A fully automatic money making project, the use of wechat program automatic hang up to make money


Before starting the project, we should first make it clear what is most valuable in this era of Internet big data? Yes, one is converted data, the other is traffic, these two things can be directly linked to money, the more traffic and conversion, the more money, OK, no more nonsense let’s get to the point.

Use the program automatic hang up technology to create micro signals to make money

First, the market of wechat signals

If we want to do a project, we must start from the understanding of the market, we need to know how large the people who do wechat business in China are. We can get from the third party tool that the index of the word Wechat business is 1402/ day in the search engine every day, that is to say, there are more than 1,000 people who have not joined wechat business who want to do wechat business bubble network. This data does not include those who have done wechat business. And do the designated brand wechat business people.

And Wechat business is the most lack of what? Wechat friends, wechat groups, moments and other traffic gathering places, so we can sell our wechat signals to solve the market demand to make money, this is what we will do today, selling consumables to others, the best is a continuous source of customers, so it is no problem to make money.

See here some people will say, why don’t we do their own wechat business and to sell traffic? This problem is actually very simple, because doing wechat business requires a certain amount of costs, and the loss rate is very high, we sell consumables itself has stood on the top of the loss, casual operation is not afraid of.

The micro signal market

2. Use the program to automatically hang up to create wechat signals

There are a lot of Wechat business programs on the market, but most people are using mobile phones to operate, open ah, automatic people, in fact, the computing power and program freedom should belong to the PC, so we must find tools to find the computer version of the mobile version is not good, the real wechat technology core in the computer side, we need to have several functions of the full automation tools:

1. Wechat can automatically add groups: because the group is the tribe of traffic, a group will have a lot of friends, but also can push more.

2. Automatically add friends in the wechat group: After we have a group, we will add friends in the group. Many people see that you are in the group and pass directly, with a high pass rate.

3. Automatic scanning number segment technology to add wechat: In addition to the way to group friends, we can also add nearby and address book friends, now address book friends are fake, are added by scanning the phone number segment.

4. Robot wechat automatic reply: This function is mainly used to maintain friends, because the new people you add will ask you if you have something? What’s up? And you are? So we need a robot to reply automatically, simply chat a few words to maintain friends.

There are a lot of tools on the market I will not recommend, Google to find a can, free version is enough, there is no need to use fees.

Use the program automatic hang up to create a micro signal

Three, traffic wechat account changes hands

Normally when we get up to 2,000 people, 50 group numbers can change hands. The way to change hands is very simple, just add a little entrepreneurial group, wechat business exchange group, etc., go to the group to ask, want a lot of people, very good to sell. At present, most people are thinking about doing wechat business to make money. In fact, they do not know that in this era of wechat business Red Sea, we use automatic hanging up technology to create a little flow micro signal to sell is really good to sell, need to be big, and consumables bubble net to make money. In addition, most wechat group members use mobile phones to operate, while few use computers to operate, so computer technology is difficult to be used by others.

Traffic wechat account changes hands

Four, the use of the program to create wechat money project summary

Most of the time, do the project is to do easy, pure manual wechat or don’t do, this use of procedures to do a fully automatic hanging up can be operated. At present, wechat signals are in great demand, and automatic creation is not too tired. If you want to do it, start early. For friends who have been doing wechat business, you can also combine the method with your own business, expand your business, create more traffic numbers, send a circle of friends every day, and send a mass advertisement to clinch a deal, why not?

A fully automatic money making project, the use of wechat program automatic hang up to make money


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