The idea of emotional story realization project: the minimum guarantee is several hundred a day, which is easy to operate and can be magnified and shared with you!


Today, I would like to share with you how to play the official account and how to make money from emotional stories. Now one ID card can only register one official account, but it doesn’t matter. If you want to get more official account, we can register business licenses.

The idea of emotional story realization project: the minimum guarantee is several hundred a day, which is easy to operate and can be magnified and shared with you!

One business license can register 3 to 5 official account, and can also make breakthroughs. The maximum number of official account can be 20. The general content of the public account is the original stories that move people every day. Now he has written 1500 articles about how official account can make money steadily. Next, he will explain the problems to everyone.

The original content of 1550 articles on the official account above has lasted for almost three or four years, and the number of likes and reads of an article is very large, some of which can reach 460000. In fact, the official account mainly focuses on the story field, which usually contains some emotions, and such articles with stories and emotions are relatively popular.

Next, we will talk about how to make the emotional story project, which is divided into three aspects: the first point is the source of content; Second, how to obtain benefits; Third, how to enlarge the project.

First, content source

Many people don’t know where to find the content. The content of the official account is usually the contribution of users. Through their own adaptation, there is nothing to write on the official account at the beginning. They can adapt the emotional articles of the same type of stories, such as love stories, family stories, character stories, nostalgic stories, etc,

These things contain emotions. You can also go to relevant websites to sort them out. These websites are sorted out and can be directly adapted. The channel for obtaining content is today’s headlines. There are many emotional stories. You can take the content and optimize it yourself, then rewrite it.

The most important thing about these emotional stories is that a certain point or detail can resonate with readers. At the beginning, we simply copied and adapted them. For example, many emotional articles on the headlines were not published on the official account by the author,

You can move bricks, but you need to modify them. For example, every picture of this kind is not included in a website. Some things can be moved directly, but we still need to change the details.

Second, how to obtain benefits

First, through the main flow

The revenue from 10000 traffic readings is about 100 dollars, and the average revenue from 50000 traffic readings is about 500 dollars. Although it is not very accurate, the difference is not significant. It is no problem if you encounter a popular article that costs several hundred dollars. A few hundred dollars only requires some simple articles, which is also good. After all, it does not take a lot of time, and the production ratio is very good.

Second, you can receive commercial advertisements

This account is realized by receiving some commercial advertisements. For example, there are some advertisements from well-known brands in the figure below, so you can support yourself with these advertising fees.

Third, receive some soft advertisements

For example, some recommended products can be inserted into the article. When you are mature, you can also make the whole model into a course for sale by cashing in.

Third, how to enlarge the project

After understanding the framework and system, there are still many means of realization. After all, fan traffic is very valuable for the Internet. When the article is adapted, it is first sent to the official account, and then made into audio or video,

Uploaded to Tiktok, Toutiao and Himalaya, no matter what platform you are on, the content produced every day will be distributed, and to a certain extent, you will definitely get fans, and with fans, you can realize it.

Many people say that only fans can’t cash in? I don’t think a group of people will realize after they have fans, but they still don’t know the ropes. Some fans can realize, but the degree of realization is different from the product content,

As long as you master these methods and skills of making money online, you can realize it. Compared with Tiktok, we only need to produce high-quality content every day. With high-quality content, we don’t worry about flow fans.

If you want to operate it, you must be patient. If you stick to sending 5 or 10 articles every day, you will soon get more reading. If the reading amount reaches 5000 or 10000 dollars, you can pay 10000 dollars a month,

The most important thing is that articles in the field of emotional stories like this are very easy to spread. Many people like such articles, and many platforms have such accounts, which shows that the market is still very large.

Welcome to forward your likes to help more people. If you have any good suggestions for other sidelines, you can leave a message in the comment area, so that everyone can learn more relevant content together. This issue will be shared here.

The idea of emotional story realization project: the minimum guarantee is several hundred a day, which is easy to operate and can be magnified and shared with you!


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