Various common forms of online earning


Sales commission mode

For example, when the website joins Dangdang and Excellence website alliances and promotes products for these e-commerce retail websites on its own website, when users come to Dangdang, Excellence or Everyday Shopping Mall through the product link of the website or individual member website and make purchases, Alliance members will get a certain sales commission commission (usually 6% – 10% of the sales, but the daily shopping mall is a little higher than other shopping malls, and the sales commission can be as high as 16% – 30%. In addition, each member is provided with a personal website shopping mall, without the need for members to build their own website).

Online sales model

You can set up online stores on large e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon, or set up an independent online sales website to gain income from selling products online.

Of course, there are other ways to make money through the Internet, such as publishing blog articles to get the share of advertising revenue of blog websites (such as the blog gold bank of the blog website and the blog alliance of Hexun blog); Free software bundled advertising software model (advertising software providers pay free software authors’ income commissions, such as some tool software bundled network real names, etc.).

No matter which way you use, you need to seriously manage your website, online store, blog, etc. If you want to get something for nothing or choose the wrong way to make money online, you will either be cheated or work in vain, and you will never make money.

Various common forms of online earning


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