Foreign network to earn projects: YouTube (YouTube) audio novel gameplay, lying steady to earn dollars


Foreign network to earn projects: YouTube (YouTube) audio novel gameplay, lying steady to earn dollars

I believe many people are not unfamiliar with YouTube handling, which is to upload videos on YouTube and earn advertising share.

Most of the income distribution algorithms of domestic Internet platforms are learning from foreign platforms. As the big brother of foreign video sites, YouTube has always treated the creators of the platform well.

Today I share a project to make money by carrying the information gap, reverse carrying to YouTube audio fiction project.

YouTube audio novel project operation breakdown

YouTube Audio novel project: It is a video project that transfers domestic audio novels to YouTube platform in turn to earn advertising revenue.

How did the project benefit?

This is a YouTube account for audio novels. Take a look at his stats.

Registered in 2017, it has been streamed more than 70 million times in about three years.

Using YouTube’s revenue calculation method, YouTube AD revenue for this UP host is approximately: 70 million x$5/1000=$3.5 million.

This data seems a little unreal. Let’s directly calculate the revenue of Bubble net based on the minimum revenue of 1000 plays of $1, then the total revenue of the main channel of UP is also $70,000, that is, 500,000 USD.

There are two main types of this type of YouTube reverse handling:

Required equipment: mobile phone computer wall climbing software

About collecting content: All the popular web novels.

1, manual handling.

Early operation without experience without technology, the need for manual handling, relying on a pair of hard work to get rich.

Download → save → upload,

Repeat these simple actions can be, difficult is a year a day to adhere to and execute.

2, program automatic handling.

Collect novel materials on domestic platforms (Ximalaya, Dragonfly FM, etc.) → Upload human flesh on YouTube → fetch title → put cover → set playlist. Once the solution, the follow-up worry.

If you want to realize automatic handling, first fix these two core links:

(1) All platforms collect resources in batches.

(2) The program automatically uploads to YouTube.

Both of these steps can be done through program automation, which can save you trouble, but only if you can program or pay someone to develop it.

Once uploaded, it is suggested to make a playlist for each novel, further broken down by male and female video and the genre of the novel. Users coming to your home page will find interesting content faster and increase conversion rates.

These events are won by speed and volume. To achieve massive coverage at the same time, and domestic platforms to keep up with the update, basically no shortage of traffic.

How to avoid project risks?

There is a risk of copyright in audio novels on YouTube.

It is possible to create audio novels by machine AI at a very low cost, which can be covered by YouTube ads in the future and gain additional revenue.

In addition, it is possible to make audio novels for specialized public novels and books, which, in theory, does not have the risk of infringement. However, such audio novel play volume, can not be guaranteed.

In the background of YouTube, there is a huge amount of free copyrighted music that can be downloaded and used directly from it.

About pictures and fonts, many domestic platforms have free copyright resources, these two points are not difficult to solve.

Other ways to monetize YouTube

In YouTube do content, advertising revenue is the basic income guarantee bubble net income.

Other ways to monetize: channel membership, product listings, super messages and super stickers, and YouTube Premium.

These official channels require high barriers to entry and modest returns.

In addition, some of the cash methods commonly used in China are also common in tubing.

1. Commission Acquisition:

For example, Amazon alliance marketing, similar to the domestic Amazon alliance, to help merchants bring goods after obtaining a certain commission.

2. Brand cooperation promotion:

If the channel content is done well, the traffic will gather and there will be business contact and cooperation. The income of this way is higher.

3. E-commerce goods:

Unlike affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is selling for others on commission. And their own shop with goods can obtain higher profits, of course, need to invest more resources.

4. Fan economy:

If the fan stickiness of the channel is high, you can consider doing fan sponsorship or fan payment. Live streaming is also a good way to monetizing fans.

The core is to rely on content and flow: the content is high quality, the flow is much, the realization is relatively simple.

In general, operating a project on YouTube is actually similar to the domestic “we media” in that it earns advertising fees by publishing content on the platform. But YouTube’s revenue is higher than the domestic revenue, in dollars.

Foreign network to earn projects: YouTube (YouTube) audio novel gameplay, lying steady to earn dollars


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