One person can copy and paste a small number of unpopular projects!


In the past two days, I found a super simpleCopy PasteThe project that can be realized is toNews official account, we don’t need to scratch our heads every day to update articles, justOne person operationIt can be realized by updating hot news every day.

One person can copy and paste a small number of unpopular projects!

Updated content directlyCopy from hot platformsIt’s OK. And the articles published on the WeChat official account include the search traffic of WeChat search. If we update the hot spots for a long time, the articles will also be searched by users, bringing huge natural search traffic.

As shown below:

This official account is operated in this way,The title format is completely unified: date and day of the week

The content is directly collected from the major news hot platforms.

The amount of reading is more than 10000, and when it is little, it is seven or eight thousand,In addition, this type of official account will be used to reading, and users will often click to read, which is also very sticky.

How to realize?

1. Realized by receiving advertisements

Take the official account above as an example. The article he published is the received advertisement. The advertisement content is directly provided by the advertiser. You can get money by copying, pasting and publishing it to the official account.

If you don’t know how to operate the advertising service, you can take a look at this article updated in the past: 300 dollars per order, a long-term sustainable online part-time sideline, which is purely passive income in the later period!

I shared the operation process in great detail with my friends.

2. Main flow realization

As shown in the figure below: The official account has opened traffic owners, with more than 10000 readings, and at least hundreds of traffic owners benefit every day.

I still remember that there was a official account that directly sent a sentence every day. Emotional copywriting was read by 40000 or 50000 people, as shown below:

The content of such articles is simply too simple. It is difficult to keep updating every day. Also, when there are no fans in front of you and no income, you need to continue to do it. The longer you do it, the higher the amount of reading will be, and the income will also rise with the increase of reading.

So what should I do at first?

Step 1: Determine the field

First of all, think about what fields we do. Accounts of this type are read by a very large number of users. We can draw inferences from one instance to see whether other industries can do the same.

such asFunny type, music, ghost story, entertainment, mobile wallpaperYou can use sporadic thinking to find a field that you think is good. You don’t need to spend too much time writing content every day, and copy and paste it every day.

Step 2: Build a official account

Register official account on WeChat official account platform, set up our official account, set up the account nickname and avatar, and update some content first. It is not important that no one sees it. First, we must build such a platform.

Step 3: Drainage

Any official account has no traffic when it is just started. Don’t envy others for having so many views. They are all from 0-1,1-100.

The official account is a private domain traffic pool. We need to divert from the public domain traffic pool to the private domain traffic pool. The public domain traffic pool includes Tiktok, Weibo, Kwai, SNS, etc. We can update the content related to your domain throughout the network, and then guide to the official account.

This project is like a snowball. It needs accumulation at the beginning. The longer you stick to it, the bigger the snowball will roll!

One person can copy and paste a small number of unpopular projects!


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