He can earn 300 thousand dollars a year by selling fruits in his friends’ circle


The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. It’s the peak season for eating fruits.

He can earn 300 thousand dollars a year by selling fruits in his friends’ circle

Take advantage of this port to share the way a friend who has been doing fruit business all the year round just started to accumulate customers.

In fact, we have seen many fruit sellers on various short video platforms.

The sales are also very popular, but my friend’s playing method is quite traditional, and we always use WeChatCarrying customers.

According to his words, it is the rapid return of funds, because such products are used frequently and have a strong repurchase rate. It is easy to have second repurchase after a good experience.

He said that the initial goal was very simple, which was to contract 500 families to produce fruits for one year.

When others are fighting for the price, he is always chasingSeek quality. And the customer’s loyalty to his products is particularly high.

Because his drainage channels are different, so are the consumers.

He positioned himself as a fruit supplier for high-end families.

Many people will think that the price is expensive, can you sell it?

In fact, in my opinion, you have no realUnderstand the relationship between supply and demand.

Now the new customers he has expanded, after two deals, will customize fruits here all the year round. They will also give a presentation.

From the perspective of customer relations, the more times customers buy, the higher their trust in you, and from weak to strong. This relationship is very solid.

Although there are fewer people selling fruits in the circle of friends now, those who can persist are basically very good, and their positioning has already changed.

If you play Pinduoduo, you will know that its platform is very interactive, especially in the area of attracting people. Extremely powerful, casualFind a group that can see his link.

Moreover, he has a tree planting activity, which is intended to increase user viscosity and improve the shopping experience. Moreover, the interactive mode is that friends steal water from each other, which quickly makes this little game popular among WeChat friends.

If you succeed in blooming and bearing fruit, he will mail you fruit for free.

With such a small skill, people quickly became popular.

My friend’s playing style can’t be said to be all imitations of Pinduoduo. According to his words, Pinduoduo mode has given him a lot of inspiration.

In his own words, this is called:Interactive sales。 It is easier to stimulate customers’ interest. Then heI was told how to start a fruit business.

A worker who wants to do his job well must first sharpen his tools.

If you want to do a good job in fruit business, you must consider customers’ concerns. Why do they buy fruit online? Why don’t you buy some fruits online?

Through investigation, he summarized the following points:

Buy fruit onlinereason:

1. Not sold offline (regional restrictions) (incomplete varieties)

2. The offline price is too expensive (price limit) (the cost of arriving at the store is too high)

Reasons for not buying fruit online:

1. Poor express logistics, long waiting time

2. Perishable, improper packaging

3. Local is the place of origin, and the price is cheaper.

BasicallyAfter summarizing these reasons, what he needs to consider is the selection of products. Select several products that can meet the above conditions.

Through the above points, mango, durian, orange, and mango are finally selected.

Compare the prices of these fruits in northern cities. The price difference is large. Buy them onlineVery cost-effective.

After determining the fruit, start looking for suppliers. At the beginning, it was small, and there was not much principal. It was difficult to handle the products by yourself. The delivery volume was small, and the logistics price could not be discussed.

However, we find those who specialize in selling fruits. They have done a very mature job, including packaging and logistics.Work first and make plans.

Where can I find a fruit supplier?

Go to 1688 to find it, which is the most cost-effective. Because these merchants have platform binding force, if they look for fruit growers at will, they will definitely hit your signboard.

The prices are all OK. The prices marked above are generally a few kilos, not a kilo. Very suitable for ordinary peopleFees.

Find any one and open it. They are all recruiting agents. Let’s see his price, Passion Fruit

This is the price. The main factor to distinguish the price is the size of the fruit. The next thing we need to do is compare the prices of similar products and other platforms. Let’s open Jingdong to have a look.

I use arrowsNote: I want to tell you that there is a gap in price and quantity. So this product has operation space.

For example, the first one is 12 pieces of Zhongguo, and the price is 24.9. Let’s look at the wholesalers and see how much they weigh.

As you can see, the profit is not small. trade priceThe average weight of twelve fruits per kilogram is about 11.9, and the cost is about 13.9 if three fruits are added.

