Applet matrix playing method, easy daily entry of 3000


There is no lack of writing and recommendation on how to make money with the program.

Applet matrix playing method, easy daily entry of 3000

Some people can do it, some people can’t do it at all.

The essential difference isflow

It is relatively simple to build an applet, but it is not easy to let the applet have traffic.

In the past few years, we all engaged in group tweeting, constantly changing the group advertising, and exposed it day by dayThe light rate was also very high, but it gradually became lonely. There are two reasons:

1. Too many people advertise

2. Too many people block group chat in the group

There are tens of thousands of people who really want to search for applets.

The important reason is that they are not rightCrowd attribute

It’s just a simple advertisement.

With this kind of playWith the decline of law, many people quit the industry, but some stayed to study other ways of playing.

I found that they only studied two directions:

1. Film and television

2. Fiction

Because these two just need to have a strong user community.

Who doesn’t watch a movie or TV play during leisure time. Who doesn’t read a novel?

On this basisOn the other hand, someone has studied the flow channel.

It’s short video.

After listening to the short video, many people are big. There is no original video, no content, and it is too troublesome to return the number.

Today’s game is actually very simple. You don’t need any traffic base to operate it.

We can do things for a little money.

ThenIt is recommended by Kwai quick order. At present, people who do poorly in this field can earn about 3000 dollars a day.

Next, let’s talk about how to play.

There are many anchors on Kwai, who will do quick order, that is, promotion.

There are various forms of promotion, some are KS applet promotion, some are game promotion. TodayWe mainly talk about WeChat applet promotion.

This recommendation is obviously a quick order. The amount of likes played is good. Especially when it is recommended by real people, the viscosity of fans is relatively high.

However, high-end players like this have at least four or five small programs in their hands, which are in the form of leaderboards. Can be betterReceive traffic.

At least 100000 people can see this video according to the ratio of his approval rating of 10:1. It is conservatively estimated that 5000 people will search, and the rate is good, especially for novels.

The price is only a few hundred dollars, which depends on the negotiation skills. It can be estimated based on the number of fansOffer price.

100000 fans, that’s two or three hundred dollars.

This is the face type. The material number that does not leak is cheaper.

Especially the animation type, film and television clip type, the price is absurdly low. Basically, I accepted the order.

For them, sending a video can earn hundreds of dollars, which is very easy. presentYou can see that the whole network is basically film and television clips, and such numbers are very benchmarking for movie applets.

Applet profit

The profitability of applets varies from industry to industry and in different ways.

The film and television industry can basically make profits by advertising, especially the main ads of Tencent traffic. The unit price is relatively high, and the income is very goodThe point is that many users use it once. As long as they are not too disgusted with it or cannot meet their needs, they will basically use it all the time, with stable benefits.

Of course, some people specialize in animation movies and TV programs, which are more effective. After all, for students, there is a lot of time.

Fiction is basically profitable by recharging and advertising, butMany people give up advertising directly in order to recharge rate. Look for some major novels. They are very attractive and good for recharging.

The disadvantage is low recharge rate. Some even search the free version directly after knowing the name.

Previously, manual drainage was required, but now we only need to pay for advertising and control the productionThe effect is particularly good.

As I said just now, earning more than 3000 a day is a bad job. Every day, I put in 1500-2000 advertisements. The income of 3000 is net profit.

It has done a good job. The budget invested every day is 10000 , and the diversion is also several hundred thousand dollars.

Especially for film and television,The usage rate is particularly high, not counting the external advertisements, but the main advertisements of the traffic of Tencent itself are tens of thousands.

At present, this kind of play is still in the bonus period, and you can try it if you are interested. There are many details in it, but on the whole, it is not complicated.

I can’t build it myself, but let others build it directly for hundreds of dollarsIt can be done.

The most important details are negotiation details. The details of selecting benchmarking promotion numbers can be synchronized between Tiktok and Kwai. Test the water at the initial stage to see the flow conversion rate.

Summary:This project is relatively painless and labor-saving on the whole. Small programs have been set up in the early stage, and traffic has been coming continuously in the later stageTake care of yourself.

Especially for novels, we can read novels by hand and avoid many problems.

Applet matrix playing method, easy daily entry of 3000


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