With the “small program + send eggs” mode drainage, and then attract advertising cash, easily realized monthly income of 2 million +


Project Introduction

Since the small program came out in the past two years, in the middle-aged and elderly industries, many platforms in the early stage of new development, the basic development of “send eggs” and “send fruit” small programs, so that a large number of users precipitation in their own platforms, you can refer to Pinduodo tree.

Today we will “send eggs” to reveal the analysis, in a nutshell, like this kind of small program basically set up a “feed chickens to feed chickens” mode scene, let the user through “feed” to let the chicken grow, and then get virtual eggs. And a virtual egg is equal to a real egg, set a certain number of virtual eggs can apply for home delivery.

The most useful part is “How to get users chicken feed”. The main ways to get feed are: daily check-in, mobile binding, inviting friends, sharing with friends, watching video ads, etc.

This is a very typical gamification of business thinking, and it goes along with the rewards that are built into the process of growth. In my example of the “mini program + egg” business model, the egg has no longer been the original role of commodities, it has been transformed into a user control props. For example, “Earning virtual eggs” is a growth milestone, and the reward system is “exchanging real eggs”.

Of course, you might ask me, is that too expensive? Admittedly, this “egg delivery” program costs about 2 dollars to get customers, although the cost is not low, but please note,

Users acquired in this way can generate high monthly activity and high engagement


As far as I know, the network to make money with the “small program + send eggs” mode drainage, and then attract advertising cash, easily realized the monthly income of 2 million +, he let users stay in the small program enough time to get eggs, the result of a month he sent out more than one million eggs bubble net, but, They also made more than two million dollars from the advertising fees of the mini program.

Another example is Wukong Department Store, an e-commerce platform focusing on the middle-aged and the elderly. They also developed an egg delivery mode to win customers. The mode is basically the same.

Using the gamification model to operate, the practical effect is really remarkable. For example, the familiar Tiktok Kuaishou Toutiao Tencent News and other apps have launched the top speed version. Compared with the ordinary version, the top speed version is not only simple to operate, but more importantly, the “gold coin reward” has become the standard bubble network. The top speed version is indeed very attractive to the middle-aged and elderly people. Who’s Zoom version if there is no gold reward function, then it is embarrassed to be called zoom version.

Gamification satisfies the look and feel

According to Qutoutiao’s operation report in the first half of this year, the average daily amount of gold coins received by seniors over 60 years old was 2,732, higher than the 2,142 coins received by users between 40 and 60 years old. However, users between 20 and 40 years old showed a weak response to gold coins, only receiving 2,023 coins. Why do middle-aged and elderly people love gamification more?

In fact, it is very simple, the middle-aged and elderly people are labeled as “love to take advantage of small things”, the reason why this model will attract the middle-aged and elderly people, is that there is a reward mechanism, there are eggs to get, gold coins can also be withdrawn. It’s true that the reward system is an important factor in getting them to participate, but let’s do the math.

In the normal operation mode of “mini program + egg delivery”, 20 virtual eggs can be exchanged for 20 real eggs. If 40 eggs are collected, they can enjoy the free delivery service, while most users choose to exchange 40 eggs which can be delivered free.

To get a virtual egg, a chick needs to be fed at least three times, totaling 180 grams. Checking in, answering questions and browsing fixed pages will get 60 grams of feed, assuming the user has enough time and has completed 5,000 steps, while viewing video ads will get about 60 grams of feed.

So, with a maximum of about 120 grams of feed per day, it would take three days to get two virtual eggs (regardless of the fact that the feed is stolen and the chickens are depressed and won’t eat). So it takes two months to accumulate 40 eggs, and the free shipping price of 40 eggs on Amazon is less than 30 dollars, so you will find that the actual daily profit for users is less than 50 dollars.

Let’s go back to the Speedhand. In Kuaishou’s exchange system, 10,000 virtual coins are equal to 1 dollars, and the amount of coins you can get per minute by watching the video is around 100. In addition to the daily gold reward for continuous check-in and cash reward for new users, users need to watch 100 minutes of video every day to earn 1 dollars. Even if users spend 12 hours a day browsing the Kuaishou Ultra version, the revenue is only 7.2 dollars.

Users seem to be chasing “small profits”, but in fact they are swallowed by the gamification operation logic behind such products. Seeing this, some friends may want to do a small program to send eggs.

Then let’s understand the operation characteristics of this project. First of all, the sense of fulfillment of middle-aged and elderly users should be satisfied. Gamification operation is just a kind of content operation. Compared with the graphic, short video, live broadcast and other content operation modes, the biggest difference is that it requires regular and long-term participation of users. Therefore, compared with other content operation modes, it has a higher monthly life and greater stickiness.

Secondly, middle-aged and elderly users should be satisfied with a sense of achievement. The gamification of products can meet their needs, not just because they provide eggs or money, but also because they provide a rewarding platform. What middle-aged and elderly people really enjoy in such products is the process of return after paying, and this return can also be exchanged for rewards in the real world, which is more attractive to them.

Finally, it is necessary to satisfy the middle-aged and elderly users’ sense of honor (social attributes). The sense of honor mostly comes from the recognition and praise of friends. In many products of “Mini program + getting eggs”, the scene of “sharing eggs” and “interaction with friends” should be set. For example, when users exchange real eggs, they will also send a bullet-screen announcement in the public screen.

In addition, the operation interface of most of these products is very simple, the formation logic is very easy to understand, the scene construction is also very in line with the aesthetic of middle-aged and elderly people, the technical threshold is not high, the vast majority of middle-aged and elderly players can quickly learn.

Flow rate of precipitation

After years of development in the middle-aged and elderly industry, many entrepreneurs’ experience point to the same word — in this industry to do business, we should learn to trickle, do not eat a big fat, to the core of people, and the user to build trust.

The reason why the drainage effect of gamification operation can surpass other content such as text and text, short video and live broadcast is that its unique growth system requires long-term and regular participation of users in bubble online earning. And advertisers through small games and user contact time, the more output content, the more opportunities to establish feelings, to build trust, then you worry about earning money?

In other words, graphic, short video, live streaming and other content diversion mode is to operate traffic, while small game mode is to operate and precipitate their own traffic. How the user precipitates, how to continuously and steadily produce viscosity is very critical, which is related to whether the “follow-up force”.

For example, we can see a certain “bubble” in Qutoutiao. In the beginning, it was the gamification operation scenario where you can earn gold by reading and exchange gold for cash. However, due to the lack of focus on content building in the later stages, it failed to provide a good “gamification” process, and when it tried to reduce the reward amount, it suddenly lost its only appeal to users.

Therefore, when we get traffic from gamification operation, we should pay more attention to close communication with users in addition to maintaining advantages and continuous attraction of gamification operation.

With the “small program + send eggs” mode drainage, and then attract advertising cash, easily realized monthly income of 2 million +

With the “small program + send eggs” mode drainage, and then attract advertising cash, easily realized monthly income of 2 million +


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