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I’ve written an article about how to use mobile credits to redeem your phone data. (Interested in this article in blue

3 Money-saving tips to save 1,000 dollars a month!

), in fact, these points can be used for many things, not only can be redeemed for small things, we can also do it as a project.

As long as the person who does not cross the line does not arbitrarily modify the user package, is in the stipulated boundaries, there is no big problem, even the major operators will be happy to see, as to why, in the following article will talk about.

So, Bubble Net income today would like to share this mobile card based

Recycling mobile phone points project

, the operation is not too difficult. Whether new or experienced, as long as the drive is strong enough, daily entry is not impossible.

The money-making logic of recycling mobile phone credits

The credit recycling program is not a mystery, it has been around for 10 years, and if we look closely, we can see that there are a lot of people around us who operate this program.

For example, I believe you have at least come across booths in shopping malls, street corners and village fairs where you can exchange your mobile phone points for small gifts.

They take advantage of this cognitive bias towards mobile phone credits to make the difference.

Many rural markets do not even know that every month after the consumption of mobile phone charges, the platform is a cash rebate points.

So why is this happening?

If you think about it, for one thing, people pay more attention to credit card and e-commerce platform points, and earning thousands of points a year on mobile phone bills won’t get you any more high-end prizes.

Second, many people think that the point exchange itself is very troublesome, so they don’t bother to do it. So, over time, we often ignore their phone credit, resulting in zero.

But some people saw a business opportunity in it,

Through offline stores or online promotion, the credits can be collected first and then exchanged on the official platform to earn the price difference.

The same number of points in the ground exchange is not much value, are converted to some cheap goods. But on the official platform is different, the same number of points can be exchanged for more things, this is the basic money model of recycling mobile points.

The logic behind credits is the rebates launched by the three major operators in order to keep users active. Simply put, the more users spend, the more credits, and the higher privileges we can enjoy.

People like those who collected points in the early years cut out the intermediate steps and set up their own third-party points exchange platforms, working directly with carriers,

They are responsible for collecting users’ credits, converting them into Q coins, and finally getting paid by the operators based on the screenshot of the SMS.

For the carrier, yes

The cost of recovering Q coins is much lower than that of exchanging them directly

Why do you say that?

Because Q coins are of little value to users, they will not be used. But the user exchange in kind is different, the cost is high, let alone, once there is a large number of people exchange in kind, the platform simply cannot afford.

Therefore, this is also the reason why the operators will not abolish the points exchange platform, but allow them to exist. Since they do not want to offend users, they have to take advantage of the power of these platforms to reduce costs by recycling points. In this way, they can win the users’ favor, why not?

For the point exchange platform that connects users and carriers, they can also get paid by the carriers. This is a win-win situation for all three parties.

Up to now, the third-party platform for recovering mobile points has been well developed. Instead of making money by converting points into Q coins, we can directly convert points into cash on the third-party point exchange platform, which is much more efficient.

The role we’re going to play is

Do the middleman of recovery points, to the third party points platform exchange, to earn the difference.

Move the integral by recycling alone

I can do 2000+ a day

Just as mentioned above, after understanding the earning logic of the points exchange platform, let’s talk about how to do this project.

The first is that there are resources,

Direct contact with operators to get direct profits

There are no middlemen to make the difference. The threshold is relatively high, which requires certain resource precipitation, and ordinary people may not be able to do it.

The second group is people without resources,

You can find a reliable point exchange platform to become their agent

, this kind of platform we can find online search, there are a lot of their advertising, but need to pay attention to is a lot of pits, we need to observe more understand more to avoid being pits.

In addition to using network channels, there is another way to find the agent under the operator, we become the agent of the secondary agent to earn a little less money.

To find this kind of agent is also relatively simple, see the stall points exchange gift stalls, go to ask on the line, generally will tell you the contact information, this is the most simple and rough method.

If we want to receive a large number of points, it is not enough to rely on the execution. What kind of way should we learn to do it

Are based on the form of push, it should be noted that can not be called out! Do not impersonate a mobile worker!

This project can be carried out in universities, communities, supermarkets, factories and other places with large flow of people. Of course, if you focus on undeveloped rural areas, it is believed that the market prospect is also huge.

A netizen on Quora shared the practical experience of exchanging mobile points for gifts.

He wrote that most of the community points per capita about 1W, a day down the net profit of 2000-5000. Because many customers who come to exchange do not understand the value of points, do not understand the value of goods. If you exchange points for goods, you will only feel that you have picked up a big bargain. Therefore, even if you cannot use the goods at this time, the customers will choose to exchange the goods first and keep them at home.

The project process is roughly as follows: the user chooses the product (we prepare the gift by ourselves) → deduct the user’s mobile credits face to face (dedicated platform, mobile phone login website can operate) → deduct the user’s credits into cash (platform automatic operation) → cash withdrawal to your bank card (the credits exchanged today, the next day to your bank card)

Write at the end

In conclusion, three networks mobile phone points exchange is a very cost-effective project,

Small investment, capital pressure is small, quick return.

As an old industry that has existed for 10 years, the annual market volume is more than 10 billion dollars and is still growing rapidly. It is a long-term, sustainable and repeatable project.

And similar around the mobile phone card reliable surrounding project is not only this one! A common scenario in our life is that someone calls you to recommend a phone plan. This kind of call is often not official, we know it is not official, but why do they have the right to change our plan?

And the answer is

Operators have contracted some of their business to agents, so they have the right to change it.

(ps. This is in the context of telecom fraud.)

Through these phenomena of everyday life, it is not difficult to find that

Life is full of business opportunities, as long as you observe carefully will find entrepreneurship is not difficult, difficult is difficult in the execution.

Finally, I want to tell you that you must have a clear understanding of this project in advance and carry it out on the basis of legal compliance. It is better to find a powerful person to lead you, and it is better to fight as a team.

Suitable for the poor to make money project, free “send” can also earn 10,000 + a month

Suitable for the poor to make money project, free “send” can also earn 10,000 + a month


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