy, a combination of long and short pictures, follow the trend, and give priority to releasing Internet celebrity products.

Second, how to obtain the content published by Tao customers on Weibo

1. Search “Ali Mom” on Google and register your account.

2, enter the [Amazon alliance], first in the promotion management, choose the traffic promotion position, there are three situations to choose.

(1) Self-owned platform:

Corresponding positions are completely self-owned and controllable, and can be operated independently on this position to carry out e-commerce promotion, such as websites, apps, small programs, etc.

(2) Other party’s platform:

In other platforms, they have their own accounts that can be managed and operated, and carry out e-commerce promotion in accordance with the regulations of corresponding platforms, such as social platforms like wechat and QQ, or content platforms like Weibo and TikTok.

(3) No self-owned positions:

In particular, it means that there is no self-management position, and it only directly promotes official pages/modules and other materials through flow purchasing.

According to their own situation to choose, according to the requirements of the information can be filled in.

3, select the traffic platform, click I want to promote, then search for products, select the product click immediately promotion.

You can see the advertising slogan, and there will be graphic promotion information after the selection, as shown in the figure below:

Copywriting materials have short links, Amoy password, long links, two-dimensional code, generally choose short links for promotion.

3. How to publish microblog regularly

Copy the copy, edit the content into Weibo to Pipi time machine release bubble net earn, set in the future a minute by Pipi time machine automatically sent.

It is suggested to add similar words in the copy: recommend high commission goods, but also affordable, cheaper than Amazon.

In this way, when some fans read your Weibo, they like the product or buy it cheaply, and you can get commission from it.

What does Weibo Amoy customer play?

1. Make use of micro-blog window to Amoy customers

Operation method: In the window of Weibo Tao customer selection application, individuals up to 5000 fans can apply for content guide, institutions need to complete the certification and have 3 accounts up to 5000 fans to apply for the opening of content guide permission.

This method can not only earn Amazon customer commission, if there are sales, but also earn micro blog micro e-commerce expert subsidies, thousands of dollars is no problem.

The Amazon customer link to fill in the micro blog window description box, the premise of the “micro e-commerce master certification” through.

These basic work after a good job, began to push the product bubble net to earn, according to everyone’s reaction, not good to change.

According to different types of products, appropriate to add some hot topics, or @some industry size, when others search large Weibo, your Weibo will have the opportunity to show.

2, cabbage welfare micro blog gameplay

At present, there are many Weibo Amazon customers in the way of cabbage welfare and other special products to do, this is not only to earn commission, generally is the business cooperation, in the form of fees to do, so as to make more money.

Post some products to Weibo every day, either directly or in the form of coupons.

Weibo Amoy customer drainage ideas

No matter how to make money, it is necessary to have their own traffic, Weibo Amazon customers rely on their own traffic to make money.

1. Automatic drainage recovery

When you register your microblog, you can set up an automatic reply to your microblog, so that every new user can get a push message when they follow you, for drainage marketing. Such as: implant website, keywords, public number, wechat and other contact information.

2. Comment drainage

You can comment on popular movies, novels, books, music, etc., for sound drainage. You can make short comments or write long comments. It is best to be a certified user.

3. Drainage of Weibo headlines

The release of headline articles for search engines to include the effect is very good, but also for the search keywords in Weibo can get better exposure effect. If the content is good, you may be featured by officials, and you can also see the entry to the top story in the Discover column. As a we-media platform, Weibo Toutiao can leave its own brand identity or copyright ownership, or contact information, official account, wechat, etc.

4. Paid drainage

According to your own needs for the type of fans, find the corresponding big V cooperation, let them recommend you, follow your microblog, after the recommendation you interact with his fans, guide them to follow your microblog.

For example, make some lucky draw activities, follow your micro blog can participate in the bubble net to earn money, and often interact with big V people trust him more, this method is simple but the most effective, the only disadvantage is that the cost is relatively expensive.

5. Short video drainage

Marketing through short videos on Weibo is better in communication, especially if you upload them yourself, the author will still be you after being forwarded by others. It is suggested to implant your own brand and public account and contact information in the video.

In order to really do a good job of Amoy customers, only every detail to do, in order to realize the dream of 100000 a month.

How does Weibo Amoy customer project operate? Create after sleep income, Weibo Amoy customer gameplay analysis


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