Compared with other platforms, it has a profit of eleven dollars. The postage is not included. It’s all parcel post.

At this time, you will find that Big Fruit is the most profitable. The online shop sells 34.9 twelve big fruits, and the wholesale here is 36.9There are five catties of big fruit. There are about 35 for five jin. The profit is calculated by yourself.

Once the supplier is found, the operation starts.

The first consideration is the basic flow.

Where does this traffic come from?

In fact, the best basic traffic is interception. Isn’t it expensive to buy fruit on JD.com? And the consumption ability of the people is good. We directlyThe following comments are about drainage.

Of course, our strength is limited, so we can directly accept the evaluation.

Not enough, mixed with various housewife part-time mass advertising to receive fruit evaluation. The evaluation was like this: I knew it a little late. I just learned that the price of fruit from a fruit farmer in the country of origin was very cheap. I bought some again and just came backIt’s very big and tastes good. Moreover, his family has many kinds of fruits. Then put pictures to leave contact information.

However, in this kind of evaluation, the merchants will ask you to delete the refund, but you should tell them that it should be kept for at least one day. Five dollars, too. Many people are also willing to do it.

So many fruits of this kind can be evaluatedThe traffic is coming. If it is not enough, let’s fight again.

directSocial networking sitesTry to eat,Social networking sitesThe quality of fans is absolutely OK. These two methods are enough to gather 100 people.

Then you can proceed to the second step.

The second step is fission. How to fission?

1. Clock in mode

Borrow clock in mode. such as, one dollars to buy fresh passion fruit straight hair from the origin. Then put out the pictures of the origin of the wholesalers for everyone to see. Then, publish the price comparison chart. The price of a certain east and a certain treasure.

Punch in rule: pay 1 dollars by punching in. If you stick to clocking in for 30 days, you can take it home for free. (1 dollars for postage) or invitationInvite friends to participate in the 1 dollars rush purchase of Passion Fruit Online. Each time a friend is invited to clock in, 2 hours will be deducted. The more friends you invite, the more hours you can reduce. (The number of hours is calculated by 30 days, that is, more than 600 hours)

In this way, more fission can be produced. And I feel relieved to receive the money,Most people, if they don’t invite friends to come in, stick to clocking in for 30 days, directly send the smallest fruit and delete it. Such people are not intended customers.

The chain reaction caused by 100 people participating in the clocking mode is very strong. Of course, if not enough, there is also a modelTo quickly increase sales.

2. Grouping mode

The group mode of Pinduoduo suddenly became popular. We played the low configuration version. This one is very suitable for novices. The above playing methods need to invest in a small card punching program. This one does not need investment at all.

What does the low configuration version mean? It is played with the existing resources of WeChat. asIf you really attract 100 basic traffic, you will find that 80-90 of them are women. At this time, a message was sent out in groups: the orchard of the original place of origin was released, and now 1 dollars can snap up a large Passion Fruit with the original price of more than 30 dollars. Learn more Reply 1

Then, after someone replied, he said, this isIn the group competition mode, the group can be opened for 30 people, and each person will pay 1 dollars for the lottery. Whoever draws it is his. Many people will be interested because it is too easy to open a group of 30 people. This is not simply one plus one, but one plus two or two times four. 30 people will be full at once.

Amazon search turntableA software prize of ten dollars. Content setting of turntable: 1. Free fruits 2. Refund the opening fee 3. Voucher 10 dollars 4. Top VIP members (30% off for unlimited products)

In a word: To make customers spend this dollar, they should feel that it is worth it.

Through these means, he successfully accumulated the firstBatch customers, and their loyalty is particularly high. According to him, this kind of play is still particularly effective at present. I hope someone can see his value.

Of course, this process is quite complicated, and now he does not use this game to expand customers. Basically, it is a re introduction, which is more than 1000 mid – and high-end customers every yearThe family provides high-quality fruits of origin, and he personally goes to the orchard to select fruits. The profit is bigger, so he can share it with you when he has time.

Draw inferences from one instance. In fact, it is applicable to many people. If thinking is not limited, there is unlimited possibility.

He can earn 300 thousand dollars a year by selling fruits in his friends’ circle


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