How to make $1000 a day from audio for a neglected project


Now in this era of high-speed Internet development, making money is no longer like in the past, through manual labor or pay a certain amount of work to earn money.

Nowadays, people can make money by holding a mobile phone to support their families. Many people have made their first bucket of gold through the Internet, and many people have made a lot of money by doing short videos and we media. We have to admit that many people are riding the elevator of the dividend of The Times.

People like Li Jiaqiwea and Simba have made their mark with the help of short video streaming platforms, and we have to admit that they have worked very hard! But today Xiaobian and you talk about the project of making money, not these network celebrities, I just give you an example, short video platform is very hot, but many people rushed to the short video platform, and did not earn any money, so is there a better platform with greater traffic platform? Actually, there is!

The audio platform is the one we ignore most. There are many stories of grassroots rebellion on the audio platform. It is said that Zijin, a woman named Yu, made her first 10 million dollars by telling novels on the audio platform, and another brother who drives an excavator also became popular by telling more ghost stories at home through the audio platform, and gained a large number of loyal fans! They have also risen from the bottom of the ladder.

It is said that Himalaya has more than 400 million users. Xiaobian also likes to listen to some audio novels and audio radio stations through Himalaya. Himalaya has a daily flow rate of over 100 million, and a large number of users search for their favorite programs in Himalaya every day.

In the Himalayas, we just need to do a very subdivided field, such as health and marriage in the Himalayas, which can be said to be the most profiteering!

Any emotional radio station has thousands or even tens of thousands of subscriptions, and the average playback is more than tens of thousands. Even if the account is newly registered, there are many hot audio, which means that behind the huge traffic, there are also a lot of business opportunities to make money.

First of all, if you want to make money in Himalaya, you must register an account of your own, but most people are concerned about, how to monetize Himalaya? The following Xiaobian to introduce to you, how to use Himalayan fast cash:


Drain to personal micro signal realization

Step 1: Register an account

You can register an account in Ximalaya and say that you are a certain emotional mentor and share emotional audio every day. As for materials, you can go to third-party platforms to find some reasonable emotional stories, such as Quora, Jianshu and other platforms. You can retell them with your own voice and words, and then make a painful title.

At the beginning of audio recording, we can use the mobile phone to record the audio, Himalaya comes with a recording function, we can go to our own bedroom to record the audio, or you can use the third party related dubbing software to record.

After the recording is finished, we can use some relevant editing software to cut down some redundant words and mistakes, and match the matching background music, so that we will be more professional!

Step 2: Package wechat

Pack a good emotional mentor’s micro signal, every day in the circle of friends to share some emotional articles, as well as dialogue with students cases, we must pack ourselves into an emotional mentor, circle of friends is the normal is these can, every day to share to help students and students pay to consult some cases!

And you can leave your contact information in the recorded audio, Himalaya for audio stream contact management is still relatively loose, we can direct the user through the audio drainage to wechat, when your Himalaya audio sent enough, even if you do not send, every day the system will give you push, even a lot of users will find you through search.

Step 3: Cash out

After a long period of this cycle formed a flow closed loop, every day there will be a steady stream of traffic to our wechat, and finally we through the circle of friends to transform, you are through the emotional paid consultation or emotional system training class or sell courses, are a good way to cash in.

As for how to make those emotional training courses, we can ask our peers, or go to a treasure to buy some emotional courses for a few dollars, we will wash it, so that the course is completely yours. When students see your courses, they will be more convinced that you are a professional relationship coach!


Open a paid audio section

When you have registered in the Himalayas for a period of time, we can also open the father’s audio column, of course, this way you have to have a certain amount of fans and playback, not recommended, just started to register the account to use this function, the following for everyone to say about the opening of the father’s audio column steps:

1. Use your computer to access Himalaya’s official website

2. Open your home page and enter anchor management

3. After entering the page, find paid listening

4. Fill in the recruitment plan of Himalaya as required

5. Fill in all relevant information as required by Himalaya

In Himalaya, the easiest way to report is paid audio column, if you are a big IP or some intellectuals, the income will be higher, like CAI Kangyong’s Good Talk and some related audio Fan Deng, sell well, but as individuals, we have no way to compare with big v.

When we release the audio, we can charge the first few for free, and then we can charge a certain amount for the later ones.

Remember Xiaobian once listened to a horror and supernatural novel is this situation, the first 20 sets are free to listen to the novel, we all know that he is a certain storyline, encounter their favorite novels, we will have the trend of addiction, when you see their favorite chapters after charging, we will not hesitate to pay to buy, and a set is not much expensive.

Remember we must release serial audio in Himalaya, the first dozens of free, then pay, especially the novel kind of audio.

To sum up: Finally, to sum up, the Himalaya two major way to cash, one is through the Himalaya drainage to wechat to cash, emotional programs can also do health programs, the second way to cash is paid audio, but Xiaobian personal suggest you do the former, with Himalaya drainage to wechat to cash, after all, not everyone has Himalaya, but we all use wechat all day, By diverting customers to wechat, we can face them more directly.

Xiaobian has a friend who makes 100,000 dollars a month through Himalaya, and I specially deconstruct his case.

He registered a health account in Himalaya, and released some audio content about health every day. He also found some health stories and knowledge through the third party platform, and formed an account matrix in Himalaya, with a large number of hair every day. Of course, each audio left his own contact information.

He seems to have 20 numbers, and he posts about health programs every day. He repeats his posts repeatedly. At least 100 people add his wechat account every day. By the same token, his wechat account also presents itself as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

Then all kinds of fear marketing in the circle of friends, such as how terrible the consequences of not keeping healthy are, because eating some junk food caused a variety of diseases, after all, listen to health programs are mostly middle-aged people, they cherish their health. My friend only sent 15 moments a day, of which 4 were about the disadvantages of not keeping healthy, and 4 were about the advantages of keeping healthy. The rest were some cases that were improved by buying his products, and some students became healthier after learning his courses. Most of these cases were made by talking with themselves! And part of it is towing, but all kinds of tricks come out!

He also pulls them into a community, the same routine, Posting daily about the consequences of not keeping healthy? Then by eating this product, or learning our health courses to get a great improvement, in marketing, this is fear marketing, he plays this trick to the extreme, perhaps this is also the most significant characteristic of human nature, because middle-aged people are afraid of illness threaten their health!

Due to the limited space of the article, Zhiqun only shared his money making case, and did not discuss the details in detail! The next wisdom group will give you more detailed operational cases to share!

Conclusion: Audio platform has many advantages, audio platform can listen in any case, video can not, driving can listen to the radio, you can not watch video, more can not read while driving, unrealistic, and audio to solve these problems! And audio platform users have been increasing, the future audio platform is bound to rise! Finally, I want to tell you that no matter you do any project, you must have the ability to execute and act quickly!

How to make $1000 a day from audio for a neglected project

How to make $1000 a day from audio for a neglected project


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