The use of Douban to create a group to achieve automatic income, automatic money to understand the small sideline!


The use of Douban to create a group to achieve automatic income, automatic money to understand the small sideline!

In fact, since everyone came into contact with the Internet until now, there are countless projects, such as e-commerce, Amazon, we media and so on.

So many projects support a large number of online professionals, and even single-handedly achieve a lot of millionaires and multimillionaires, this is not worth thinking about the principle behind?

Some people say that the dividend brings the tuyere, yes, the era has developed to the present, of course, there are many tuyere industry, as long as the entry is very easy to earn money, but there are also many need to precipitate.

I have been saying that 10 ways of drainage X10 cash channels =100 money making projects, this is the principle of doing projects, as long as there is a source of traffic, there is a cash way is a good project can be practical operation.

So today to tell you about this small sideline to make money is very simple, about the concept of automatic money, can be realized, but before we do a good job of the whole sideline process, we need to design the back end, so as to achieve lying to earn.

I think a lot of people have been chasing big platforms. In fact, the competition on those new platforms and big platforms is more fierce. It is better to shift our focus to the platforms that we can operate and have less competition. This process will precipitate a number of old users in it, just like Weibo is still making money now. Many people say that Sina blog can’t write blog now, and now the new registration can’t, but the old account is fine, and the price is very high.

For example, Amazon customers, for many years have been said not to make money do not make money, but there are still people rely on Amazon customers to eat, do the wind water, in fact, those old platform study can still make money.

The side business I’m going to talk to you about today is an evolution of the old platform, because when you don’t have those preconceptions, you don’t see the platform for what it is until it gets to a stage.

So our automatic money making small sideline is the evolution of the Douban platform, using Douban to create a group to achieve automatic income.

If we want to manage a platform or a sideline, we must figure out its traffic attributes and the source of the traffic you need. This is like you open a street stall, and the result is all around the CBD business district. How many people do you think will patronize your shop?

Therefore, it is necessary to think about and analyze the traffic attributes. Douban is a platform that mainly focuses on the movie-watching crowd, because Douban movie reviews are too hot. Most of the fans gathered here are some movie fans and boring fans. You know the Internet, you can use it, you have free time, but you don’t have much money. Most of these people are office workers. Most of them recognize and have a certain willingness to earn money by working or doing part-time jobs, and they have long-term needs.

You can go to the Douban group to see some of their posts. They are either looking for a part-time job or a side job. Basically, it is a cycle like this, because many Douban group advertisements are placed at the top. People will come to your group and advertise because of the exposure.

So who will put ads on Douban group

Here, according to the different sideline, the types of advertising are not the same. Basically, there will be advertising demand for OEM team recruitment, advertising demand for merchants looking for brush hands, the team of placing orders and even some net income intermediary have such demand, because they want to constantly recruit new people, just like some of the push, they also have their own small teams, the purpose of push is to push people, Traffic is value.

The recruitment or recruitment information posted on the Douban group is very attractive to those who want to find a job, because they need such information, so users and content producers can achieve the unity of value on the platform.

So how do we actually implement this little project?

1. Create a group

First, we need to create our own group on Douban, which is your own personal traffic on the platform.

The name of the group should have certain keywords, it is best to own search index keywords, such as part-time interest group, part-time home, XX part-time community, part-time part-time, part-time college students, office workers and so on, with these keywords is for the purpose of these key to be included, if you understand the website or search engine, on this should be very understanding, Even if do QQ screen, group ranking will also use this keyword.

If others have this need, they will find and join in through the search engine, this is the purpose of our group name with related industry keywords, don’t understand it doesn’t matter according to the line.

2. Daily management

Now you do not need to write any diary every day, as long as you casually post articles, in the group on the hour activity can be, the article does not need to write, freely extract a little, such as the group slowly more people, it is necessary to properly improve the quality of the article, of course, do not need to write, because the recommendation mechanism of Douban platform is really not as good as Quora, Google department and so on.

Early as long as keep to go in to share content can, in addition to some other more active group to send topic, guide everyone to discuss and pay attention to you, in their own group can also be appropriate to make some interaction, popularity slowly up, pay attention to some of the group’s black powder, timely removal can be, the rest is to mine some active users, improve the quality of the group.

Day-to-day management is also simple, and basically doesn’t take up too much time each day.

3, pull people to expand

Tell you a simple way, is that we find a number to join the larger part-time group or sideline group to go, as long as more people we will add, then in this, we will find those who are concerned about the amount of relatively high users, these users have a lot of fans, and they can pull the user into our group.

This can be specific and those users who are concerned about the price, generally there is no problem, two or three hundred can be taken down. Our purpose is to quickly accumulate the foundation, accumulate popularity, this is relatively simple, just do it, just find those groups with more people.

When you have a certain number of people, you can trade with the advertisers who are responsible for bringing people to your group, and you just need to put their ads at the top, so your group will grow.

4. Realization method

If according to the above method, the number of thousands of people accumulated in the group can do advertising business, because our fans are more accurate sideline fans, most of them have demand for sideline, such advertising is actually more expensive, then advertisers want to place the top of the AD, you need to pay.

Here don’t worry about no advertising, you see those net earn forums, blogs are occupied by those ads, because the circle of harvest is very serious, a lot of advertising is the capital plate, willing to throw a lot of advertising fees to the platform.

If the sideline fans to direct the flow to the public number, with the treasure mother I wrote before, college students accurate flow distribution of part-time tasks to make money, but also can earn the difference from these sideline fans, as long as you can provide part-time tasks.

The use of Douban to create a group to achieve automatic income, automatic money to understand the small sideline!

The use of Douban to create a group to achieve automatic income, automatic money to understand the small sideline!


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